For many people, a wedding day is destined to go down in their own personal histories as the greatest day of their lives. The birth of children and other special occasions also stand out in our lifetimes as special days we can never forget, but a wedding is truly unique in every possible way. It’s a time for celebration, for family and friends to come together and share in the love you and your partner have for one another.

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When planned and prepared properly, a wedding day is a truly magical occasion. From the first second to the last, a wedding can provide and provoke feelings of unbridled joy and excitement in brides, grooms, and guests. The best weddings live long in the memory of every single attendee, and this is why it’s so important to choose a wedding planner who can really bring your dream to life. For beautiful weddings in Michigan, Juniper and Lace Events is the name to choose.

Juniper and Lace Events - Wedding Planner in Northern Michigan

Juniper and Lace Events is a wedding planning service founded by Stacy Horn and operating in northern Michigan, home to some of the most beautiful scenery and picture-perfect wedding locations you could ever hope to find. Juniper and Lace Events is a leading specialist in Michigan destination weddings, offering all kinds of services from weekend coordination to design to full wedding planning. In short, Juniper and Lace Events can provide all the help, guidance, and services you need to enjoy a memorable, magical wedding in Michigan.

- Perfect Wedding Locations - Northern Michigan is home to some of the best wedding locations in America. From beach weddings on the shores of the Great Lakes to rustic events in old farms and barns, this region has it all. Lakes, forests, fields, and stunning scenery surround you at every turn in Northern Michigan, making this state an ideal place to celebrate the natural love between two people. From lakeside cottages to lush, green vineyards and wineries, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from and Juniper and Lace Events can help you find the perfect setting to say “I do”.

- Customized Service - Juniper and Lace Events knows that your wedding is yours and yours alone. It’s a unique day for you, your partner, your friends, and your family. It needs to be original and special in all the right ways, not just a ‘cookie cutter’ experience that could be easily found elsewhere. This is why Juniper and Lace Events is totally dedicated to working closely with clients in order to provide a fully customized and personalized service that really brings their unique vision to life. Juniper and Lace Events will listen to all of your needs and desires and create a bespoke service that works for you.

- The Little Things - Fully committed to creating the best possible wedding experiences for you and your guests, Juniper and Lace Events never overlooks the little things and those ‘personal touches’ that set your event apart from the rest. From the font on the dinner menu to little decorative flourishes like sprigs of local lavender on the tables, these small but significant aspects of your wedding all add up to enhance and improve the experience for everyone. While so many wedding planners fail to appreciate the importance of the little details, Juniper and Lace Events leaves no stone unturned.

- A Great Range Of Services - Juniper and Lace Events aims to be highly flexible in its wedding planning services, so as to suit every client and make sure that every wedding is planned and prepared to perfection. Maybe you have the foundation for your wedding all planned out but need some weekend coordination services to ensure that it all goes off without a hitch. Perhaps you have the basics locked down but need some design services and catering to bring your wedding framework to life and enhance your pre-existing ideas. Or maybe you want full wedding planning services, with the whole thing designed and prepared by the pros. Juniper and Lace Events can help in all of these situations.

Juniper and Lace Events isn’t quite like any other wedding planner. This studio stands out for its passion, its dedication, and its commitment to detail. Juniper and Lace Events really wants your wedding to be perfect. The team thrives on seeing smiling faces and making magical memories, and they will not stop in their quest for perfection. They’ll make your Northern Michigan wedding truly unforgettable in all the right ways, providing bespoke services just for you. For any wedding planning in Michigan, Juniper and Lace Events is the company to contact. website