The Grand Rapids Children's Museum provides a fun environment that allows children to strengthen their minds through play. The museum believes that play can benefit people of all ages, has the power to transform the mind, and is necessary for healthy development. A variety of daily programs are offered for children and their families, including messy art, creating costumes, storytime, planting seeds, and many others. Each day features something different.

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There are a number of interactive exhibits at the Grand Rapid's Children's Museum; for example, in Diagnosis: FUN, children can discover what it's like to be a medical technician, doctor, surgeon, or nurse as they learn about the health sciences. In Amazing Dinosaurs, kids can examine dinosaur habitats, perform a dinosaur puppet show, dig up fossils, try to make T. rex sounds, see their favorite dinosaurs face to face, and more.

The Bubbles exhibit gives children the opportunity to see what the world looks like from inside a huge bubble or inside a bubble tower. They can also create bubbles in all sorts of shapes and sizes at the bubble tables, possibly even creating a bubble inside a bubble. The Classics exhibit provides tools, such as Lego and Lincoln logs, for kids to build whatever they desire and children can also explore how everyday items work in the Discovery Studio, an interactive STEM series.

The Little Grand Rapids exhibit at the children's museum is a way for kids to explore the big city in way designed for someone their size. The exhibit features a dental office, PakMail mailing center, a Meijer grocery store, Bistro Bell Vita Jr., Chemical Bank, and Fox Motors auto service, among other places. In Just Playing Around, all kinds of music can be explored and played. Here is where children can create their own music on a variety of instruments constructed from some unusual items. Kids can also try playing music on the "Whale Drum," or play a song on a piano.

The favorites at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum offer a variety of different opportunities that let children decide how they want to play. They may want to create a picture with light, act like a bee after watching the museum's live Honey Bee hive, watch discs fly at the Spin Table, or try climbing the exhibit's mountain. The Wee Discover exhibit is designed for children aged 5 and under. Toddlers can test motor skills on the Toddler Climber, create a meal in the exhibit's kitchen, and roll colorful balls down ramps to fill a rainbow. There are many different ways in the exhibit for toddlers to explore colors, textures, and shapes. The Tummy Time Play area is great for children who haven't learned to crawl yet.

The Grand Rapids Children's Museum also has several programs that are offered during specific days of the week. Messy Play for Growing Minds offers messy sensory play on Wednesdays and Fridays, featuring water, slime, mud, and more. Toddler Time, offered every Tuesday, features art, sensory play, and music among other activities designed for toddlers.

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