The biggest city in the state of Michigan, Detroit has always been a special place in the hearts of those who live and work there. It's a city with a fascinating past and an exciting future, and a big part of the city's cultural heritage is linked with the art of music. The birthplace of Motown Records and the birthplace of many iconic singers and musicians, Detroit has always been linked with music of many genres. Working to preserve and protect the city's musical heritage is the Detroit Sound Conservancy.

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Detroit Sound Conservancy - Non-Profit for Musical Conservation in Detroit

Detroit has always been a big city for music of all kinds, with the likes of 'The Motown Sound' originating in Detroit and many big genres like jazz, blues, classical, R&B, pop, and rock & roll having many roots in the city. A myriad of Platinum-album selling artists were born or raised in Detroit, but it's a sad fact that, for many years, a lot of the city's musical heritage was being forgotten and lost.

When a group of passionate music lovers in Detroit saw how the city was losing its creative voices, musical artifacts, and performance spaces, they decided to form the Detroit Sound Conservancy. This all began in 2012, and ever since then, this Detroit non-profit has worked to provide programs, research, education, and performance opportunities for musical life and preservation in Detroit.

Founded to enhance the life of Detroit's people through the preservation of musical recordings and artifacts of all kinds, as well as education and research into the city's musical past, the Detroit Sound Conservancy is currently based out of the Blue Bird Inn, home of The Detroit Sound Center. The goals and work of the Detroit Sound Conservancy can be broken down into the following key concepts:

- Education - The conservancy works to educate students, residents, visitors, and more on the history of music in Detroit through its various programs and collections.

- Preservation - The conservancy works to acquire key musical artifacts, cataloging items and recordings and preserving them for the future.

- Placekeeping - The conservancy aims to boost community interest and awareness in music by providing a real cultural space dedicated to the musical history of Detroit.

- Performance - Operating out of the Blue Bird Inn, the conservancy offers a new platform for local artists to share their talents with the city.

Support Detroit Sound Conservancy

Detroit Sound Conservancy is doing amazing work to preserve and protect the musical heritage of one of the most significant cities in America, and if you admire the work being done and want to show your support, here are just a few different ways you can do so:

- Donations - Like any non-profit, the Detroit Sound Conservancy relies on the kindness of donors from Detroit and beyond to fund its work like the renovation of the legendary Blue Bird Inn and the collection of musical artefacts of all kinds. You can choose to make a one-off donation of any size online through PayPal or by mailing a check to 440 Burroughs, Suite 195, Detroit, MI 48202.

- Patreon - Patreon is a platform whereby creators, organizations, and groups can receive regular, monthly donations from their supporters. It's one of the best ways for non-profits like the Detroit Sound Conservancy to receive regular donations and anyone who chooses to donate via Patreon can also receive exclusive benefits too.

- Other Ways to Donate - You can also make use of the Amazon Smile program to support Detroit Sound Conservancy, with a small percentage of all your Amazon purchases going to the conservancy. Other ways to donate include buying Detroit Sound Conservancy T-shirts or even setting up your own fundraisers through social media platforms like Facebook.

- Volunteer - The Detroit Sound Conservancy relies on its volunteers for all kinds of roles, and this can be such a great way to get involved with the vital act of musical preservation in your city, learning a lot and making new friends along the way. Anyone is welcome to apply to become a volunteer with the conservancy and you can do so by emailing or calling up 313 444 8242. Those with relevant skills and experience can bring a lot to the conservancy, but even if you're just someone who feels passionately about musical heritage and wants to help out, you'll find lots of opportunities here.

- Get Involved - As well as volunteering and donating, a great way to show your support for the Detroit Sound Conservancy is to get involved with various events and exhibitions, visit the site, view and listen to the musical artifacts, subscribe to the email newsletter, follow the conservancy on social media websites, and more.

- Spread The Word - One of the most important things for any non-profit is exposure. A lot of non-profits pass under the radar, doing amazing work but being overlooked by so many people. A great way you can show your support for the Detroit Sound Conservancy, as well as any other non-profits you support, is to talk about it with your friends, family, co-workers, and more. The more people you tell about the conservancy, the greater its support will become. website