The most remote and largest inhabited island on Lake Michigan, Beaver Island offers fascinating history, unique museums, leisurely strolls on the beach, and more, making the approximately 32-mile trip across the open water from Charlevoix worth the journey.

Visitors can bike or hike more than 100 miles of beautiful trails and swim, canoe, or kayak in the water along the beaches of Beaver Island, Michigan. With a population of around 600 people year-round, the remote island boasts a relaxed, peaceful way of daily life, a place where time slows down.

1. Beaver Island

Beaver Island
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An island on the waters of northern Lake Michigan, located within the state of Michigan, Beaver Island is the largest island in the lake. At 55.8 square miles, it is also the state’s third largest island, after Drummond Island and Isle Royale. Now a popular tourist destination, the island can be reached by ferry from Charlevoix, Michigan and is about a 32-mile trip across the Lake Michigan waters. One part of the island’s interesting history is that it was once home to a unique religious colony ruled by the Strangite Mormon Church’s leader who appointed himself as “King Strang.” More romantic getaways in Michigan

37970 Michigan Ave, Beaver Island, MI 49782, Phone: 231-448-2480

2. Toy Museum

Toy Museum
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The Toy Museum is a one-of-a-kind museum in Beaver Island, Michigan. Mary Scholl, a multifaceted artist, has been running this museum near Whiskey Point for many, many years. Overlooking the Harbor and situated in a birch grove, the Toy Museum was designed by Scholl and is full of an expansive number of toys almost to the rafters. Featuring items for collectors and children alike, visitors can find aisles of Disney figurines, candy jars, Star Wars cards, stencils, rubber figures, polished stones, paper dolls, trolls, and cowboys. There are also more than fifty metal trucks and cars from the 1920’s and 1930’s.

37970 Michigan Ave, Beaver Island, MI 49782, Phone: 231-448-2480

3. Beaver Head Lighthouse, Beaver Island

Beaver Head Lighthouse, Beaver Island
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The Beaver Head Lighthouse is situated high up on a bluff at the south end of Beaver Island at Beaver Head and was originally constructed back in 1858. It was later decommissioned in 1962 and now stands as a site for tourists and locals alike to explore and enjoy. Throughout the summer season, visitors can climb the Beaver Head Lighthouse and take in the panoramic views in the decagonal lantern room of the lake waters below. The 46-foot Beaver Head Lighthouse is considered a treasured mid-1800’s lighthouse of the Great Lakes.

Beaver Island, MI 49782, Phone: 888-446-4095

4. Mormon Print Shop Museum, Beaver Island, MI

Mormon Print Shop Museum, Beaver Island, MI
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The Mormon Print Shop Museum was originally built by the followers of James Jesse Strang in 1850 and was used as the local community’s Print Shop. The first newspaper in Northern Michigan was published at this print shop, along with Strang’s Mormon doctrines and religious tracts. Strange led his followers to Beaver Island in Michigan, a place he described to them as “paradise.” He was crowned as King and later mortally wounded in 1856 by two of his former followers. The building is now the Beaver Island Historical Society’s museum and features a room about the Strang and his followers’ story.

26275 Main St, Beaver Island, MI 49782, Phone: 231-448-2254

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5. Beaver Island Marine Museum

Beaver Island Marine Museum
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Maritime history enthusiasts should definitely take the time to visit the fascinating Marine Museum on Beaver Island. Established by the Historical Society in a renovated authentic 1906 net shed, the museum has many stories to tell by means of its growing collection of memorabilia. Back in the day, the Beaver Island harbor was a very busy place, home to various fishing fleets and commercial boats. Today visitors can learn about some of the disasters and dilemmas which affected the early mariners, including ship wrecks, rescue dramas, salvage and diving operations and much more. Highlights include a hand-crafted Bill Freese wooden boat and a restored gill-net boat.

Beaver Island Marine Museum, 38105 Michigan Ave, Beaver Island, MI 49782, 231 448 2479

6. Circle M Restaurant

Circle M Restaurant
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The Circle M Restaurant and Bar is a popular Beaver Island landmark which was built in 1902 to be the rectory of the local Catholic Church. The building was hand-crafted by local builders and is living testimony of their skills and craftsmanship. Today the Circle M is a popular family restaurant which receives consistently good reviews. The menu is large and varied and offers choices for all tastes. The starter menu has several fish and seafood choices which are followed by a selection of salads, sandwiches, wraps and hearty entrees including various steak, fish and pasta choices and a selection of tempting desserts.

Circle M Restaurant, 26300 Old Church Crest Rd, Beaver Island, MI 49782, 231 448 2513

7. Shamrock Bar and Restaurant

Shamrock Bar and Restaurant
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Established back in 1935, the Shamrock Bar and Restaurant has become a favorite eatery and bar for Beaver Island locals and visitors. Over the years many new food and drink trends have found their way to Beaver Island and visitors can now look forward to enjoying thoroughly modern cuisine as well as their favorite cocktails and wines at the Shamrock. The menu starts off with an assortment of appetizers followed by soups and salads, baskets of delicious morsels and several sandwich and pizza choices. Entrees include meat, chicken and fish dishes as well as a vegetarian option. Shamrock now serves a Sunday Brunch from 10am to 2pm.

Shamrock Restaurant and Bar, 26245 Main Rd, Beaver Island, MI 49782, 231 448 2278

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