Marquette, Michigan is located along Lake Superior on the northern peninsula of the state. The area became a bustling metropolis of hard workers of the iron ore industry.

The forested landscape and sparkling clear waters of the rivers and lakes make Marquette a dream destination for nature lovers as well as history aficionados. From the glorious waterfalls of the Dead River to the family traditions of local restaurants, and the passion for the arts and education, Marquette welcomes everyone home.

1. Dead River Falls

Dead River Falls

Dead River Falls is a half-mile stretch of the Dead River located just outside Marquette, Michigan with an astonishing succession of waterfalls.

This arduous trail takes hikers upstream where they’ll find the first major fall spilling over the edge and dropping straight down into a sparkling pool.

The hike continues along the river revealing the next major fall that slides over the rock face as it plunges over 15 feet down.

Here visitors can climb down the rocky ledges to the base of the waterfall. The final major fall splashes down three ledges into a tranquil pool of calming waters and marks the turnaround point of the hike.

Marquette County, 2 miles west of Marquette

2. Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum, Marquette, Michigan

Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum, Marquette, Michigan
© Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum

The Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum is a hands-on educational museum designed to engage families in programs about the arts, science, health, and global issues like the environment. Founders of the museum set-out on a mission to create equal opportunity learning for anyone in the community to take part in with interactive programs and exhibits to get the community involved in the arts and science around them. During initial planning, children helped design the facility with the Design-O-Saurus program. From there, the museum added The World of Science and Nature and two more exhibit halls and now features eight major exhibits.

123 W Baraga Ave, Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-226-3911

3. Marquette Maritime Museum, Marquette, Michigan

Marquette Maritime Museum, Marquette, Michigan
© Marquette Maritime Museum

The Marquette Maritime Museum is part of an active lighthouse with guided tours of the museum that is housed in the old city waterworks building as well as tours of Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. Nearly 12,000 visitors a year pay tribute to the area’s maritime history and honor the submarine veterans who’ve kept the waters safe. The museum features displays that teach guests about the functions of the lighthouse and tell the tragic tales of two infamous shipwrecks in the waters of Lake Superior, the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975 and the Henry B. Smith in 1913. Storms and rough waters in the icy month of November took down each of these massive vessels, crew and all.

300 North Lakeshore Boulevard, Marquette, Michigan 49855, Phone: 906-226-2006

4. Superior Dome, Marquette, Michigan

Superior Dome, Marquette, Michigan
© Sascha Burkard/

The Superior Dome was built by the state of Michigan beginning in 1991 with Phase II additions completed in 1995. Located on Northern Michigan University’s campus in Marquette, it is home to the Wildcat’s football team as well as a multitude of other sports including basketball and volleyball on the synthetic surface hidden below the retractable turf of the field. In addition to sporting events, the world’s largest wooden dome hosts a plethora of community events like tradeshows, conventions, and the Special Olympics. On days when the dome is eventless, visitors are free to explore the facility and make use of the space for exercise and fun.

1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-227-2110

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5. Iron Ore Heritage Trail, Marquette, Michigan

Iron Ore Heritage Trail, Marquette, Michigan
© Autthaseth/

The Iron Ore Heritage Trail is a multipurpose nature trail that follows the old corridors of the railroad used in days of old to haul firewood and iron ore to the Lake Superior Harbor. This 47-mile span of pathway gets year-round use from walkers, horseback riders, snowmobilers, and history enthusiasts. This extensive byway connects and travels through several populated areas of Marquette County, offering downtown amenities to travelers along the way. This historical journey provides education about the iron ore industry and its impact on the area. Community fundraisers and events have helped to restore and repurpose the old buildings along Iron Ore Heritage Trail into viable businesses like restaurants, pubs, and shops.

Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-235-2923

6. Marquette Mountain, Marquette, MI

Marquette Mountain, Marquette, MI
© bodnarinq/

Marquette Mountain is a winter haven for skiers and snowboarders since first opening the ski area in 1957. During the spring and summer months, the mountain offers several bike trails of varying degrees of difficulty. Marquette Mountain provides skiing lessons for children 3 years old and up as well as private lessons for individuals and groups. The mountain hosts alpine racing competitions for a number of area ski clubs. The average annual snowfall on Marquette Mountian of 120 inches ensures a long season of skiing and snowboarding entertainment. This majestic landscape is a picturesque location for weddings and other outdoor events.

4501 M-553 Marquette, MI, Phone: 906-225-1155

7. Barrel & Beam, Marquette, Michigan

Barrel & Beam, Marquette, Michigan
© Barrel & Beam

Barrel & Beam is the only farmhouse ale brewery among the over 300 craft beer makers in the area. Their unique range of flavors are made from locally grown ingredients including the wide variety of fruits available like apples, blueberries, and peaches and are used to create seasonal brews and limited edition ales. Originally built in 1934 as a supper club, the building received a complete overhaul in 2016 and was reborn as the Barrel & Beam brewery. The sturdy log construction and the striking contrast of white walls and polished wood beams and bar top create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

260 Northwoods Road, Marquette, Michigan, 49855, Phone: 906-273-2559

8. Lake Superior Theatre, Marquette, Michigan

Lake Superior Theatre, Marquette, Michigan
© simone_n/

Lake Superior Theatre is a summer-time attraction hosted at the Lake Superior Yacht Yard. The theatre’s mission is to provide the magic of the performing arts and education about professional theatre. Over the last 21 years, this not for profit organization has metamorphosized a functioning boathouse into a playwright’s dream home surrounded by the picturesque lake and forest. Lake Superior Theatre has performed Shakesperian classics like Hamlet as well as timeless musical favorites like Guys and Dolls. Together with the Superior Arts Youth Theatre program, Lake Superior Theatre gives young actors ages 3-18 a full emersion into the wonders of live performing arts.

270 N Lakeshore Blvd, Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-227-7625

9. DeVos Art Museum, Marquette, MI

DeVos Art Museum, Marquette, MI
© DeVos Art Museum

DeVos Art Museum grew from the Lee Hall Gallery of Northern Michigan University, originally established in 1975 to exhibit works by students and faculty. Over the years, the gallery established permanent exhibits, developed guided tours, and provided show space for a rotation of local and regional artists. In early 2005, The DeVos Art Museum opened the doors of its newly constructed museum space and serves as part of the School of Art and Design at the university. The museum’s purpose is to bring art and ideas to the community in the form of engaging exhibitions of diversity and collaboration.

1401 Presque Isle Ave, Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-227-2235

10. Shiras Planetarium, Marquette, Michigan

Shiras Planetarium, Marquette, Michigan
© Shiras Planetarium

The Shiras Planetarium first opened its doors in 1965 thanks to funding from the Shiras Foundation and the National Defense Act. Built as an addition to the then newly built high school, the planetarium has served as an educational spectacle to children and adults for generations. The advancements in technology over the years improved the quality and the content of the planetarium’s captivating programs about the night sky. In addition to the star shows, the Shiras Planetarium hosts laser light shows on Saturday nights with music from rock legends and musical geniuses as well as special events and holiday-themed entertainment.

1203 W Fair Ave, Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-458-0032

11. CR-510 Bridge, Marquette, Michigan

CR-510 Bridge, Marquette, Michigan
© Thi Soares/

The CR-510 Bridge is a unique treasure of engineering mastery in the form of a truss bridge. This massive steel span of riveted trusses moved from its original home over the Allegheny River in Pennsylvania to its current location crossing the Dead River in 1939. Pennsylvania truss bridges such as this one are a special type of construction built to extend across great distances. As of 2010, the CR-510 Bridge is a historic monument to the fine craftsmanship and engineering marvels created by America’s great bridge builders. The bridge no longer handles every day traffic but is open to pedestrians, explorers, and engineering admirers.

County Road 510, Marquette, MI, 49855

12. Donckers, Marquette, MI

Donckers, Marquette, MI
© Donckers

Donckers was established by a man needing to provide for his family after suffering an accident in 1896. It started out as a simple outdoor stand selling, fruit, candies, popcorn, and tobacco. In 1914, Fred Donckers built a solid cornerstone for his business and is still home to today’s Donckers’ fine candies and family restaurant. Fred’s humble shop grew along with the wonderful community of Marquette and was passed down from generation to generation in the Doncker family, keeping the spirit and sweets of Grandpa Fred alive. Today Donckers still follows the tried and true recipes of a loving father’s passion for confections.

137 W Washington St. Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-226-6110

13. Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery, Marquette, MI

Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery, Marquette, MI
© Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery

Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery is located in the restored Iron Bay Foundry building originally constructed in 1872 and served as the central hub of the mining industry. The restaurant prides itself on providing outstanding quality service to every patron in a warm and inviting family atmosphere. Iron Bay Restaurant and Drinkery serves sophisticated appetizer plates like California Rolls and Salmon Cakes alongside fresh salads, rich wholesome soups, sandwiches like Big Al’s Classic Hammy Sammy made with shaved ham and swiss cheese, seafood delicacies, and juicy burgers. A selection of gourmet desserts by Peace Pie Company will complete the dining experience in style.

105 E. Washington Street Marquette, Michigan, MI 49855, Phone: 906-273-0990

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14. The Vierling Restaurant, Marquette, MI

The Vierling Restaurant, Marquette, MI
© The Vierling Restaurant

The Vierling Restaurant has a long-standing history with the community of Marquette. Martin Vierling established himself as a retail businessman selling fine liquors to the hard-working men of the mining and iron ore industry. After a couple of failed locations, he moved his establishment one final time to the current spot on the corner of Front and Main. Now, after nine long months of restorations in the mid-1980s, The Vierling Restaurant showcases the original stained glass windows and oil paintings of Martin’s collection while delivering an array of fresh homestyle lunches and dinners. A fully stocked wine cellar guarantees the perfect pairing with every meal.

119 South Front Street, Marquette, MI 49855, Phone: 906-228-3533

15. Things to Do in Marquette, Michigan: Presque Isle Park

Things to Do in Marquette, Michigan: Presque Isle Park
© ehrlif/

Find some of the most pristine natural landscapes Michigan has to offer at Presque Isle Park. It’s known as one of the most popular attractions in Marquette, likely due to the natural beauty seen throughout the virtually untouched park. Visitors can roam through over 300 acres of the densely forested peninsula, which stretches out into the waters of Lake Superior. The park has several hiking trails along with a two-mile scenic biking trail where visitors can spot the various plants and animals living on the land. For some of the best views, stop by Sunset Point to catch the sun set behind the Huron Mountains and other small islands or go to the blackrocks formation, which feature tall cliffs overlooking the Lake.

Peter White Drive, Marquette, Michigan 49855; Phone: 906-228-0460

16. Things to Do Near Me: Sugarloaf Mountain

Things to Do Near Me: Sugarloaf Mountain
© Brad/

Located only a few miles from the city, Sugarloaf Mountain offers amazing views of the surrounding areas to anyone willing to make the short hike up. The trail is enjoyable on its own as it cuts through dense forests filled with beautiful, century-old trees. There are several trail routes to the top, providing both easy and challenging options for every hiker. The half-mile climb usually takes less than 30 minutes to reach the summit, which stands 470 feet above Lake Superior. Once at the top, visitors can check out the different viewing platforms where they can take in breathtaking sights of Lake Superior along with an overview of Marquette.

Marquette, Michigan 49855

17. Lakenenland Sculpture Park

Lakenenland Sculpture Park
© oe/

Quirky and entertaining, Lakenenland Sculpture Park will surely be one of the most unique parks you’ll visit. Visitors are welcome to roam through the 37-acre park by following the Sculpture Trail, which winds through the woods and features sculptures built by the park’s owner, Tom Lakenen. Over the past 25 years, Lakenen has built over 100 sculptures from scrap iron and happily displays his entertaining work for families to enjoy free of charge. The park is also home to a picnic ground, pavilion, bog walk, fishing ponds, entertainment stages, and a playground for kids.

2800 M-28 East, Marquette, Michigan 49855; Phone: 906-250-5138

18. Superior Entertainment Center

Superior Entertainment Center
© Africa Studio/

Staying true to its name, Superior Entertainment Center offers fun and entertaining activities for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy activities from bowling in the alley to playing more than 25 redemption games in the arcade. After dominating in the different arcade games, players can visit the redemption center and claim from over 100 prizes. As for dining, the entertainment center offers a delicious and thoughtfully crafted menu of food and drinks. Passionate about sustainable operations, their menu was based on sustainable ingredients that could be sourced locally. The center is also home to a taproom which features several liquors sourced from local Michigan distilleries.

3060 Highway U.S. 41 West, Marquette, Michigan 49855; Phone: 906-225-9230

19. Things to Do: Escape Marquette

Things to Do: Escape Marquette
© Escape Marquette

Stop by Escape Marquette for a fun and exciting experience. Whether bonding with family, hanging out with friends, or simply looking to break some ice on a first date, you’re in for a memorable time as you race against the clock to break out of their immersive escape rooms. Each group must put their brains to the test as they work together to uncover clues, complete puzzles, and accomplish their mission in 60 minutes or less. Escape Marquette offers three different escape rooms, all of which rate quite high in terms of difficulty, so get those thinking hats ready! All games are private to each group and may be booked ahead online.

130 West Washington Street, Marquette, Michigan 49855; Phone: 906-273-2410

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