Recent years have seen a big surge in popularity for escape rooms. Originating in Japan, escape rooms, also known as escape games, are an innovative and exciting way for families, groups of friends, colleagues, and sometimes even total strangers to get together and use their wits, intelligence, and problem-solving abilities to try and escape from a locked room.

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The rooms typically have their own themes and stories, with lots of unique puzzles to overcome along the way. Many of these different escape rooms have started to open in big cities all over the world, giving people a unique way to spend some time, having fun while also exercise their brainpower.

However, not all escape rooms are created equal. Some are far more challenging, exciting, better-designed, and more enjoyable overall than others. Those looking for an exciting escape room in Boston should certainly consider booking a spot at Trapology Boston, which ranks as Boston's most challenging escape game.

Trapology Boston Escape Room

Trapology Boston was founded by Jason and Nicole Loeb, two Boston natives who fell in love with the concept of escape rooms and wanted to make some of their own. In 2015, these two innovators and inspiring creators took part in an escape room as part of a friend's birthday celebrations. They had a lot of fun, but wanted to make something even better.

They located a spot in Downtown Boston to meet their needs and got to work, designing and creating a range of amazing games for Boston residents and visitors to take on. They started as a small team with humble resources but have now grown exponentially, boasting a full range of games, a staff of 14, and an amazing portfolio of work, including special charity events with major Hollywood stars like Chris Evans.

- The Best Boston Escape Rooms - Trapology Boston has been ranked not just for being the best escape room in Boston, but in the entire country. USA Today put Trapology Boston in its list of the Top 10 Best Escape Games in the USA, and many other major media publications like CBS, the Boston Globe, and Boston Magazine have spoken very highly of these escape games. Trapology has also received countless 5-star reviews and recommendations on leading travel and tourism sites like Trip Advisor.

- Imaginative and Surprising - Even if you've done a lot of escape rooms in the past, you'll be blown away by the imagination and creativity on display at Trapology Boston. Seasoned and experienced escape room enthusiasts have spoken very highly of this location, with each room being filled with twists, turns, and non-stop surprises to keep you guessing and on your toes the whole way through. With major dedication to creativity, story-telling, and innovation, Trapology Boston stands out from the crowd.

- A Great Range of Games - Trapology offers a large selection of escape rooms, each with its own story, setting, and puzzles to solve. 'The Drunk Tank', for example, puts you in the role of some sports fans who were out on the town enjoying a great game but then woke up in a cell and have to escape. 'The Hustler', meanwhile, places you in the shoes of a gambler who risked it all and got in trouble with shady underground criminals who are going after your family. 'Crush Depth' takes things in a totally different direction, taking you down to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine and tasking you with making it back to the surface before you and your fellow crew members are lost forever.

- Suitable For All - Trapology Boston escape rooms are great for families, friends, team-building events at work, and even younger children. These rooms are highly challenging and will really test your brainpower, but can be solved by any good team that works together, exchanging ideas, thinking logically, and making use of their own unique skills and abilities to overcome the various obstacles in their way. Each game has its own difficulty rating too, so 'The Retreat' is a little easier and better-suited to families, while 'The Drunk Tank' is one of the most challenging options.

Trapology Boston is one of the best escape rooms in New England and ranks as one of the best things to do in Boston. If you'd like to see why so many people have rated this escape room so highly and go back time and time again to take on the latest challenges, call up 857 285 2085 or email

You can also visit in person by stopping off at Trapology Boston itself at 177 Tremont St. 2nd floor. Boston, MA 02111. The escape room is open throughout the week from Tuesday to Sunday and on Mondays by appointment. All tickets can be bought online or gifted to friends with ease. website