The Provincetown Art Association and Museum: A cultural organization that merges the beauty of outer Cape Cod with the imaginative energy of the first art colony in America. PAAM offers visitor a fluid lineup of public lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and cultural activities that encourage and foster appreciation for the fine art that Provincetown is known for.

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The Provincetown Art Association and Museum, founded in 1914, took form when a group of residents and artists wanted to create a permanent collection of art by artists in the outer Cape Cod area. It was also a way to unify the townspeople within the community. PAAM began its tradition of gathering and displaying the art of local artists in the summer of 1915. They quickly found themselves a brand, “The Biggest Art Colony in the World” through buying and renovating the building in 1919. (Which is the same building you can see today!)

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum chose to represent both sides of the artistic battle between “Modern” and “Regular” art by creating separate exhibits for each in the summer of the years between 1927 and 1937.

PAAM’s fiftieth anniversary was celebrated in 1964 with a show looking at the major artists of it’s past. The show played a key role in the addition of new galleries, increased activities, expanded exhibition schedule, and the building of a vault for storage of the growing collection.

PAAM celebrated its one hundredth year in 2014 with exhibitions and programs that displayed art work, artists, and events that played key roles in PAAM becoming the organization it is today. The Provincetown Art Association and Museum symbolizes the assets that brand Provincetown a lasting American art center.


The Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s collection consists of more than three thousand works by over seven hundred artists that have called Cape Cod home at some point in time. The archives at the museum is branded with artists' names and other works for people to explore. The archives contain other items related to the continuing projects of the Association and the Museum. These materials can be provided to historians and scholars who request them. PAAM merges at least three major art movements.


PAAM has several exhibitions for art connoisseurs.

Recent Gifts: Part I- This exhibition feature gifts and donations recently acquired by the museum by artists in the area.

Abstraction from the Permanent Collection- This exhibition reflects the visual language of line, form, color, and shape through select abstract art works from the PAAM collection.

Edward and Josephine Hopper from the Permanent Collection- A recent acquisition of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, the exhibition features ninety-six drawings by Edward Hopper and watercolors by Josephine Hopper. There are twenty-two diaries on display that date from 1933 to 1956 that tell the story of the Hopper’s lives on Cape Cod and more. The donation was made to the museum by Laurence C. and J. Anton Schiffenhaus.

Sculpture Gardens- The Provincetown Art Association and Museum is home to several sculpture gardens that invite visitors to appreciate art outdoors. Exhibit spaces contain benches and other comfortable seats for visitors to sit and contemplate the sculptures.

· Berta Walker Sculpture Garden- The west lawn holds this garden and displays sculptures by

Richard Pepitone, Joseph Kurhajec, Sidney Simon, Chaim Gross, and Penelope Jencks

· James and Frances Bakker Sculpture Garden- This garden can be found at the east portion of the museum facing its historical unit. It includes sculptures done by Lila Katzen, Chaim Gross, Catherine Widgery, Boris Margo, Paul Bowen, and Sidney Simon

· Dr. Donald Butterfield Sculpture Garden- This garden can be found on the deck behind the museum, beside the Hans Hofmann Gallery, and displays sculptures by Richard Pepitone, Jack Kearney, and Joseph Kurhajec

Educational Opportunities

PAAM has provided art education and workshops to both visitors and residents of the community since the 1920s.

Youth Programs- PAAM partners with schools and institutions to bring the following programs to the youth of the community:

· Art Reach Afternoon Program

· A Curating Program with Lenore Ross

· A student mentor program named Reaching Forward

· A Tuesday afternoon program name START!

· Art on the Edge Saturday Program

Seasonal Workshops- PAAM offers visitors to Cape Cod seasonal workshops. Though most tourism occurs in the summer, the fall has something to offer visitors as well. The current fall workshops include printmaking, photography, drawing, watercolor, and painting

Special Events

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum puts on a variety of different events all year. These events include auctions, films, lectures, and more. The PAAM website offers a calendar of events for each month.

460 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657, Phone: 508-487-4750

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