If you appreciate the beauty and heritage of historical locations, you'll definitely be interested in The Trustees of Reservations. First established in 1891, this non-profit conservation and preservation organization focuses on protecting natural and historical locations all around the state of Massachusetts. Often simply known as The Trustees, this organization is the oldest of its kind in the whole world and has more than 125,000 members. Every single member of The Trustees is someone who loves and appreciates the many natural and man-made landmarks around the state, with the organization looking after over 100 individual places.

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The Trustees has several headquarters around the state in locations like Sharon, Beverly, and Leominster and relies on membership fees, donations, grants, and admission fees at its various locations to keep going and create new projects and missions to restore, renovate, preserve, and protect the state's prettiest locations like Royalston Falls, Appleton Farms, Bartholomew's Cobble, Crane Beach, Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge, The Old Manse of Concord, World's End at Boston Harbor, the Blue Steps of Naumkeag, and dozens of other special places that mean so much to the citizens and visitors of the commonwealth.

Becoming a Member of The Trustees

The Trustees has a lot of members but is always looking for new people to join its ranks and contribute in their own ways to the missions and projects of the organization. Becoming a member of The Trustees is a win-win situation for both parties. The organization itself receives your membership fee and can keep on functioning, and you receive a long list of benefits too. There are various membership plans and programs available, including family packages and discounted prices for seniors, and if you want to give more, you can also add additional contributions and donations onto the regular cost of your membership.

Benefits of The Trustees Membership

So what kind of benefits can you enjoy as a member of The Trustees? Well, this is a very exclusive club that really looks after each and every one of its members. As part of The Trustees' family, you'll be entitled to discounted admission at every single location under the protection of the organization. Many locations will even offer fully free entry to The Trustees members. Not only that, you'll also be receiving discounts and price cuts on an ever-expanding list of special events and activities around Massachusetts.

Members of The Trustees can also enjoy discounted rates at the two inns and campgrounds operated by the organization, as well as a free 1-year subscription to 'Special Places', the official magazine of The Trustees that contains all sorts of useful information and stories about the various locations you might like to visit. All members will also be given a welcome pack featuring a 220-page property guide book.

How Can You Help The Trustees

If you feel inspired or touched by the good work being done by The Trustees and want to get involved, there are several different ways to help out. Naturally, becoming a member of the organization is the strongest way to show one's support. As previously mentioned, membership provides you with a whole host of benefits including discounted access to every single location looked after by the organization, with many places even offering free entry.

However, if membership isn't an option for you right now, there are some other ways you can show your support to The Trustees. For example, simply visiting a Trustees-occupied location is a great way to not only spend some time out and about with family and friends, but also to contribute to the good work being done by this organization.

With farms, historic houses, gardens, and more, there's a lot of variety among these locations, so you'll definitely be able to find a whole host of places to suit you and your party. Every admission fee you pay will go towards the upkeep of the location, helping to preserve it for future generations.

If you can't make it out to any of the locations, simply spreading the word and sharing the news about The Trustees with people you know could help the organization get more members and more support. You can also visit the organization's official site or sign up for the newsletter to keep up with all the latest developments.

Last but not least, another great way to help is to actually donate your time as a volunteer. Even the smallest act can help. Whether you have just one day or only a few hours to offer, volunteering with The Trustees is a fun way to stay active, get engaged with Massachusetts' history, and contribute towards the good work of a wonderful organization. (website)