In a world that is being taken over by technology, cutting back and enjoying the simple pleasures in life, in other words removing technology from our lives, is not something everyone is ready to do. Nonetheless, it can be quite an interesting experience, even if just for a day. The Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, MA is one place that gives visitors a chance to live in a different era, a much simpler era. This museum is like no other, giving visitors an opportunity to be part of the exhibits. More Things to Do in Massachusetts

1.History & Programs

History & Programs
© The Old Sturbridge Village

The Old Sturbridge Village is a walk through a history lesson in itself, with visitors being able to appreciate how well the museum has carved out the entire scenery and style of a 1830s home. The museum titles itself as a “living museum” because patrons get to be as much a part of the museum as the relics within the premises itself.

The museum is an excellent look at life before technology took over while giving visitors a unique village-style living experience and celebrating history and community living.


The museum has a plethora of activities on offer as well as a vast number of programs and packages that are available to visitors to give them an all-around amazing experience, keeping them occupied throughout their stay at the museum.

The number of things unique about this museum goes well beyond the number of programs they offer. For starters, families can live inside the museum in an old-style home and experience what it was like to live in the 19th century. Besides being an excellent way to spend quality time with your family, the museum also enables kids to have an interactive and fun history lesson.

The Old Sturbridge Village also offers a broad range of programs to keep kids engrossed in activities that are both incredibly fun and educational. These programs are specially designed with younger ones in mind and provide them with an interesting way to have fun on their family outing. The Old Sturbridge Village also offers 2-day and 5-day history immersion programs where kids can come and get an in-depth view of the life of an old village as well as a unique insight into the workings of 19th-century society. They can also go on numerous discovery adventures about the lives of the people of that time, with activities like churning butter included!

The Old Sturbridge Village offers simulated experiences, such as their Boarding with the Bixby's program, which gives adults a unique look at village life and encourages them to carry out tasks just like the people of that era. From being dressed in traditional attire to carrying out hard tasks during the day to enjoying a quiet candlelit dinner with loved ones, the Old Sturbridge Village is perfect for people seeking a unique kind of adventure.

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2.Plan your Visit

Plan your Visit
© The Old Sturbridge Village

The Old Sturbridge Village hosts numerous events throughout the year that give visitors a chance to discover and experience a more in-depth look into village life. The event calendar on their website is a useful tool when planning your visit to the Old Sturbridge Village. When planning your visit or selecting your program, check out the programs and prices listed on their website. It is also advised to make a booking well in advance, as there are a limited numbers of people the museum can accommodate in each program.

The Old Sturbridge Village also offers its location as an event space for unique yet historically accurate and beautiful weddings. In addition, the area can also be leased out for corporate events such as retreats and other functions. The Old Sturbridge Village advises people who want to hold their wedding at this the venue to book at least six months in advance to avoid any disappointments regarding the date and availability of the site.

1 Old Sturbridge Village Rd, Sturbridge, MA 01566, Phone: 508-347-3362

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Things to Do in MA: The Old Sturbridge Village