The Nantucket Whaling Museum is a place for stories about the many wonders that encapsulate our world and stories that have changed the course of American history. Located on Nantucket, Massachusetts, the museum is dedicated to the rich heritage and history of the whaling industry and is run by the Nantucket Historical Association. Established in 1929, this museum is home to some of the country's most prized exhibits and memorabilia associated with the town's preferred occupation of whaling.

The museum was constructed after the space was taken over from a large candle factory, whose structure remains an important part of the museum today. Soon after the fortunes whaling industry took a plunge in 1950, the property was put to good use as a place to showcase all the artifacts that were found at sea and those that pay homage to the industry itself.


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The Nantucket Whaling Museum houses some of more the unique objects related to the industry. Some of the specimens stored here are unique and one of a kind, not found anywhere else in the entire world. The museum has a significant number of exhibits for people to take their time enjoying and gives a provides a great deal of information about the industry to interested visitors.

Some of the exhibits showcased here are extremely well known, like the huge 46-foot sperm whale skeleton that is the prized possession of the museum. The exhibit is located just at the center of the museum and is bound to catch the eye of anyone passing through.

The Nantucket Whaling Museum also hosts numerous programs that give people a more in-depth view into the whaling capital of the world. Through extensive research and findings, the Nantucket Whaling Museum can provide visitors with all the necessary information and knowledge they need to quench their thirst for an experience of the whaling industry. To better improve people’s understanding, the museum has a discovery room in which visitors are encouraged to explore and dig deeper to get to know the intricacies of the whaling industry. This fascinating space will particularly peak the interests of younger visitors, engaging them in the fascinating world of the Nantucket Whaling Museum.

The Nantucket Whaling Museum is also home to unique pieces of art that paint a picture of the community's rich heritage and the industries in which it was involved. The museum’s gallery is a beautiful place where you can sit and gaze at the amazing paintings and art pieces adorning its walls. The gallery showcases work from people who have contributed to Nantucket’s community as well as pieces by painters from around the world.

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2.Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit
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Because of the vast size of the facility and the numerous things to do within the museum, it becomes especially difficult take part and experience everything that the museum has to offer. If you are someone who likes to take their time in an art space and enjoy all the exhibits of the museum, then it is advised to make the trip to the museum a two-day art extravaganza. All Access Passes, which include the Whaling Museum plus other historic sites cost $20 per adult and $5 for children over the age of 6.

The Nantucket Whaling Museum hosts numerous tours and schedules various talks in order to give visitors a better understanding of the museum and the artifacts therein. A variety of programs are take place throughout the day, meaning that visitors are never bored. The museum also has a daily program schedule in which visitors can partake to get a well-rounded tour of the entire property along with explanations behind each of the exhibits there. The tours also include programs around the various historical sites within the museum premises.

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13 Broad St, Nantucket, MA 02554, Phone: 508-228-1894

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Best Things to Do in Massachusetts: The Nantucket Whaling Museum

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