Established by Isabella Gardner in 1903 and located at Fenway Court, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is one of the most iconic museums in Boston. The museum is home to some of the rarest and most unique pieces of art, many of which have been sourced from countries all over the world and have had a tremendous impact on the community and society to which they belonged. The museum features a broad range of exhibits from paintings to artifacts to valuables that have been passed down through the generations. The museum is particularly known for its exhibitions showcasing various historical artworks. More Things to Do in Boston

1.History, Exhibits & Programs

History, Exhibits & Programs
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The structure was built by Isabella Gardner as a place to store and showcase her favorite pieces of art, which she collected throughout the years. Isabella was a lover of fine art and took her passion to the next level when the museum was opened under her name. The museum is a spectacle both inside and out and was constructed in the style of Venetian architecture. The building is a treat for lovers of good art and design and those who enjoy being in the midst of a beautiful environment.


There are numerous things to do at the gallery during your visit. For starters, taking in all the amazing exhibits museum housed here is a great way to spend your time at the gallery. The museum holds thousands of art pieces that have been collected from all over the world and were chosen to be displayed at this beautiful place, including pieces ranging from paintings to antique furniture to rare artifacts whose origins are unknown. Each piece within the museum is one of a kind and there are replicas of pieces not existing in any other part of the world or any other museum in another country. The pieces have been sourced from almost every continent and all hold a special cultural significance to their original culture.


Currently, the museum runs numerous programs that entice art lovers from all over and provide them with the resources to help them develop their thirst for good art. In addition, the museum hosts numerous lectures and talks to help people get to know the art projects within the museum and to give them a better understanding of the history behind some of these rare pieces of art.

The museum also features an in-house art program that helps artists come from all over the world to study the various art pieces that are preserved here and as well as to give them a better understanding of the entire art scene.

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2.Plan your Visit

Plan your Visit
© The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum hosts a number of all-day programs as well as numerous concerts and programs related to various artistic fields. The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum website is a great place to check out the concerts and talks taking place here and decide what interests you when planning your trip. Even though the museum is surrounded by numerous other institutions, it is advised to spend an entire day just visiting the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to fully experience everything showcased here.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum also offers certain incentives to people entering the hall. When Isabella Gardner passed away, she made a will that listed the numerous things she wanted for the museum, such as a $2 discount for people wearing any form of Red Sox memorabilia. There is also no charge for anyone entering the museum with the name Isabella.

25 Evans Way, Boston, MA 02115, Phone: 617-566-1401

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Things to Do in Boston: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum