In 1946, with a ten-year-old Ford “Woody” station wagon and his son in tow, Art Costa began touring guests through the towering sand dunes that bordered Provincetown, Massachusetts. Since then, Art’s Dune Tours have taken advantage of the unparalleled natural beauty that surrounds them by chauffeuring tourists around and recounting the history of the Provincetown Sand Dunes.

Imagine gazing toward the horizon only to be greeted by the soft undulations of golden sand pricked with wisps of beach grass and blushing beach roses. It’s not hard to understand why the transcendence of these dunes has inspired writers like Eugene O’Neill and Tennessee Williams as well as artists like Harry Kemp to craft some of their most memorable art.

While the surroundings do indeed paint a pretty picture, they only become more interesting when you learn that these pink roses are actually Rosa Rugosa plants, which sailors ate as a source of vitamin C to avoid getting scurvy.

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Touring with Art’s Dune Tours

Not only will Art’s tours be filled with local lore and morsels of information about the dunes, but you will also learn about the surrounding landmarks like the Peaked Hill Life Saving Station from which shipwrecked mariners were routinely rescued.

Taking a tour with Art’s fleet means that you will see all the unspoiled beauty of the area from the comfort of an air-conditioned SUV that seats six to eight passengers. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Daily Tours

Tours are conducted daily beginning at 10 a.m. and last for approximately an hour. You will hear a narration of the highlights and history of the sand dunes and the National Seashore Park.

Additionally, there are a variety of tours hosted throughout the week that combine different sightseeing excursions, lunch plans, and activities. As the offerings rotate throughout the seasons, it is best to check directly on the website to see what is available at the time of your visit.

Private Tours

Private tours are available for couples who just need the use of a single vehicle as well as for small groups who need the entire fleet of six. If your group is comprised of 20 or more people, a discounted rate is available.

Be aware that the fleet of cars is only able to accommodate up to 45 passengers in total. Groups larger than this are advised to break up into two parties.

To reserve your exclusive spot, visit the website or call Art’s Dune Tours directly.


Embrace the romance of Cape Cod’s sand dunes as the backdrop for perhaps the most important day of your life together. Set against the infinite, rolling ocean and the fiery rays of sun reflecting on the water, there are few better locations to declare your love to a partner.

With years of experience in planning and hosting weddings, Art’s Dune tours is available to help you organize the perfect event.

Other special events may be scheduled through Art’s Dune Tours as well. Call for further information.

9 Washington Avenue, Provincetown, MA, website, Phone: 508-487-1950

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