Sherwood Gardens, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is a peaceful, beautiful, and tranquil place to visit. Although it is well known for its tulips, there is more to enjoy on the grounds as well and visitors should allow ample time to see it all. Sherwood Gardens was dreamed up by local businessman, John Sherwood, after building his house adjacent to the property.


Although he was not a professional landscaper, he hired a team of designers to help him fulfill his vision for the property. He brought in evergreen trees from every country and transplanted them in the gardens, then expanded that into the many tulip varieties seen on the property today. It was first open to the public in 1930, and was featured in National Geographic in both 1941 and 1956. After he died in 1965, he left funds from his estate to ensure the gardens would continue giving the public enjoyment many years into the future. There are no public or city funds going toward the garden, and it is only through the support of donors and friends that it continues.

Permanent Attractions

Although Sherwood Gardens is considered a private park, the more than six acres that make up the gardens is open to the public so that guests can visit the grounds at their leisure and enjoy all the beauty that is inside. No reservations are required (with the exception of larger groups and organized events) and there is no admission fee charged. The best time to visit is between April and May, as the gardens are at their best and fullest bloom. All tours are self-guided, as no guided tours are offered at this time.

Tulip Guide - The Sherwood Gardens website offers a full tulip guide, updated yearly. The tulip guide highlights each specific breed of tulip and where it is located in the garden. From purple flag, to Alibi, to Leo Visser, there are over 27 different varieties of beautiful, colorful tulips to stroll through and photograph.

Spring and Summer at the Garden - Spring at the Garden is often considered the best time to visit, as the tulips are in full bloom. After strolling through the garden, visitors are encouraged to find a piece of land and sit for a while, taking in the full beauty of everything that the garden has to offer. In Summer, the garden is still mostly in bloom and still a spectacular place to visit.

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Fall and Winter at the Garden - Although all the tulips may have been pulled and the majority of the garden is in hibernation for the cooler weather, the gardens is still a great place to visit and take a stroll through, especially when there is snow on the ground. It is still quite beautiful this time of the year!

Important things to note before visiting Sherwood Gardens: there are no public restrooms available, so plan ahead for that before visiting. There are also no paved walkways, pathways and/or trails, so it is not wheelchair or stroller accessible. Picnics are welcomed; however, it is imperative that all trash is picked up afterwards to help keep the garden beautiful. There are no garbage cans at the garden, so plan ahead. Dogs are allowed; however, all waste must be immediately picked up and disposed of. Again, as there are no garbage cans, it is important to plan ahead for waste disposal.

Most of all, have fun!

Special Events

Every May, Sherwood Gardens hosts an annual “Tulip Dig.” Guests can bring their own shovel and a bag or a bucket and dig up their own tulip bulbs. The cost in years past has been about 30 cents per bulb and the proceeds help benefit the gardens. There are also pre-dug bags for guests that prefer to not get their hands dirty. Visitors are also encouraged to print out and bring their up to date tulip map/guide so that they can pick the varieties that they are the most interested in.

Special events are also welcomed at Sherwood Gardens, during daylight hours only. Events held on the grounds must maintain the gardens peaceful, tranquil environment and not disturb other guests. Any event with more than 15 people must have prior approval. Weddings, even small weddings, must have prior approval as well. There are also a specific set of guidelines that all wedding events must follow, all of which are listed on the website.

Sherwood Gardens, 4200 Saint Paul Street, Suite 100, Baltimore, MD, 21218, Phone: 410-889-1717

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