There are some things we learn in life and never forget. When talking about these kinds of skills, we say that they’re “just like riding a bike”, because once you do know how to ride a bicycle, you really do never forget how to do it. Learning how to ride a bike is seen by many as a vital rite of passage, a skill that every child learns in their early years, but the modern world has actually started to change this.

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When compared to times gone by, we’re living in a very unique era. The modern world is one dominated by technology, gadgets, and gizmos, and we only have to look to the younger generations to see the effects of this techno-centric society. Young children are staying indoors more and more, cooped up in their rooms with screens and video games rather than playing in parks and riding their bikes as often as they once did.

Fortunately, many parents are still dedicated to helping their kids make the most of their childhood and learn key skills like being able to ride a bike. We can all remember how exciting it felt the first time we actually set off on a bike all by ourselves, without our parents there to hold us in place. It’s a wonderful, freeing feeling that every kid deserves to experience, and PedalPower Kids is making it happy for kids all around Annapolis.

PedalPower Kids - Bike Riding Classes for Kids in Annapolis

Helping to build a better future for the generations of the future, PedalPower Kids offers bike riding classes for children of all ages around Annapolis, MD. Founded by Rachel Varn, a certified cycling instructor, PedalPower Kids is all about inspiring kids to get outdoors more often, enjoy nature, and stay active. Here’s all you need to know about PedalPower Kids:

- Bike-Riding Classes in Maryland - PedalPower Kids offers fun and enjoyable bike riding lessons and workshops for children, with most classes taking place in and around Annapolis. This company was founded on the belief that not only can kids have a lot of fun getting outdoors and riding their bikes, but they can also enjoy a whole host of additional benefits too like staying fit and active, feeling more in tune with nature, and feeling less stressed and worried in their daily lives simply by getting regular exercise and fresh air. Bike riding as a family can also be a very fun activity for people of all ages and a great way for moms, dads, brothers, and sisters to spend quality time together.

- Professional Instruction - PedalPower Kids was founded by Rachel Varn, a fully certified and professional cycling instructor who has even earned nicknames like “Bike Whisperer” during her career due to her highly professional and efficient approach to teaching people how to ride. As well as being totally pro in all she does, Rachel also loves to work with kids and has a very friendly demeanor that works well with both little ones and teens alike. In short, she and the rest of the PedalPower Kids team can offer the high standards of instruction your kids need to learn how to ride a bike in both a speedy and fun way.

- Bike Riding Events and Programs - As well as the standard bike riding lessons for kids of all ages, PedalPower Kids also runs various special events and programs to give you and your family more fun ways to get outdoors, have great times, and learn new skills. Bike Rodeo events are a perfect example. Held throughout the year, bike rodeos come with all the bikes and equipment provided and give kids and groups chances to learn how to ride bikes and how to be safe while riding by negotiating various obstacles courses and fun games. PedalPower Kids also offers various spring and summer bike riding camps, which are a perfect option for kids to make new friends, learn important skills, and make plenty of happy memories to look back on.

Every child deserves to experience the joy and sense of achievement that can come from learning how to ride a bike. Bike-riding is an essential skill for all, especially in the modern world where we’re all being encouraged to be less reliant on cars and other environmentally-unfriendly modes of transport.

Riding a bike can help your child gain confidence, make friends, and feel more independent and empowered, boosting their mood and making them want to learn even more useful skills in the future.

The bike riding classes, camps, and rodeos offered by PedalPower Kids can help any child learn to ride a bike after just a few sessions. Even for children without any bike-riding experience at all, these classes have proven highly effective. Check out the full schedule on the official site and book classes for your child today. website