The Capital Wheel opened to the public on May 23 of 2014 at National Harbor in Maryland. This giant ferris wheel is situated just outside of Washington, D.C. Using the Roue de Paris as inspiration, the ferris wheel idea was conceived by Milton Peterson, a developer in National Harbor. It sits on a pier with a length of 770 feet, extending out over the Potomac River. The Capital Wheel can easily be seen by passenger aboard flights from or to National Airport.

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The Capital Wheel ferris wheel features a diameter of 165 feets, and transports forty-two climate-controlled gondolas in a circle. Each gondola can fit up to eight passengers. A VIP gondola can even be rented for celebrations and weddings. The giant wheel also features programmable special-effects lighting. As passengers soar up to 180 feet in the sky above the ground, they can take in the unmatched views of the surrounding sights, including Prince George’s County, lush parks throughout the region, the Masonic Temple, the National Cathedral, and the City of Alexandria.

Similar to London, England’s London Eye, the Capital Wheel of National Harbor offers visitors a new, more exciting way to see the capital of the country. The observation ferris wheel transports passengers 180 feet above the ground, over the Potomac River and the National Harbor. The wheel provides views of many of the signature attractions of Washington, D.C., such as the Capitol Building, Arlington Cemetery, the National Mall, and much more. Guests also get amazing views of the National Harbor Boardwalk, as well as views of the Washington Monument and the Masonic Temple of Alexandria, Virginia.

A full rotation of the Capital Wheel in National Harbor takes approximately two minutes in duration, and each ride on the ferris wheel consists of a few rotations. Six gondolas of the wheel can be loaded at once, meaning passengers won’t have to deal with that much starting and stopping once they are onboard their gondola. Each one of the gondolas of the Capital Wheel is air-conditioned and allow passengers to freely enjoy the ride either standing or sitting. The gondolas also feature two-way communication in case something happens or passengers need to talk to an attendant on the ground below. Guests can also enjoy music during their ride from the onboard speakers, and even have their own little dance party in the sky if they so wish.

The newest feature of the Capital Wheel is the outdoor lounge area known as the Flight Deck. The new lounge offers both passengers of the ferris wheel, and those just visiting the National Harbor Boardwalk a variety of drinks, including wine, beer, speciality drinks, and champagne. The outdoor lounge is great for a drink with friends, date night, or a celebration. People can also enjoy a drink as they take a ride aboard the Capital Wheel, taking happy hour to a new height. The Flight Deck offers a commemorative cup just for the occasion. Passengers are sure to love enjoying a drink while taking in the amazing views of the Potomac River and the sights of the Washington, D.C. area.

141 American Way, National Harbor, Maryland, Phone: 301-842-8650

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