The internet has changed the way we shop, making it simpler and more convenient to buy products from the comfort of our own homes. However, actually going to markets and stores still has a lot of advantages. Being able to touch and see items in front of you is always going to give you a better impression than an image on a screen, allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions and find great items, especially in fields like crafts, gifts, art, and jewelry.

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It can also be highly rewarding and enjoyable to support local makers and independent businesses by visiting artisan shops and craft markets whenever you can. For craft and handmade goods in Annapolis, HERE offers everything you need, but only at limited periods during the year. Why? Well, HERE is actually a pop-up shop, meaning it only opens on a temporary basis several times each year.

HERE - A Pop-Up Artisan Gifts Shop in Annapolis

HERE is the name of a revolutionary pop-up shop that opens up for limited-time only sales periods throughout the year in various locations all around the beautiful Maryland city of Annapolis. Selling one of a kind, handmade goods and craft items from local makers and independent brands, HERE gives you access to some amazing goods to treat yourself or gift to your loved ones.

- How Does HERE Work? - If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a pop-up shop, the idea is really quite simple. Essentially, a pop-up shop is usually a small store or boutique that only opens up on a temporary basis. HERE has four sets of dates throughout the year where it opens up and will operate out of several locations around the Annapolis area. The location is always different and the shop also has different themes each time it opens up too, ensuring that the products you find are always unique and special. Each opening lasts for around two or three weeks in total and makes the whole act of shopping so much more engaging and exciting.

- What Can You Buy From HERE? HERE always sells goods from local makers and artists, so shopping at this Annapolis pop-up is one of the best ways to support creators and thinkers in the Annapolis area and help up and coming brands and designers make a name for themselves and earn a living from doing what they love. It also means that the products you'll find here are handmade, crafted with passion and care, and totally unique too, a far cry from the mass produced items being sold in so many stores all over the world. HERE sells all kinds of goods, with a big focus on jewelry, gifts, clothing, artworks, photography, homeware, furniture, and accessories.

- The HERE Story - HERE was founded by best friend duo Ellen Lunay and Amy Altenburg. Ellen worked hard for a degree in Fashion Merchandising from UMD and then pursued a career in the fashion world in major locations like New York City and LA. She eventually moved back to Maryland and decided to launch something fresh and original with her best friend, Amy. Together, they came up with the concept of HERE, both knowing they wanted to support local artists and designers while also working in the world of fashion in one way or another. Amy has since taken a back seat, leaving Ellen in charge of most of the business, but both of these inspiring women can be seen at the pop-up and continue to work hard to help the HERE concept grow and evolve in all the right ways.

- Why Should You Shop At HERE? - There are many different reasons to consider shopping at this amazing Annapolis pop-up. Firstly, the great range of high quality products on sale is second to none. Unlike so many other stores with mass produced items or outsourced manufacture, all of the goods you find for sale in HERE are made by hand by people who really care about their work and their art. These goods are made to the highest standards of quality and excellence, and it really pays off to give back and support independent artists and creators who work so hard to try and make a living in the often competitive art and fashion worlds. The vibe in the shop is always lively and fun too, and HERE even donates a percentage of every day's sales to local charities and non-profit organizations like the ALS Association, the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, the Heart Health Foundation, Wellness House, and the SPCA.

With four pop-up events planned each year, the next HERE pop-up shop is never too far away. You can shop online with HERE too if you'd rather not wait for the next pop-up event, and there are always plenty of amazing gifts, accessories, decorations, artworks, jewelry, and other items waiting to be bought and enjoyed. Check out the official HERE site to learn more about upcoming pop-up events and brows the amazing selection of products you can buy today. website