The craft alcohol scene in New England is growing larger and more exciting with every passing day, with new wineries, breweries, and distilleries opening up, and a lot of great wines, beers, and spirits being added to the region’s ever-expanding selection of alcohol offerings.

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Plenty of craft beer and wine enthusiasts are visiting New England breweries, wineries, and other locations in search of their next favorite drinks, but if you want a really easy, simple, educational, and entertaining way to taste some of the top craft alcohols in New England, the easiest option is to climb on board The Maine Brew Bus.

The Maine Brew Bus - Brewery, Winery, and Distillery Tours in Maine

Established back in 2012, The Maine Brew Bus is New England's original brew bus, offering guided private and public, all-inclusive tours of breweries, wineries, distilleries, and more all around Greater Portland and Southern Maine.

Giving guests inside access and behind the scenes tours to some of the best craft alcohol locations in the whole of Maine, The Maine Brew Bus is actually ranked as the top 'Tour and Activity in Portland' on popular travel site TripAdvisor.

Here's what The Maine Brew Bus tours can do for you:

- All-Inclusive Tours - The Maine Brew Bus offers high quality, all-inclusive beer, wine, and spirits tours of Portland and beyond. Tours run regularly throughout the week, especially on weekends, and there are tours focused specifically on beer, spirits, and wine, as well as mixed tours that will take you to multiple locations and let you sample various types of drinks all in one great journey. Examples include the 'Best of Portland' tour, which runs on Mondays through to Thursdays and visits breweries, wineries, and distilleries. Public tours are available, allowing you to meet up with like-minded people and make some new friends, as well as private and group tours if you're traveling with family and friends and prefer a more personal, private experience.

- Award-Winning and Highly Rated - When you choose any kind of tourist activity, you need to know you're dealing with a company you can trust and heading off on an activity or excursion that has proven popular with past guests. In the case of The Maine Brew Bus, this company has actually won the 'Certificate of Excellence' from TripAdvisor every year running since 2014. It's also won an Editor's Choice Award from Down East Magazine, as well as being ranked as one of the best activities to do in all of Maine by several regional media publications. Reviews of these beer and wine tours have been hugely positive, with previous participants having nothing but great things to say about their time on the bus, so if you’re looking for a great day out in Portland, Maine, the Brew Bus could be the perfect option.

- All The Advantages - You might be wondering why to take on The Maine Brew Bus when you could just visit breweries and wineries by yourself, hire your own van, or something similar. Well, there are actually a lot of advantages to taking a ride on the Brew Bus. For starters, each of these tours have been specially designed to take you to the top producers of beer, wine, and spirits around the state, so you don't need to do any preparation or planning. Plus, the fact that you'll be riding on a bus means that everyone gets to sample the drinks, without the need for a designated driver. Not only that, but the team at The Maine Brew Bus have a great network, building up strong working relationships with many of the craft alcohol locations around the state, so you can get exclusive access at each local and more great samples than you would by simply taking standard tours by yourself.

- Professional Guides - Another big advantage of heading off on a tour aboard The Maine Brew Bus is the professionalism of the guides. The Maine Brew Bus is operated by an expert non-drinking driver, who will lead the way to each destination, with a professional guide also on board to take you around the various wineries, breweries, and other stops you visit along the way. All passengers on board the bus will learn a lot about the emerging craft alcohol scene in New England, getting behind the scenes access to various locations, learning all about how wines, beers, and spirits are being made in Maine, and gaining a greater understanding of just how much work goes into these drinks on a daily basis. website