For a truly world class hotel experience quite like nowhere else on Earth, choose Alaia. Part of the Autograph Collection Hotels from Marriott, Alaia is an outstanding upscale resort situated in one of the most beautiful natural havens in the Caribbean Sea: Ambergris Caye.

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The biggest island of Belize, Ambergris Caye runs for around 25 miles in length and is about a mile wide. Locally known as 'Isla Bonita' (Beautiful Island, in English), this stunning island is home to turquoise waters, white sands, breathtaking views, non-stop tropical sunshine, and the sorts of sunsets that will truly leave you with magical memories, never to be forgotten.

Now, as well as 5-star snorkeling locations, heavenly beaches, and azure waters, this part of Belize will also be home to one of the best resorts in the Caribbean. Reflecting the lively vibe yet laid-back nature of Ambergris Caye, Alaia has been designed with a lot of care and attention to detail. Set to open in 2020, this resort is setting a new standard for authentic, exceptional Caribbean accommodation.

All About Autograph Collection Hotels

The Autograph Collection Hotels series is a collection of hotels that are part of the Marriott brand, with each location being thoroughly unique and having its own sense of character, personality, and style. There are over 135 independent hotels forming the Autograph Collection in over 25 different countries around the world, with a big focus on the most luxurious and popular vacation destinations. Becoming part of the Autograph Collection is a huge accomplishment for each location, with access to this exclusive series being reserved for only the finest hotels.

The focus with the Autograph Collection is on originality, comfort, elegance, and style, with each hotel needing to excel in every single one of these fields in order to be accepted into the ranks of the elite. The Autograph Collection features boutique hotels in many different locations all over the globe like South Africa, Indonesia, The Bahamas, France, the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the United States. Now, with the addition of Alaia, Belize can be added to that impressive list.

All About Alaia

With tourism really starting to see a major surge in the beautiful Central American nation of Belize, there's never been a better time to visit this country or even invest in luxury resort real estate there, and that's exactly what Alaia can provide. Carefully crafted by a highly experienced and passionate design team including Brazilian interior designer and decorate Debora Aguiar and architecture firm IE Architecture, Alaia is being created with the Autograph Collection's philosophy of originality, creativity, and luxury in mind.

Construction began in 2017, with the resort set to open its doors in 2020. It will feature 56 two bed condos and eight stunning villas with views out onto the ocean. The resort will also be able to enjoy 5-star amenities and facilities like an exclusive beach club, a rooftop swimming pool with truly magnificent views in every direction, a cozy lounge space for relaxation and reflection, a fully equipped gym and exercise area, an art gallery, a dive shop, activities and games for children to enjoy, and even a fully featured spa.

A wonderful aspect of Alaia's design and creation is that the residences and interiors will mostly be made up of local materials. In fact, around 70% of the resort's construction will be completed with Belize's resources and materials, helping to make this location truly feel like an extension of the natural landscapes and rich history that make Belize such an exciting location.

As well as featuring local and reclaimed materials in its construction, each residence at Alaia will be crafted in a style that represents the local culture, with bold color schemes and stylistic fusions of interior and exterior space, allowing owners and visitors to make the most of Belize's wonderful sunshine and warm temperatures, while also being able to appreciate the comfort and luxury of their own private space.

Owning a Part of Alaia

The residences will feature at least 1,100 square feet of indoor space and another 700 square feet of outdoor space, and prices start at just $349,000, heading up to a maximum of $1.3 million for the luxury oceanfront villas. Any interested parties can also take advantage of the rental management program that will allow the property to be rented out to other guests through Marriott's own booking and reservation systems.

Everything will be taken care of, including full interior design, furnishings, and maintenance, with various financing and bill paying programs also in place to provide a stress and worry-free investment. In short, owning your own slice of Caribbean luxury in one of the world's most exclusive and magical areas is a lot simpler than you may think. website