The Masur Museum of Art is housed within what used to be the home of Monroe’s Masur family. The museum is Northeast Louisiana’s largest visual arts museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting visual arts. The Masur Museum of Art dedicates itself to providing the local community of Monroe with a dynamic experience in visual arts through managing art collections, art programs for the public, and exhibitions. The art museum provides educational programming for both adults and children, such as summer camps, artist talks, the My Mini Masur program, workshops, and lectures. Art classes in a variety of media are also offered at the museum, including classes in painting, stained glass, digital photography, printmaking, and collage.

The building that is now the home of the Masur Museum of Art was originally built in 1929 as a private home. Clarence Edward Slagle, a local lumberman, had the Tudor residence constructed for his wife. The blue slate from Pennsylvania and the limestone from Indiana used to construct the house were transported along a variety of waterways through to the Ouachita River that runs behind the residence. The estate originally featured a rose garden in the English style, as well as lawn that extended down to the Ouachita River. The carriage house of the home was relocated behind a new levee that was built in the 1930’s by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The permanent collection of the Masur Museum of Art consists of approximately five hundred works of art. The collection largely consist of masterworks by artists in the region, and minor works of art by artists that are more broadly known. More recently, entire bodies of work or series of works have been commissioned by the Masur Museum from specific individual artists.

Generally as a whole, the various categories of art offer context for each other as they all are related to historic and artistic trends seen in the southern United States and beyond the region.

The Masur Museum of Art’s permanent collection of artwork includes several works by Salvador Dali, Auguste Rodin, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Mary Cassatt. There are also works of art by Kathy Amman, Lynda Benglis, Dean Dablow, Frank Hamrick, Peter Jones, Ron Adams, Fairfield Porter, and many more artists.

In the beginning of the 1930’s, the home of Clarence Sagle was placed on the market for sale and was bought by the Masur family. Sigmund Masur and his wife Beatrice lived in the home with their three children until the 1960’s. In 1963, the Masur family children donated the house to the City of Monroe with the purpose of being transformed into a museum for fine art.

The museum initially began with various exhibits and educational art programs with the hard work of volunteers and docents. The Twin City Art Foundation was established in 1974 to offer support for the Masur Museum of Art, providing the museum with funds for the collection, educational programming, and exhibits. The museum operates as a collaborative partnership today between the Twin City Art Foundation and the City of Monroe.

1400 South Grand Street, Monroe, LA, Phone: 318-329-2237

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