The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo’s mission is to foster a sustainable relationship between people and nature. In an effort to accomplish this mission, the Louisiana Purchase Zoo provides education and recreation to the public, discovery of knowledge, and wildlife conservation. The Zoo invites visitors to come and experience some fascinating wonders of the world. Guests can enjoy a relaxing and picturesque setting at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, and visit more than four hundred interesting animals, as well as thousands of different species of plants.

The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo is a true zoological park, complete with bears, tigers, lions, and more. The Zoo also features gibbons, baboons, elk, bison, zebra, and many, many other animals from throughout the world. There is also a wide assortment of species of birds, as well as an interesting reptile house at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo. The Zoo’s Hall of Small is a fascinating and immersive exhibit that features insects and interactive, hands-on activities.

Among the hundreds of animals at the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, there are hippo, wallaby, kangaroo, De Brazza’s guenon, leopard, black swan, black-necked swan, parrots, Egyptian geese, peacock, agile gibbon, and the reptile house. Visitors to the grounds can also enjoy a relaxing Safari Boat Ride to tour the zoo’s bayou that provide an opportunity for guests to view several species of animals not able to be seen from the Zoo’s foot paths. Such animals include primates, hoofed animals, and other species that are native to the local area.

Visitors can start their journey of exploring the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo by visiting the colorful macaws and flamingos. Eagles can be seen perched or flying high above, or guests can view tigers as they stroll along catwalk. The Zoo Oasis Splash Pad offers kids an area to cool off from the summer sun, or they can have fun playing at the Zoo’s Play Station.

The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo now includes a new exhibit featuring animals from Australia. This land down under exhibit features several different species from the other side of the planet. There is also a Children’s Zoo at the Louisiana Purchase Zoo, offering children a chance to not only get up close to many domestic animals, but an opportunity to feed them as well. This kid-friendly exhibit includes sheep, goats, miniature horses, and miniature cows.

Within the Zoo are approximately four hundred animals across approximately two hundred different species. The Gardens span across twenty-seven acres of beautiful landscaped grounds at the park, featuring many different interesting plants, as well as a greenhouse through which visitors can walk. There is also a cafe where guests can enjoy lunch or a snack, as well as a gift shop to pick up souvenirs from their visit to the zoo. The Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo also hosts several seasonal events throughout the year at the park, including the Easter Egg Extravaganza, Splash into Summer, and Boo at the Zoo.

701 Kansas Lane, Monroe, LA, Phone: 318-329-2400

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