The New Orleans Musical Legends Park in New Orleans, LA is a free park that allows visitors to sit, enjoy music and eat one of the top-rated beignets in the area. Lovers of jazz musical history, as well as those new to jazz or wanting to learn more, will enjoy this park and the general atmosphere of the area. Located in the historic French Quarter, the New Orleans Musical Legends Park started hosting local bands and live music and is now well known for being a quiet sanctuary in the middle of an otherwise loud and busy area.

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A tribute to how important music is to the area allows musicians of all levels of society to have a safe space to play their music. All performances are free to the public. The purpose of the park is preserve the musical history and heritage of the New Orleans jazz culture in a way that allows the most access to the most amount of people. If visitors are lucky, they can also chance into a film crew, as the park is a well-known site for recording films and television shows of all varieties.

Permanent Attractions

Although small, the park features life sized bronze statues of famous New Orleans jazz musicians.

Allen Toussaint - Most active in the 1960s and 1970s, Toussaint wrote and produced a series of hits for musicians such as Aaron Neville and Lee Dorsey. Some of his songs went on to be covered by well-known artists like Otis Redding, The Who and Ringo Starr. He also had a hand in producing the hit song “Lady Marmalade” with Patty Labelle. Toussaint has since been inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Blues Hall of Fame.

Fats Domino - Most well-known for his 1955 Top 10 song “Ain’t that a Shame,” Domino went on to have almost 37 different Top 40 hits. His cover of the song “Blueberry Hill,” went on to reach number two on the charts as well, selling more than five million copies.

Al Hirt - With 22 different Billboard chart topping records, Hirt was prolific in the 1950s and 1960s. Hirt started playing trumpet as a child, starting to make music professionally at the age of 16, and eventually hit number one with a cover of Allen Toussaint’s song “Java.”

Pete Fountain - Well known for his clarinet playing, especially during his time with the Lawrence Welk band, Fountain is a New Orleans staple. He also helped found the Half Fast Marching Club, which is one of the Mardi Gras Day parade most well-known participants. He recorded over 100 pieces of music during his active time.

Irma Thomas - Also known as Irma Lee, this New Orleans singer worked closely with Allen Toussaint as well. She wrote many well-known songs that were redone by famous singers like Otis Redding and bands like the Rolling Stones.

Chris Owens - Most well-known for the Chris Owens Review, run out of her and her husband’s club, she has been a staple in the New Orleans community since the 1960s.

Ronnie Kole - Kole is a legend on the jazz piano, having been given a Lifetime Achievement Award. He also has performed for many world leaders - including presidents and the pope. He also continues to be well known for his charity work.

Louis Prima - Trumpeter, singer, actor, and songwriter, Prima is possibly the most well-known musician from New Orleans. Well versed in the scat style, as well as swing music, Prima dominated the music scene for many decades.

Special Events

The New Orleans Musical Legends Park is available for rent for weddings, receptions, and other private events. The park is free to rent with advance reservation and includes music from Steamboat Willie, if desired. There are also many live musical events that run throughout the year, so keep an eye on the website or local media for additional information. Those events are free as well.

Also make sure to enjoy the Louisiana Oyster Jubilee to enjoy oysters, live music, and hang out with friends outside in the beautiful New Orleans weather. A do not miss opportunity for anyone who is a fan of jazz, oysters or both! Recently celebrating their 10th year, this festival is still going strong.


Make sure to stop by The Cafe Beignet for fresh beignets (a local delicacy), cold drinks, coffee and other small snacks. Full breakfast is also served all day. Sit outside and enjoy the ambience of the park. Open until midnight or later!

New Orleans Musical Legends Park, 311 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA, 70130, Phone: 504-888-7608

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