In New Orleans, LA lies the Louisiana Children's Museum, which aims to foster education through play in different environments. Since its opening in 1986, the children's museum has been a popular attraction for families, and each year 147,000 visitors come to explore the 30,000 square feet of exhibition space. The displays teach museumgoers the practical life skills of grocery shopping, math, and everyday social skills such as going to a restaurant. The purposes of the activities are to engage the potential of children and allow them to develop confidence in themselves. Offering a variety of safe and innovative exhibits, the museum aims to build the confidence of children by showing them their capabilities during their fundamental years of development. Striving to support both children and their families, the museum offers a strong, diverse, and fun environment to promote learning. Visitors from all cultural backgrounds are welcome to enjoy the Louisiana Children's Museum and are encouraged to become a part of the community. The museum is a safe and fun place that allows the optimal development of children through wide collections of exhibits, displays, and scenarios.

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There are a variety of exhibitions and activities for children to participate in that range from real-life situations to whimsical scenarios. All of these encourage kids to actively learn through interaction and imagination. Some of the exhibits include the Safety Zone, Bubbles, Simple Machines, the Times Picayune Theatre, Eye to Eye, the Lil' Grocery Store, the Talk and Play Center, and the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation Kids' Café. These varied interactive displays challenge children to observe the world and put them in 'real-life' situations through play. Children learn how to be safe by practicing dialing 911, inspecting their play home for potential safety hazards, and recognize and manage their feelings in the Safety Zone exhibit. The Lil' Grocery Store teaches children about how to shop for a meal by examining different food groups and then purchasing them. Eye to Eye is an exhibit that allows kids to make an appointment with the eye doctor and check their vision. This extensive exhibit includes a life-sized anatomy of the eye and a section showing kids how different animals see the world. The playful exhibit Bubbles allows children to stand inside a massive bubble. Learning about cafes and how to be a chef, server, hostess, or customer is a skill that kids can experience at the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation Kids' Café. All of these different scenarios help prepare children for their future by educating them in a fun and playful way. Using the world around us to teach kids about their future is an incredible experience for all families.

The Louisiana Children's Museum has a diverse amount of events and programs available for visitors to participate in. Some of these activities include Drawsome, Around the World, Story Time, Art Trek, and Earn and Learn. Drawsome, Around the World, and Art Trek are three different art events that inspire creativity in children through the different mediums of drawing, printing, origami, and watercolor painting. Story Time is an event that fosters the imagination of kids with stories told by the museum staff. Earn and Learn is a program that prepares children for their financial futures by letting them work in exhibitions and then allowing them to spend their money in the Little Players Shop.

Providing education is an initiative of the museum, and through camps and field trips the institution continues to foster learning. During the summer camps and field trips, the museum offers interactive and memorable experiences for families, children, and school groups. This fun way of learning engages the imagination of campers and students, who can take part in themed activities. Guided by an enthusiastic member of the staff, the creativity of children is released through hands-on exhibits. There is also an art camp geared towards developing the skills of especially creative children. The museum also strives to make a difference in the community around them through their sponsored outreach program, known as Play Power. This focuses on using art, drama, music, and games to encourage children to build self-confidence and resolve issues. The curriculum develops critical thinking, self-regulation, collaboration, and communication skills. Aiming to positively impact schools and young children, the museum works directly with the society around them to make a difference. The Louisiana Children's Museum is dedicated to inspiring learning, both at their facility and through their outreach programs and exhibits.

420 Julia St, New Orleans, LA 70130, Phone: 504-523-1357

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