The SlotZilla Zipline, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a tourist zip line themed after a giant slot machine that travels the length of the canopy of the Fremont Street Experience. Offering two different rides with different distance, height, and harnesses, the SlotZilla Zipline attracts visitors from all over who wish to see Glitter Gulch from a picturesque viewpoint.

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SlotZilla is part of the Fremont Street Experience, a massive pedestrian mall encompassing a portion of downtown Las Vegas’ famous Fremont Street, also known as “Glitter Gulch.” Part of the pageantry that became the breeding ground for ideas like SlotZilla and the glitz and glam of Las Vegas, in general, is in the street itself. Its historical significance dates to the 1900s through the 1950s with many firsts for Las Vegas (first hotel, paved street, telephone, gaming license). Then it was in 1992 that the Fremont Street Experience was envisioned to expand tourism to the area, which was losing in competition with the Las Vegas Strip for casino business. First truly realized in the early 2000s, when the canopy and permanent stages were installed, the Fremont Street Experience set the stage for continuing to raise the bar on its own outrageous showmanship. The initial investment into the FSE was to the tune of $70 million and improved Downtown visitor numbers by 60%.

In 2012, a small zip line ride was installed over the Fremont Street Experience. It was mostly meant as a novelty and was to last 30 days. People would see Elvis impersonators, Las Vegas newlyweds, and groups of families zipping across the pedestrian mall. However, it was so popular with tourists and locals that it was kept for two years and developed into the attraction that now draws millions of users. Construction of SlotZilla and its zip lines began in March 2013, with the original zip line opening April 2014 and the Zoomline opening later that year. In all, the project cost $17 million to construct.

Permanent Attractions

The SlotZilla Zipline is truly its own attraction, a business that provides a high-flying adrenaline rush for visitors to the Fremont Street Experience. There are several things that draw customers to the giant slot machine and its zip lines, and these include the building, the zip lines themselves, and the stunning view. Visitors will need to book tickets in advance to avoid long wait times due to the zip line’s popularity. Start time for a ticket is the start time of weighing, measuring, and fitting, as well as instructions from the handlers on rules and safety precautions.

Zip Line – The original and most popular feature is the lower, shorter zip line. It is a zip line stretched over 850 feet of the Fremont Street Experience, ending in a landing pad between the Four Queens and Fremont Casinos. Users are placed in a harness that puts them in sitting position and kick off from a starting point located 77 feet in the air (7 stories). This zip line travels 850 feet at 35 miles per hour and lasts 30 exhilarating seconds, with the traveler dangling and spinning with their own weight and the wind. Customers belongings, including mobile phone and cameras, are placed in a secure bag that hangs via carabiner from their harness. Rather than personal recordings, visitors can wear helmets mounted with cameras that will record their trip so that they can buy a video and pictures of their adventure at the end.

Zoomline – The Zoomline is a longer zip line that starts the user in a prone position – called the “superhero” position. They will lay on their bellies with arms in front of them, looking down or forward and able to crane their necks to the sides slightly. It starts 114 feet (10 stories) in the air and travels 1700 feet. At around the same speed as the zip line, this makes their journey last about 45 seconds. The same rules apply as above for personal belongings and cameras, but videos recorded on the Zoomline will be steadier and have a higher vantage point.

SlotZilla – This zip line business is named “SlotZilla,” but the title refers to the eponymous giant slot machine that the building was designed as. Twelve stories tall and covered in neon lights, it is the world’s largest slot machine. The launch tower of the building is notable for its over-sized martini glass, giant dice, pink flamingo, video reels, and two giant showgirls at 37 feet tall.

Fremont Street Experience – Most zip lines take users over lush forests or across vast canyons, but the SlotZilla Zipline is one of the only ones to stretch across a bustling downtown full of pedestrians and businesses. There are two massive sights to see while flying down the zip line:

- Viva Vision – The canopy that covers the Fremont Street Experience, as well as the largest video screen in the world. At 1500 feet long and 90 feet wide, most of the zip line ride takes visitors underneath this huge technological innovation. It was originally conceived as a light show of 2.1 million four-color lightbulbs and upgraded in 2004 with 12.5 million LED lights and a full spectrum of colors. It also has a spread of 220 speakers.

- Pedestrian mall – 1,750 feet long viewable in its entirety from the Zoomline, the pedestrian mall of the Fremont Street Experience encompasses many different businesses including casinos, restaurants, hotels, and games. The entrance to the pedestrian mall is a tunnel wide enough for a fire engine, and a few permanent stages are installed intermittently throughout the mall. Visitors during the day will be able to see far out across Vegas before they enter the canopy, and then watch the scramble of pedestrians below. During the night, they will be able to see how Glitter Gulch earned its name and will find themselves soaring past live music and light shows.

Special Events

The SlotZilla Zipline is not typically closed on any holidays and holds celebratory events for its milestones and honors some discounts and vouchers that are issued during big events across the Fremont Street Experience. However, because it takes place over a massive pedestrian mall with business, live music, and light shows, the zip lines will give an accompanying experience for guests for any holiday or special event happening down below. Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience celebrate national and local holidays, with the 4th of July and New Years’ Eve being especially crowded and massive in scope and pageantry.

There is Viva Vision light shows every hour to give a unique experience to everyone. During major athletic event seasons such as the Super Bowl, the World Series, and the Olympics, Viva Vision will display statistics, highlights, and images related to the event. The Fremont Street Experience holds many one-time music festivals as well as annual festivals such as the Annual Jazz Festival and a celebration of the Chinese New Year. As the SlotZilla Zipline flies over one of Vegas’ biggest attractions, it is constantly within days or weeks of one event or other.

Dining and Shopping Opportunities

No food or drink is allowed up in the launch tower of the SlotZilla Zipline. However, it takes place in one of the largest attractions of Las Vegas – the Fremont Street Experience. As such, dining and shopping opportunities are many and varied below the zip line. Las Vegas is home to many world-renowned restaurants. Local cuisine options will include fine dining, casual dining, and family-style, as well as bars and pubs. Casinos are also a major part of the pedestrian mall, and visitors will be able to dine at their in-house restaurants and bars.

For shopping opportunities, the Fremont Street Experience is a massive location filled with extravagant stores. Clothing stores featuring fashionable and name-brand attire line the walkway and nestled in nooks and crannies is a bevy of smaller shops featuring art displays and souvenirs. Locally made clothing and jewelry, sculptures, paintings, and trinkets are all on offer. In addition, visitors can experience bowling alleys, games, and shop at a separate, large mall at the end called Neonopolis.

Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV