Adventuredome is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visitors to the indoor theme park will enjoy its variety of rides and other attractions. The Adventuredome construction started in 1992 with a cost of 75 to 90 million dollars. The goal was to add a family friendly amusement park to the Las Vegas area.

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The dome portion of the building is made completely of glass with pink tint and spans thirty-five thousand square feet. Each pane of glass weighted in at about three-hundred pounds. Building the park took just a little longer than a year and it was opened in August of 1993.

The Adventuredome was originally named “Grand Slam Canyon,” and was dinosaur themed. “Grand Slam Canyon,” featured a few rides:

Canyon Blaster- This roller coaster is the world’s largest double-corkscrew – double-loop that resides indoors

Twist ‘N’ Shout- An enormous water tower construct with two similar slides attached

Rim Runner- A boat that takes riders through a whitewater trip through dinosaurs in the dome

Lazer Blast- An arena built for laser tag at the bottom of the park mountain.

It’s dinosaur theme was made of eight huge animatronic dinosaurs located around the park with informational signs on each dino. The original park also consisted of rides on river rapids, the lazy creek, two lagoon-like pools, and a replica of a great pueblo to pay tribute to its namesake: The Grand Canyon.

In April of 1994, the park was closed for a little over a month to renovate and give the visitors more rides and attractions. The remodel included many family-friendly rides and attractions, while to original Twist ‘N’ Shout water ride and animatronic dinos were removed to increase room for them. When the park was reopened in May of 1998, its name was changed to Adventuredome.


The Adventuredome boasts a variety of rides and attractions for families to enjoy.

Featured Attractions

· Batman Laser Challenge: Defeat the Joker!- This is a laser tag game where players protect the famed Gotham City from the Joker by racing through a web of lasers and breaking as many of the beams as possible as they make their way to the end.

· Batman Laser Challenge: Train with Batman- Players navigate through the lasers as fast as possible without breaking any of the beams.

· Xtreme Zone- Rock climbing and bungee jumping area.

· Pirates Bounty- Miniature golf course with a pirate theme.

· Midway Games- This area is full of games visitors can play and win prizes.

· Arcade- This area is full of traditional and new arcade video games.

· Free Clown Shows- The main stage offers daily performances at specific times for free.

· Highway 66- This is Adventuredome’s version of mini-bowling.

Coaster Rides

· Canyon Blaster- This is the only double-corkscrew, double-loop indoor rollercoaster in the world. It runs at fifty-five miles an hour.

· El Loco- This coaster takes riders up ninety feet and drops them over and under creating a 1.5 vertical-G experience.

Large Rides

· Canyon Cars- This is Advenuredome’s bumper car arena.

· Sand Pirates- This is a swinging pirate ship.

Premium Rides

· Disk ‘O- This ride combines rocking and spinning motion with a new seating style that gives a seat in the front row to everyone to create an out of control spinning experience.

· Ice Age: No Time for Nuts 4-D- This ride follows Scrat the saber-toothed squirrel along with Manny, Diego, and Sid as they battle a time machine that has sent his acorn off in time somewhere.

· FX Theater SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue- Visitors follow SpongeBob and friends as they race through Bikini Bottom, get captured by the Flying Dutchman, and battle Plankton.

· Inverter- This ride provides three hundred and sixty degrees of continuous g-force action.

· Extreme Ride Theater Featuring Pacific Rim Motion Movie Experience- Riders pilot their robot fighters to battle invading monsters.

· Sling Shot- Riders are shot up into the tower experiencing and acceleration of four gs’s and then back down.

· Chaos- This thrill rides whips riders around in three motion ranges with an intensity and speed that promises riders an experience that is unpredictable every time they ride.

· Lazer Blast- Visitors can shoot their friends and family with laser fire in the Laser Tag arena.

Family Rides

· B.C. Bus- This ride takes visitors on a bus up, down and around,

· Drifters- This ride is a hot air balloon themed ferris wheel.

· Circus Carousel- This is a classic carousel ride.

· Road Runner- This ride gives visitors a chance to enjoy the scenery of Adventuredome on the mini-Himalayan coaster

Junior Rides

· Frog Hopper- This ride is for younger children and takes them up, down, and then up and down again.

· Miner Mike- This is a ride for younger children that takes them on a runaway train.

· Thunderbirds- This ride is for younger children and allows them to play as the pilot in a 1920s plane above the Adventuredome crowd.

2880 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109, Phone: 800-634-3450

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