For the vast majority of people, an important part of shopping or searching for any product is trying to get the best price. We only have a certain amount of money at any one time, and it always makes sense to try and get ourselves the best deal in order to save cash that can be spent on other goods or services in the future. Unfortunately, many retailers hike up their prices to get themselves the best deals, but outlet malls are the solution to this problem. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.

1.Overview of Outlet Malls in Kentucky

Overview of Outlet Malls in Kentucky
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Outlet malls and factory stores work by removing retailers altogether. There are no third parties at an outlet store; these places simply allow you to buy directly from the brands you love. This means that the prices of items in an average outlet store can be anywhere from 20 to 70% lower than what you would expect to find in a typical retail location.

That’s why outlet malls are so popular these days and continue to be the best places to shop in the United States. These locations often feature dozens of stores and all of the big brands you know and love. They offer thousands of products at their lowest possible prices, as well as running big sales events and special offers at various times throughout the year, allowing customers to save even more cash.

Best Outlet Malls Kentucky

The beautiful state of Kentucky isn’t home to too many outlet mall locations, but there are a couple of key spots to visit if you’re looking to save some cash on top quality products. Here are some addresses, contact information, and brief overviews of a few of the very best outlet malls and factory store locations in the state of Kentucky.

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2.The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass

The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass
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Part of a chain that operates all around the United States, the Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass is the premier outlet mall destination for Kentucky residents and visitors. This is the biggest and most popular outlet mall in the entire state of KY and covers a huge area, with dozens of individual stores to explore and discover.

Some of the biggest names and brands you can hope to find at the Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass include Fossil, Gap, Gucci, Abercrombie and Fitch, Adidas, Michael Kors, The North Face, Guess, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma, Osh Kosh, and Rack Room Shoes. This mall opened up back in 2014 and is actually one of the only locations to feature Gucci as a tenant.

1155 Buck Creek Rd, Simpsonville, KY 40067, Phone: 502-722-5558

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3.Outlet Malls in Kentucky: Butler Outlet Mall

Outlet Malls in Kentucky: Butler Outlet Mall
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The Butler Outlet Mall may be small, but don't judge this location by its size; it actually has a lot to offer and is one of the top spots in all of Kentucky to do some outlet shopping and save big bucks on your favorite items and brands. Just a short drive from major cities like Louisville and Cincinnati, this outlet mall can be found in the town of Carrollton, KY.

This mall is open all days of the week and features four outlet stores in total, including a Van Heusen, a VF Outlet, a Bon Worth, and a Dressbarn. The Butler Outlet Mall is therefore a top spot to stock up on new clothes and accessories of all kinds. Men, women, and children will all find lots of great products to love at this location, all for super low prices.

2529 KY-227, Carrollton, KY 41008, Phone: 502-732-0960

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Best Outlet Malls in Kentucky

More Ideas: Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace

Constructed between 1909 and 1911, the Memorial Building at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park is sitting where historians believe the Lincoln cabin originally stood. The Lincoln Farm Association built the memorial to celebrate the life and accomplishments of our sixteenth president. On February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln entered the world in a single room log cabin on Sinking Spring Farm in Kentucky.


As his character continued to develop, his childhood helped him to grow into the man who led the nation through the uncertain times of Civil War.

His mother died when he was only nine, and his older sister died when he was nineteen. At a young age, he witnessed his first slave auction in New Orleans. He held a variety of jobs including the partner of a general store, a captain in the Illinois militia, and postmaster.

Before he became president, he entered into politics with a seat in the state legislature and was an attorney in his own law practice.

The day Abe Lincoln set off on his journey to become America's 16th president, he gave a brief speech on the platform of the rear train car to over a thousand people who were there to support him. That day, he left his home, Springfield, Illinois, for which he spent 25 years of his life, to then become the leader that brought the nation together and ended slavery.

In 1906, fundraising began for the project, and nearly $350,000 was donated from over 100,000 people. On the centennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, the laying of the first cornerstone by President Theodore Roosevelt signified the beginning of construction.

The site was donated to the federal government and became a national park in 1916. The Boyhood Home Unit at Knob Creek remained in the family until it was donated in 2001.


Many of Lincoln’s things are on display and available for viewing. The original Bible of the Lincoln family resides here. Guests can learn about pioneer life, the tools people used, what they cooked their food with, and how they built furniture. The Lincoln Overview is an exhibit where patrons are welcome to explore Lincoln's birthplace, boyhood home, and his family history, all set at Knob Creek.

One of the most prominent features of the park, until it was cut down, was the Boundary Oak. Upon its death in 1976, it was the last living link to Abraham Lincoln. It represented the boundary of the farm in an 1805 survey. At Lincoln’s birth, the tree was already thirty years old.


While it’s not the original cabin belonging to the Lincoln’s, the log cabin at Knob Creek is open for tours daily. One of Abraham Lincoln’s earliest memories is of his near drowning experience in which a neighbor boy saved him. This cabin is believed to have belonged to these close neighbors. A 20th-century tavern and tourist site also stand at Knob Creek.


The National Park Service provides many educational opportunities for students at Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace. Teachers have access to curriculum-based lesson plans and can use these plans for pre-visit, post-visit, or extended learning options. These plans include learnings in history, math, science, and social studies.

Frontier life in Kentucky shaped Abraham Lincoln’s character, and the challenges prepared him for the trials of the Civil War. His life comes together here, and students have the opportunity to engage in learning about his childhood, his presidency, and his death.


The bookstore offers books, gifts, and educational materials. These materials provide quality educational and interpretive products to everyone visiting the memorial. Included in the bookstore are items regarding Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and all of America’s presidents. Children’s books are also available.

Nearby Attractions

There are several additional things to do when planning a visit to the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace. The closest is the Lincoln Statue in downtown Hodgenville. Standing six feet tall, this commemorative bronze statue features the president sitting in an Empire style chair on a marble foundation. The Lincoln Museum is located here as well.

Lincoln Heritage Trail and House

The Lincoln Heritage Trail is located in central Kentucky and explores the historic sites, people, places and events that shaped Lincoln’s legacy.

The Lincoln Heritage House was ravaged by fire in 2009 and is still closed, however much of it was salvaged, and it is in the process of a rebuild. The beautiful scenery and the opportunity to enjoy the outside of the cabin is still available, and it will reopen for tours soon. Visitors are encouraged to stay a while and take as many pictures as they’d like.

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, 2995 Lincoln Farm Road, HodgenvilleKY 42748, Phone: 270-358-3137

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More Ideas: Speed Art Museum

Built in 1925, Speed Art Museum was Kentucky’s first art museum. The museum was founded by Hattie Bishop Speed in honor of her late husband, and the museum’s namesake, James Breckinridge Speed. Originally known as the J.B. Speed Memorial Museum, this memorial to the Louisville businessman and philanthropist has grown and expanded its collection over the years and is the largest art museum in Kentucky.

The original building was designed by Louisville architect Arthur Loomis, and was opened to the public in January 1927. Since then, the museum has undergone five expansions, including a recent major expansion that added a cinema screening room.

Speed Art Museum holds permanent collections of art from ancient cultures all over the world.This collection includes earthenware from the Han and Tang Dynasties of China, sculptures from ancient Egypt and Rome and even stoneware from ancient Greece.These pieces are not only beautifully crafted, they also have enormous historical significance as they are all at least 2000 years old.

African and Native American Textile Art. Exquisitely beaded textiles from Native American Ojibwa, Cree, and Lakota artists are included in this collection. These examples of superb, detail craftsmanship where acquired by the museum in the 1930’s and were created in the mid-19th century.Finely detailed textile and ceremonial artifacts from the 17th, 18th and 19th century African artists are also included in the permanent collection.A ceremonial sword, beautifully carved wooden panels, and beaded costumes created by Yoruba, Kuba, and Fang artists where acquired for this collection.These exhibits are culturally significant pieces of art, as they represent artifacts used in important rituals.

European and American Art from the past 700 years is also included in the collection.Hand written books, classical paintings, engravings, and sculptures from Medieval and Renaissance Europe have been acquired over the years.Portraits and oil paintings from 16th and 17th century artists are included, as well as decorative arts from 18th and 19th century European and American artists.Contemporary art includes film exhibitions, photography, textile art, and mixed media pieces.

Exhibitions have included contemporary art with pop culture themes, modern interpretations of classic art pieces in the museum’s permanent collection, and collections that capture changes in American, African, and European cultures.

Anniversary Exhibition, features a collection of unique pieces that celebrate the museum’s history.

There is also a collection of contemporary art that was recently gifted to the museum that features debuts from 21 artists, and a unique exhibit inspired by the Chinese astrological calendar.

Upcoming exhibits include Native American art and contemporary art from the southern United States.

The Speed Art Museum offers adult workshops, university programs, and activities for children and youth. Art Sparks is and interactive gallery for all ages, and is especially geared towards helping people understand and appreciate art. The Art Sparks experience also includes activities so visitors can make their own creative works. There are also school tours that either bring art workshops to classrooms or offer tours to school groups at the museum.

Programs like Art Detectives and Art Underground are brought to schools to encourage observation and improve critical thinking skills through the exploration of art.

Programs for youth development include art camps, preschool programs, and activities to promote teen involvement. Each program has been created to provide age-appropriate activities so children can have a fun learning experience. Hands-on activities are designed to promote creative expression and generate an interest in art. Side-by-side workshops for children and parents are offered, as well as tours that are specially designed to appeal to children’s interests. Special tours have themes like colors and shapes, story time, the five senses, and animals.

University programs include specially guided tours, special activities for faculty, and opportunities to create tailored programs for groups of students. Docent guided tours are free for students of the University of Louisville, Bellarmine University, and the Kentucky College of Art and Design. Activities for University faculty are also offered in order to foster relationships between Universities and the Speed Art Museum.

Community outreach programs have been created to promote collaborative works of art for display at the museum and to provide educational opportunities to underserved communities. Adult programs include Social Speed-a special night featuring art activities, music, and drinks, and workshops to educate attendees in different artistic techniques. Docent guided tours are offered to groups, and are led by a trained volunteer. These docents give information and perspective to help visitors connect with works of art.

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2035 S 3rd St, Louisville, KY 40208, Phone: 502-634-2700

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More Ideas: Aviation Heritage Park

The area of central southern Kentucky has had an important role in aviation history, dating back to the early 1900’s when man took the first flight up to the shuttle missions of present day into space. One of the first men to pilot an aircraft in combat had ties to the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky. There are also ties to the city with an ace pilot during World War I, a pioneering pilot instructor, a hero of the Vietnam War, Commanders with the Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds, the Atlantis space shuttle’s Mission Commander, and the pilot and commander of Marine One. These aircraft pilots and the ties they have with the region are recognized and commemorated at the Aviation Heritage Park for future generations to know and be inspired by them.

The F-111 Aardvark is one of several aircraft are display at the Aviation Heritage Park for visitors to take an up-close look at. This General Dynamic aircraft was a tactical strike aircraft and a medium-range interdictor, which acted as a strategic bomber, electronic warfare, and reconnaissance. The F-111 was developed during the 1960’s, and was introduced into service in the year 1967 by the Air Force of the United States. The aircraft pioneered numerous other technologies for aircraft production.

The Aviation Heritage Park also has a Lockheed Shooting Star, which is a training version of the Air Force’s first operational jet fighter, the F-80. The aircraft is known as well by the name of “T-Bird.” The T-Bird showcased at the park enter service with the United States Air Force in the year 1953. The aircraft arrived at the park on loan in 2011.

The Grumman Panther F9F displayed at the Aviation Heritage Park was flown in service with the United States Navy starting in 1952. Stations for active duty included California, North Carolina, and Japan. In 2007, special permission was given for the restoration of the Panther F9F in the colors of the Blue Angels, as well as to be exhibited at the park.

The Phantom 550, a plane of historical local significance, is the very aircraft that was flown by Brig. General Dan Cherry when he shot down an enemy MiG-21 during the Vietnam War.

Phantom 550. The McDonnell-Douglas F-4D Phantom II displayed at the Aviation Heritage Park is on loan currently from the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. The Phantom 550 was produced in the year 1967, and ended its service in the year 1989 after more than six thousand airs of flight. In 2005, the aircraft was restored and later displayed in the park in 2008.

The newest addition to the aircrafts displayed at the Aviation Heritage Park is the NASA T-38 Talon, the first supersonic trainer in the world. The first flight of the aircraft was in 1959. The U.S. Air Force has been the longest and largest user of the T-38, however, seven are privately owned and NASA uses the T-38 as well. The primary use of the aircraft within the Air Force is for pilot training.

1825 Three Springs Road, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Phone: 270-421-4885

More Things to Do in Bowling Green

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