The Lexington History Museum in Lexington, KY aims to bring history into the modern age. Faced by challenges caused by the venue limitation and size issues, they have teamed up with other organizations to offer a series of pocket museums or smaller scale installations around town. They are also looking to fully embrace and build their online presence in the belief that museums should offer just as much online as they do in person.

Their online presence is a community-driven project overseen and curated by accredited historians. They have been bringing together the most interesting segments and facets of Lexington’s rich history and publishing them all in on easily accessed website. This website allows anyone to contribute and so the project is growing fast as budding historians look to paint pictures of their own understanding of the region's history. Due to the final safety guard of accreditation, it hasn’t descended into warring or madness just yet and it’s an interesting and possibly novel way for the history of a town to be logged online.

Another way the museum has brought themselves into the new age is the selection of virtual exhibits available online through the website. Whenever an exhibit goes out for display, using modern technology the information and collection is preserved in photo and on a page and is accessible to all free of charge. You can log on to the website and browse through past displays such as the Window on the War exhibit, which is an in-depth look at what life was like in Lexington during the Civil War. They have several different displays looking into the history and culture of the local Native American tribes as well as snapshots of certain periods of history in the local area, such as the Prohibition. It’s another fascinating and futuristic way to bring both the museum and the intrigue it offers into the palm of the visitor's hand.

Pocket Museums

Due to the limitations imposed on the museum itself in terms of size and location, they have branched out, offering small concise installations in partner buildings that highlight a specific topic or part of history. Currently, they have two touring exhibits, one looking into the history and heritage of premium hotels in the local area and one an in-depth examination of the history of the IBM Company.

The museum houses these two major installations at venues across Lexington; the hotels exhibit is currently at the Lexington Financial Center and the IBM showcase is at the Government Center.

Hotels Pocket Museum, 250 West Main St. Lexington,KY 40507 website

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