There's nowhere in the world quite like Italy. Every country is unique, with its own charms and identity, but Italy is a particularly special location. Home to thousands of years of human history, a key birthplace for cuisine, art, philosophy, science, and culture, and one of Europe's most popular vacation destinations, Italy is the sort of place you can return to again and again, having fresh experiences each and every time and never growing tired of the country’s distinctive landscapes and iconic beauty.

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Whether you're heading out to the Dolomites for some mountain exploration, cruising along the Amalfi Coast, visiting the rural landscapes of Tuscany, or heading somewhere else, Italy always rewards exploration and adventure, with magical experiences and unique memories awaiting at the end of every road. One of the very best ways to enjoy an Italian vacation is to stay in an authentic Italian villa, able to meet the locals, feel immersed in the country's lifestyle, and enjoy the luxuries and comforts of home each day. Homebase Abroad offers the best Italian villa rentals.

Homebase Abroad - Awesome Vacation Rentals in Italy

Fully dedicated to luxury Italian travel, Homebase Abroad is a leading name in private Italian vacation villas. Whether you're looking for a farmhouse in Tuscany, a coastal retreat in Amalfi, a historic home in Umbria, or something else altogether, Homebase Abroad has everything you need and more, providing a curated collection of genuine luxury homes for you and your friends or family to enjoy time and time again.

- The Homebase Abroad Difference - Homebase Abroad was founded by Mara Solomon. With over two decades of experience searching for the best deluxe Italian villa vacation rentals, Solomon is one of just a handful of villa rental agents to earn a spot on the esteemed Condé Nast Traveler Villa Rental Agent List several years running. Her own travels and explorations have helped gain an in-depth understanding of the joys of luxury rentals, and she aims to share those joys with as many travelers as possible through the villas of Homebase Abroad.

- A Prestigious Brand - As well as having an esteemed villa rental agent at the helm, Homebase Abroad can also boast of being a prestigious and widely admired brand. Internationally recognized and trusted, Homebase Abroad has helped to craft the dream vacations of countless travelers throughout its years of operation so far, always going the extra mile and pushing the boundaries of what a luxury travel experience can be, building a strong network of contacts with private chefs, wine-makers, restaurant owners, private drivers, sommeliers, and more.

- The Personal Touch - The Homebase Abroad team understands that every individual is unique, with each person having their own dreams, desires, and ideas about what makes up the perfect vacation rental. That's why, when you chosoe to get in touch with this company, you'll be treated with a level of personalized, individual care that many other agencies fail to demonstrate. Homebase Abroad always works closely with its clients to match their needs and desires with the perfect property, crafting fairy tale vacations from the ground up.

- The Very Best Villas - Homebase Abroad can currently boast of a curated collection of 55 villas. Each of those villas is chosen with care, and no villa makes it onto the list without thorough evaluation and analysis. Mara Solomon has worked for more than two decades discovering these breathtaking villas in locations like Tuscany, Umbria, Lake Como, and Amalfi, selecting each property for its unique charms and attributes, and putting together a truly varied collection. Whether you're searching for a rustic farmhouse, a beachfront villa, or a mountain cabin, you'll find it here.

Homebase Abroad can help to match you with your perfect Italian vacation villa, with the agency's professional, experienced team members working together with you to build your dream vacation from start to finish, and the best part of all is just how simple the whole process is.

It all starts, like so many great things in life, with a conversation, which you can instigate by calling Homebase Abroad's offices in either the US (+1 781 639 4040) or UK (+44 207 084 6374). During this talk, you'll be able to share a lot of details about yourself, your fellow travelers, and what you all want out of your trip.As the team learns more about you, they'll be able to connect you with the perfect villa, with just the right size, style, budget, and amenities to work for you.

But the service doesn't stop there. The Homebase Abroad team members are all travel lovers and expert guides too, able to put you in contact with your own private chefs or tell you about the best things to do in your local area, even helping you connect with local guides to take you around. Choose Homebase Abroad for the perfect Italy vacation. website