The Fattoria Bassetto is located in Florence, Italy and is known for its rich culture and history. Dating all the way back to the 14th century, the Fattoria Bassetto was originally a wine cellar in which monks were using to produce wine. Although used as for a variety of different purposes over the next few centuries, the Fattoria Bassetto eventually returned to being a safe and restful haven for those traveling throughout Italy.

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Dorms or “Cecio’s” – This unique farmhouse style atmosphere is built with five rooms and 20 dorm beds. There are no bunk beds in the dorms. Families can enjoy their own enclosed dorm room with private bathroom. There is one, communal kitchen for all lodgers to share. At the dorms, there is no curfew or lockout. Guests who lodge in the dorms can enjoy some of the following accommodations:



-Free books

-Television with DVD player


-Swimming pool

Prince Apartment – Guests lodging in the Prince Apartment can relax in the spacious suite-like apartment, including one double bedroom, one single/twin bedroom and a living area. The private bathroom includes a shower. Guests can prepare their own meals in the private kitchenette and then enjoy their meal on an outdoor terrace, of which they have direct access. Guests must stay for a minimum of two nights in the Prince Apartment. Additional accommodations include television, DVD player, and sky satellite. Historic, antique furnishings can be found throughout the Prince Apartment, reminding guests of the great history of the Fattoria Bassetto.

Dafne Apartment – Complete with cozy, plush furniture, guests who choose to lodge in the Dafne apartment at the Fattoria Bassetto will feel right at home. The Dafne Apartment includes a two double bedroom and one children’s bedroom. A spacious, charming living space has a reading area and chimney. The kitchen is an authentic Tuscan. Guests can take advantage of a laundry area. Guests residing at the Dafne Apartment must stay a minimum of two nights. Additional accommodations of the Dafne Apartment include a television with sky satellite, free wireless Internet, and bikes.

Private Rooms – There are six total private rooms available for guests to lodge in at the Fattoria Bassetto. All of these rooms have shared bathrooms. Accommodations and amenities included are a communal kitchen area, outdoor terrace, and library stocked with books. The names of the private rooms, as well as their bed size, are as follows:

- “Arlecchino” – twin beds

- “Bull” – double bed

- “Contessa” – double bed

- “Duchessa” – double bed

- “Conte” – double bed

- “Duca” – double bed

Activities and Events

There are a wide variety of activities and events available for guests to take part in during their stay at the Fattoria Bassetto. Some of these activities and events include the following:

-Massage Room

-Swimming Pool



-BBQ area


-Wine cellar spaces (for special events)

-Yoga classes

-Horse riding tours

-Tuscany tours

-Cooking classes

-Fresh pasta classes

-Pizza/pasta nights

-Tuscany bike tours

-Local food and wine tastings

-Chianti Wine Degustation

Weddings and Special Occasions

For couples in search of a beautiful, medieval atmosphere for their memorable day, the Fattoria Bassetto is the ideal location. The professional staff at the Fattoria Bassetto can provide the happy couple with two spacious banquet and reception areas, complete with an outdoor terrace and colorful, lush garden. A wedding officiator, photographer and a variety of different catering options are also available for couples planning their dream wedding at the Fattoria Bassetto. Guests can choose amongst featured themes for their big day, including medieval, romantic, retro, and more. A full flower display can be arranged, as well as a DJ and live music for the reception following the wedding.

The Fattoria Bassetto is also the ideal location for many other special events, aside from weddings. For example, guests planning private special occasions such as a birthday party, exhibition or dinner, can find all that they need, in terms of space, accommodation, and beauty, at the Fattoria Bassetto. The Fattoria Bassetto has also been a popular location for private photography sessions, including engagement, bridal or family photos. Organizations and other professionals have also used the Fattoria Bassetto location for seminars, lessons, and specialized classes. In addition, the Fattoria Bassetto has proven to be a relaxing environment, perfect for yoga workshops, wellness classes, and master meditation sessions.

Via Della Citta’ 3 50052, Certaldo (Florence) Tuscany, Italy, Phone: +39-0-57-11-66-83-42