Greece is one of Europe's very best vacation destinations, renowned for its exceptional historic sites, delicious cuisine, gorgeous architecture, and amazing cultural identity. Many visitors to Greece stay in the mainland, visiting places like Athens, but the Greek Islands all have their own charms as well, with Mykonos standing out as one of the very best.

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Sitting in the Aegean Sea as part of the Cyclades group of islands, Mykonos has developed a reputation as one of the ultimate European party destinations due to its vibrant atmosphere and lively evenings. It's the sort of place where the beaches turn into party platforms all through the night, with plenty of iconic DJs visiting Mykonos all through the year.

As well as its beach parties and nightlife scene, Mykonos is known for its beauty. It's the home of some amazing historical ruins and gorgeous sandy beaches, as well as its iconic windmills and some fascinating museums too. To really get the best out of any trip to Mykonos, joining up with a beach club is a must-do, and SantAnna is one of the best beach clubs in Mykonos.

SantAnna - Mykonos Beach Club

Open through the high season from May to September, SantAnna is the premier beach club in Mykonos, offering exclusive beach access, deluxe dining and drinks, private parties, wellness services, and so much more. Welcoming all ages and offering an array of amazing amenities and services, SantAnna can make your Mykonos dreams come true. Read on to learn all you need to know about SantAnna.

- The Ultimate Mykonos Beach Club - SantAnna is a multi-experiential venue and beach club in a prime location on the coast of Mykonos. It features two separate restaurants, four bars, a range of spa treatments, a whopping total of 250 sunbeds, a shisha lounge, five boutiques selling branded fashion and accessories, access to no less than seven private islands, a submerged suite for a truly deluxe and one of a kind experience, 70 cabanas, reliable Wi-Fi access, a heli-pad, and more. In short, it’s the ultimate beach club for Mykonos and can provide you with magical memories on this extraordinary Greek island.

- The Beach - Mykonos is blessed with some of the best beaches in all of Greece and if you want to enjoy exclusive beach experiences on your Mykonos vacation, SantAnna can make it happen. This beach club featues dozens of super stylish and comfortable cabanas with cozy sunbeds and loungers spread out along the soft, golden sands of the island. It's one of the calmest beach spots in all of Mykonos, perfect for families or couples who just want to unwind without worrying about all the crowds and noises of other beaches around the island.

- The Pool - Another great place to unwind at this Mykonos beach club is by the side of the pool. SantAnna features a huge, curved, lagoon-style saltwater swimming pool, surrounded by dozens of cozy chairs, benches, sun lounges, and shaded spaces. It's the perfect place to hang out with friends or family, soaking up the sun or getting soaked yourself in the pool, with all the other amenities of the club like the bars and boutiques just a short walk away.

- The Private Islands - Imagine having your own private island, feeling a true star or VIP as you relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of this private space. With SantAnna, this remarkable fantasy can become reality. This Mykonos beach club offers access to seven VIP Islands, dotted around over the swimming pool. Only you will get access to these islands, able to host your own parties and gatherings with friends away from the other guests and crowds, complete with the possibility to have your own underwater suite beneath the pool too.

- Food and Drink at SantAnna - Staying at SantAnna presents you with so many different dining and drinking options, with this beach club boasting two different restaurants and four separate bars. Executive Chef Theologos Amiras makes use of locally sourced ingredients and traditional Greek recipes, as well as his own distinctive flair and twists to craft an exceptionall menu of Mediterranean delights at the SantAnna Restaurant. Those looking for Asian sensations can visit the Sushi Bar, while those looking for juicy drinks and craft cocktails can stop off at the various bars around the resort.

- Parties and Private Events - All through the year, SantAnna plays host to a range of amazing parties that really embody the vibrant soul and spirit of Mykonos. Artists like Busta Rhymes, Davido, and Agent Greg are just a few names on the list of upcoming events at this exclusive Mykonos beach club, and you can rent out parts of the club to host your own private celebrations as well. website