Ever dreamed of having your own private island? It’s a fantasy that so many of us have imagined at some point or another. The ideas of feeling at one with nature, being surrounded by stunning scenery, enjoying total privacy, and having the freedom to live out your own adventures all make the thought a highly appealing one.

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Only a very select few people ever have the privilege of owning their own island, but you can enjoy the next best thing with Islas Secas, one of the most exclusive island resort destinations on the planet. Located in Panama and spread out across 14 separate islands, catering to no more than 18 guests at any one time, this luxurious island resort can make your dreams come true.

All About Islas Secas - Private Island Luxury Retreat

Islas Secas is an archipelago made up of 14 individual islands, set 20 miles off the coast of Panama in the Gulf of Chiriqui. Surrounded by sumptuous blue waters and amazing views, these islands are almost entirely unotuched by mankind.

One of the finest examples of pristine Central American island paradise, this outstanding archipelago is home to one of the world's most exclusive resorts. Islas Secas features four different accommodation locations, each enjoying total privacy and breathtaking views, as well as a communal 'Terraza' space for dining and relaxation.

The island's wilderness, beaches, waters, and setting are perfect for all kinds of exciting adventures and activities from whale watching to hikes through the jungle, making Islas Secas an exceptional location for the perfect Central American vacation.

Private Island Accommodation at Islas Secas

Guests choosing to visit the luxurious island resort of Islas Secas can choose to stay in one of the following four 'Casitas':

- Casita Mirador - Ideal for couples or even solo travelers, this one-bedroom casita looks out over a stunning lagoon. Featuring its own private deck, magical forest views all around, total privacy, and a plunge pool that looks right out onto the ocean, the Casita Mirador is the ultimate romantic destination, ideal for honeymoons or couples' getaways.

- Casita Sombras - A little larger than the Casita Mirador, Casita Sombras featured two bedrooms, so can work for groups of friends or families, catering to up to four guests in total with one king-size bed and a pair of twin beds. Casitas Sombras has its own luxury plunge pool and is just a short walk from the beach, providing quick and easy access to the soft sands and warm waters of Islas Secas for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and more.

- Casita Tres Palmas - Ideal for families or small groups of friends, Casita Tres Palmas can sleep up to four people in King and twin beds. Similar to the Casitas Sombras in size, scope, and style, this casita has been tastefully decorated and furnished to a very high standard, being nestled in a prime spot for wilderness exploration, hiking, and wildlife spotting.

- Casita Grande - The largest option on the island, ideal for larger families or groups of friends traveling together, the Casita Grande is fitted with four bedrooms and can cater to a total of eight guests. It features both king and twin beds and enjoys awe-inspiring views over the water and wilderness of the archipelago.

- Amenities - All of the casitas are decorated and designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to all guests. You'll find high quality bed linen, large bathrooms, clean facilities, and speedy Wi-Fi in all casitas. Other amenities include coffee making facilities, bathrobes, beach towels, air conditioning units, a mini bar, and more.

Dining and Relaxation at Islas Secas

Those looking for fine dining and a comfortable, cozy space to sit back and cool off after a long day of exploring the islands can visit the Terraza. Here, at the heart of the archipelago, guests can enjoy fresh seafood dishes at the on-site restaurant, as well as other classic island fare cooked and prepared to a premium standard. Other dining options include picnics down on the beach or meals delivered right to your casita.

The Terraza also features its own bar and lounge. Offering a wide array of cool, refreshing cocktails and other drinks, all served in a comfortable, classy setting, the bar and lounge is a super space to visit with your friends and really feel like a VIP. You’ll also find a cozy ‘game corner’ complete with chess tables and board games for those looking to relax with a classic game of wits against their friends after exciting adventures around the islands.

Activities and Adventures at Islas Secas

Due to its unique location and wonderful sunny climate, Islas Secas is simply perfectly-suited for all kinds of adventures and activities, and can appeal to guests of all ages and interests.

- Those interested in heading out on the water can enjoy aquatic activities of all kinds including diving, fishing, and water sports of all kinds.

- Guests who prefer to keep their feet on dry land can explore the many forests and wilderness areas of Islas Secas, with various trails and soft, sandy beaches waiting to be discovered.

- Nature and wildlife lovers will have the opportunity to do some whale watching or head out to Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site which is just one hour away from Islas Secas by boat and is home to a stunning array of marine biodiversity.

Islas Secas is the ultimate island getaway. A far cry from the busy hotels and noisy resorts you’ll find elsewhere around Central America, this exclusive, pristine, luxury retreat really allows you to enjoy a true ‘private island’ fantasy, complete with contemporary accommodation, first class service, and mind-blowing experiences. Call 800 377 8877 or fill out on online contact form to learn more and start planning your perfect getaway. website