UnseenPress truly believe that ghosts walk amongst the living and they have sincerely dedicated their time to unearthing paranormal activities through rigorous research and ghost hunting techniques. UnseenPress offers tours in Central Indiana and beyond and also has a few books under its belt, detailing history and the paranormal. The investigations are conducted to provide all the information needed to aid their tours, books, and to convince sceptics who have a firm disbelief in the existence and reality of ghosts. Unseen also has an online store with several books that also gives the cost of ghost tours and the ability to make early deposits for private tour bookings.

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History of UnseenPress.com

UnseenPress began in 2000 as the Historic Indiana Ghost Walk and Tour and was developed by Nicole and Michael Kobrowski, who have both experienced situations that have caused them to investigate further. Nicole has been increasingly dedicated to providing quantitative and qualitative data using instruments that can read and detect ghost activity. Nicole started seeing apparitions when she was young. Michael was born in Germany and is the more technology-minded part of this duo. Michael is a programming and computer support consultant who has been able to transfer these skills to creating gadgets that increase the chances of finding anything in the paranormal field.


The tours have become so popular that UnseenPress now requires a reservation to be made before taking on tourists, although there are plenty of tours for those who want the thrill of a scare! UnseenPress reveals that there could be many past stories of gangsters, ghosts, and others who have lived or died here and who are still hovering everywhere as the spirits of the dead, forever wandering. There are some ghost bus tours, like the Howling Hamilton Bus Tour, located north Of Indianapolis, which reveals the history of Hamilton County, a known serial killer, and other dead folks and spirits that are still roaming the place; the tours visit six to eight sites. Another bus ghost tour is the Mayhem in Madison County Bus Tour, which is said to be full of the spirits and various other entities. Madison is supposedly well known for its ghostly activity. The tour takes a look at haunted barns, cemeteries, and other haunted spots. There are walking ghost tours in Noblesville, Westfield 1 – 2 and Indianapolis as well as the newly created tour called Anomalous Anderson.


UnseenPress reportedly asks individuals to contact them if anything suspicious or supernatural has taken place. UnseenPress will evaluate the story (free of charge) and decide on a few factors, such as the person’s spiritual belief and the paranormal instance itself. If accepted, a team will be sent out on a full-scale investigation. They will use equipment like thermal probes, EMF detectors, and audio and video equipment to help with the investigation.

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