Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art strives to foster an appreciation and understanding of fine contemporary art. It is currently the only museum in Indianapolis that is dedicated to exhibiting and advancing contemporary works of art. Visitors will enjoy a vast collection of original pieces and are encouraged to engage in thought-provoking dialogue regarding contemporary visual culture.


The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 2001 by a group of like-minded enthusiasts whose mission was to display and advance an appreciation of contemporary art. Before the museum had a dedicated space, it operated as a “Museum without Walls” and mounted exhibitions throughout the Indianapolis area.

The museum found its first home in 2004 when it moved into the Emelie Building in the Indiana Avenue Cultural District. The museum moved into its current home in the Murphy Building in 2009. This location places it in the heart of the thriving Fountain Square art scene.

The museum has partnered with many local organizations to establish gallery space, present artist talks, and host workshops and other educational programs to foster a love of contemporary art throughout Indiana.

Current Exhibits:

Sarah Hobbs: Phycological Traces: Hobbs is known for her work that examines the depths of the human psyche and the neuroses and compulsions that challenge us all to question the ideas of normal. Her displays are presented as large-scale photographs that create a living space for visitors to explore.

One of her most popular installations, Alarmist (Motel 6), showcases a large tent and various life-sized objects that are typically hoarded by a survivalist. Another of her pieces, Prom Forever, is a room filled with gold metallic sheets covering the walls and iconic high school punch found on tables decorated with paper table cloths and various snacks.

These exhibits are life-size and typically encompass an entire room, that way guests can not only see the art but place themselves within it.

Past Exhibits:

There are a vast number of exhibitions coming and going at the museum, but typically, the museum only features one at a time. Some of the past exhibitions to be featured here in recent years include the following.

Museum of Real and Odd: This exhibit explores the existence of UFOs and other paranormal activity through contemporary artwork. Thirteen enthusiastic artists contributed to this exhibit: Nayda Collazo-Llorens in collaboration with Ander Monson, Scott Raymond & Heather Abels, Jennifer Scheuer, Ed Sykes, Robert Thurlow, Katy Unger, Alex Grabiec, Julio Orta, Pato Hebert, Cassandra Klos, Josh Haines, and Michael Jordan, aka Alkemi.

Benjamin Johnson: Spacetime This exhibit features textured prints that depict imagery of the moon throughout its lunar cycle. The local artist, Benjamin Johnson, has specially created these unique works by sand blasting glass panels and adding texture with diamond engraving techniques, making these glass panels truly unique and abstract.

Kate Carr: (Un) Folds The artist, Kate Carr uses materials such as felt and plywood to create her unique sculptures. Using simple geometric forms in a formal manner, her shapes and designs can be clearly seen and experienced.

James Wille Faust: Color Meditations This exhibit featured two years of work from James Willie Faust, including paintings, sculptures, and videos. He is known his use of color to convey meaning in his abstract work, usually combined with illusionistic effects. This exhibit featured those works and he implemented this technique heavily in the displayed pieces.

Past Programs:

There are a variety of programs that have been hosted over the years at the museum, including free concerts, demonstrations, art exhibitions, theater productions, and even art tours. Contemporary artists from far and wide have come here to display their work and teach their unique techniques. Some past visiting artists are Sarah Hobbs and Benjamin Johnson.

Sarah Hobbs Artist Talk: The contemporary artist Sarah Hobbs will discuss her work, Psychological Traces, which is on display at the museum. To view more about Sarah Hobbs and her work, visit her website.

Benjamin Johnson Spacetime Catalog Release and Demonstration: Local artist Benjamin Johnson demonstrates his technique for creating the lunar prints on display in his Spacetime exhibition.

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Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, 220 E South St, Indianapolis, IN 46225, Phone: 317-634-6622

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