While traveling through the outskirts and back roads of Indiana, the state that gave the world the Indy 500 and is the birthplace of Michael Jackson, check out the highest point in the state, also known as Hoosier Hill. This destination was not always a tourism hot spot and was relatively unknown during the past century. A relaxing trip to Hoosier Hill is a perfect way to admire nature’s beauty and tranquility.

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Hoosier Hill lies northwest of the town of Bethel in the rural area of the Franklin Township. Its elevation is 383m, or 1,257 feet, above sea level. Indiana is known to be pretty flat, so the idea of Hoosier Hill as a hill might puzzle some visitors. Although Hoosier Hill is situated among a forested area, it is still considered to be on private property. Originally, Hoosier Hill was fenced in, which led to many altercations between visitors who tried to jump the fence and the land owner, Kim Goble. In 2005, a young boy scout named Kyle Cummings decided it was time to take action. He petitioned for more access to be granted to the local site through the permission of the landowner. With the help of his boy scout team and the land owner, Cummings constructed a picnic area, driveway, bench, bat house, mailbox, lock box, signs, and a log book. The landowner kindly allowed access to her land, as long as it is within the Hoosier Hill area and only from dawn to dusk. Mosquitoes have tormented visitors to Hoosier Hill for years and the bat houses were built by Cummings to ensure that bats would come to help keep the mosquito population down. The famous hiking enthusiast and highpoint climber A. H. Marshall, who had made it his mission to climb to the highest point of each state in the USA between 1919 and 1936, completed his trip up Hoosier Hill in 1936.

Area of Hoosier Hill

Hoosier Hill may not be the highest point in the world, but it is certainly the highest point in Indiana. It is tucked away in forested woods, a short distance from Elliot Road . It is common for visitors to ask for directions from local farm owners as well as the land owner of Hoosier Hill. The hill resembles less a hill and more a bumpy grass area. Buried deep beneath the hill is glacial debris that has been covered over time, now known as the Tipton Till Plain. Hoosier Hill is located in Dearborn Upland, one of the higher terrains in Indiana. Covering a large area of the United States, the Cincinnati Arch is also a feature that Hoosier Hill lies upon. Hoosier Hill itself is no more than 30 feet higher than the surrounding ground, but visitors come to enjoy the peacefulness of the outdoors. Rock formations and forests are scattered throughout the area, giving it a great deal of character. The state of Indiana once considered the Hoosier Hill surroundings as a prime candidate for landfill. However, due to the significance of its elevation and its geographical importance, it was fortunately not transformed into a landfill and has been left alone by the state. While Hoosier Hill may not see millions of tourists a year, its quirkiness and unique elevation has many visitors signing its log book. Since the area is still private property, it is strongly recommended to keep it clean and treat the land as a treasure, not a wasteland.

What's Nearby

Access to Hoosier Hill can be gained by using the highway. Even though the hill is located in Indiana, it is less than a mile from the state of Ohio. There is no public transportation near the hill and the best way to get there is by car. If traveling from Indianapolis, then taking Highway I-70 East and Route 227 North is the best option. Camping is not allowed at Hoosier Hill, but there are areas close by that offer overnight camping, such as Wayne County’s Richmond KOA. In addition to visiting Hoosier Hill, Indiana State Park is a great stop to complete the Indiana experience.

Elliot Road, Franklin Township, Indiana, 47341

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