Many people choose to travel far and wide in search of new experiences, but the truth is that you often don't need to go very far at all to enjoy all kinds of fun adventures, especially if you live in or near a big city.

Your own local neighborhood could be holding all kinds of exciting experiences, just waiting to be enjoyed, and this is particularly true in Chicago. A hugely populous and popular city with so much going on, Chicago is well-known for its iconic skyline, thriving nightlife scene, vibrant arts and theater communities, and more.

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As such a big city, Chicago holds all kinds of hidden gems, and even if you've lived in the city for a very long time, there could be dozens of experiences you've never even known about. That's why Chicago for Chicagoans can improve your life, give you something fun to do in your free time, and help you get to know your own city a little better.

All About Chicago for Chicagoans - Chicago Walking Tours

Chicago for Chicagoans is a non-profit organization offering walking tours of Chicago. The difference between Chicago for Chicagoans and other Chicago walking tours, however, is that this company, as its name suggests, is actually aimed at Chicago residents.

Most walking tours are for tourists and travelers, aimed at showing off all the biggest touristic sites and most popular landmarks, but Chicago for Chicagoans is different.

By aiming itself at Chicago residents, this walking tour company takes you off the beaten track into various neighborhoods all around the city, letting you discover beautiful, lively, exciting parts of Chicago you might never have seen before.

- A Huge Range of Tours - Chicago for Chicagoans has its own team of Chicago experts and has been organizing walking tours all around Chicago since 2016, developing and expanding its network of tour routes and options as the months and years have gone by. The company began with just a few routes but now offers all kinds of exciting Chicago adventures. Whether you’re more interested in culture, history, geography, or simple exploration of neighborhoods like West Ridge, Pilsen, and Chinatown, you’ll find a tour that works for you.

- Pay What You Want - Since Chicago for Chicagoans is a non-profit organization, these walking tours are provided on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. If you don’t want to pay anything or aren’t able to pay for any reason, that’s perfectly fine, but those who can pay are still encouraged to offer donations between $10 and $20. Chicago for Chicagoans relies on donations and support from the Chicago community to stay afloat and continue offering this great service.

- Passionate Guides and Friendly Collaborators - All tours with Chicago for Chicagoans are led by professional, experienced guides who have typically lived and worked in Chicago all their lives. These people know the city well and can teach you all about it, even if you’re a long-term Chicago native yourself. They’ll answer questions along the way and entertain tour groups with stories and facts about the areas they visit. Walkers will also be able to meet some of the friendly collaborators who work alongside Chicago for Chicagoans to offer their services and let people experience various hidden treasures of the city.

- Forge New Friends - All walking tours of Chicago with Chicago for Chicagoans typically end with an opportunity for everyone to share a meal together at a great Chicago restaurant or cafe. This is a super opportunity for you to engage with other Chicago residents and perhaps even forge some new friendships with people who are local to you. Even while the tour is walking along, you can chat to other people and get to know them, and this is a great way to integrate yourself with the community and meet some people.

- All About The Locals - Chicago for Chicagoans walking tours are designed for locals and run by locals. They’re so different and more authentic than the touristic walking tours you typically see going around the city. The people behind these walking tours know you’ve already seen all of the big Chicago sights many times in the past and aim to offer something totally different, letting you see, explore, experience, and discover parts of your own home city that you might never have seen before.

Going on A Walking Tour of Chicago with Chicago for Chicagoans

If you'd like to head off on one of these walking tours with Chicago for Chicagoans and experience why this company has become so popular with the locals, the process couldn't be any easier.

- Tours are being held very regularly throughout the year, and you can check out the full list of dates, times, and events on the official Chicago for Chicagoans website. You can also choose to sign up for a newsletter or follow Chicago for Chicagoans on social media to stay up to date with any new announcements or event details.

- It's important to note that you do need to register for events ahead of time and will need to sign a liability waiver as well. All details for the tour will be sent to you, ensuring you know where and when to meet up with your guide and fellow walkers.

- It's also important to note that these tours involve a few miles of walking, so you do need to have at least sufficient fitness and mobility to get around for this kind of distance.

Private Chicago Walking Tours with Chicago for Chicagoans

Chicago for Chicagoans typically runs public walking tours but private and group tours can be arranged as well. All you need to do to get started is contact the Chicago for Chicagoans team and speak about your group and needs.

Chicago for Chicagoans is highly flexible, letting you pick and choose from any of the pre-planned tour routes for your private group, or even speak with the team to create a whole new route that works for you.

All of the private and group tours will be led by Chicago for Chicagoans' professional guides and cover various topics and points of interest along the way. It's important to note that these private walking tours may incur additional fees when compared to the standard public tours. website