Babycakes is a unique local food truck popular for its sweet and savory gourmet pancakes that come in a large variety of creative flavors. It is Chef Leah Wilcox's innovative recipes and constant endeavors to achieve perfection in the dishes that has made Babycakes the most popular pancakes joint in town. The restaurant offers catering and delivery services to share their specialty pancakes and other delectable dishes with the community.

Babycakes has earned a reputation for offering themed menu choices for private events that are particularly popular for catering brunches, full-service dinners, snacks, and desserts to several private events. The food truck offers breakfast, lunch, dessert, and breakfast-for-dinner menus in their catering menu. Babycakes

»Menu & Catering

Menu & Catering

· Small Plates - Mini burritos, French toast, waffles, breakfast bells, breakfast sushi, Elegant Eggs, mini pancake stacks, and mini pizzas.

· Handhelds - Sammies, Savory Thang, Sweet Thang, egg rolls, petite sammies, and Unicorn Toast.

· Sides & Drinks - Taters, scrambled eggs, stylish salads, a fresh and fruity selection, and drinks like classic sodas, Columbian coffee, fruit juices, hot cocoa, bottled spring water, and milk.

· Breakfast Fusion Menu - The fusion menu offers combo food options that contain 3 to 4 options of bread, cheese, meats, veggies, side dishes, yogurt, fruits and garnishes and are suitable for 20 guests.

Babycakes offers catering service to events of every size, big and small. The team can serve from their adorable red food truck at the event venue or even deliver readymade food to the party destination. The eatery also accommodates special requests, additional services, and dietary alterations to suit individual requirements. Catering requests for special events need to be booked on their website by submitting an online form, after which a Babycakes representative goes into the requirement details for the event. Photo: Babycakes

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»Plan your Visit

Plan your Visit

Food Delivery

Delivery orders worth $100 or above for a home or office party can be placed at the restaurant by sending them an email at The email should include a list of food items and special requests, if any, as well as delivery date and time. The restaurant will mail back with an electronic invoice along with the deposit request and the invoice needs to be cleared before the service date. Payments are accepted online via credit card, PayPal, and Chase QuickPay. Checks are accepted provided they reach the restaurant 5 days prior to their service. Delivery charges start from $10 for deliveries within Chicago city limits. Private deliveries on small orders from Babycakes can be arranged through Grub Hub.

Pancake Cooking Class

Join Babycakes in an all-you-can-eat spree that offers pancakes, cocktails, recipes, chef's instructions, and fun. Requires at least 10 students per session, which costs $25 per person

Food Truck Service

The service offers 2 hours of food truck service along with food, staff service, and travel for a minimum order of $500.

Operating Hours (Updated on 4/11/2017)

The food truck operates from Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 10:00pm while on Saturdays and Sundays they operate between 8:00am and 6:00pm.

Back to: Chicago, IL Address: Babycakes, 3031 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL 60618, website, Phone: 872-444-6308 Photo: Babycakes

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Babycakes in Chicago, IL