For thousands of years, wine has been a beloved drink. There are archaeological traces of wine production going all the way back to 6000 BC, and it's more popular than ever before in the modern era, with many people choosing wine over alcoholic drinks due to the enormous variety in notes and flavors and the rich, unique experiences each bottle can provide.

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However, the world of wine has unfortunately remained relatively inaccessible and hard to break into for many people, with a lot of individuals having to simply do their own research, testing and trying out different bottles to find their own tastes and actively seeking out specialist wineries and winemakers in order to enjoy the finest creations.

Well, with Winc, that's all starting to change. Winc is a California-based wine club that is really changing the game for wine-lovers everywhere. Making high quality wine much more accessible than ever before, Winc effectively connects you with a library of wonderful wines, shipping them direct to your door and refining its offerings based on your own feedback and ratings.

Winc effectively does all of the hard work for you, linking customers with the wines that will truly become their favorites for years to come. With more than a hundred different wines created and curated by the Winc team, and hundreds of others created by Winc partners, as well as a huge amount of expertise and experience going into the selection for each and every customer, Winc is making a lot of wine lovers happy and setting a new standard for wine clubs everywhere to follow.

The Winc Story

Winc is a relatively new addition to the wine club world, having been founded in 2012. The company got started by wine loving duo Xander Oxman and Geoff McFarlane. Both Oxman and McFarlane shared a passion for wine but wanted to devise a system that made it simpler and more accessible. They'd seen firsthand that understanding wine and finding the right bottles wasn't always easy.

In fact, it could be very difficult, leaving many people scratching their heads and never quite able to find their favorite wines. The pair therefore decided to launch their own wine club to make the whole thing much more accessible, but they needed an expert to lend them a hand. They turned to Brian Smith, a leading winemaker and sommelier with years of experience and a true passion for wine.

From there, Winc was born, and despite being quite a young wine club, Winc has already catered to hundreds of thousands of customers and has received a lot of plaudits and acclaim from experts and casual wine lovers alike. Winc has developed an amazing team and partnered with leading independent wine-makers from all over the globe to offer a great selection of wines for all of its club members. It also puts a lot of focus on quality over quantity, focusing on smaller batches of wine to ensure that each creation is worthy of inclusion in the Winc catalog.

Signing Up for Membership with Winc

So you're interested in seeing what Winc has to offer? This wine club can instantly connect you with a world of amazing wines, opening doors to some of the finest vineyards and letting you taste an array of amazing creations from all over the world, so it's only natural that more and more people are choosing to sign up. If you'd like to become a member too, the process is very simple.

The process begins with the development of your own personal 'Palate Profile'. This is essentially a way for Winc to figure out what kinds of wines you might like the most and understand the intricacies of your own palate, tastes, and preferences. The Palate Profile is assembled from your responses to just six questions. From there, the information obtained in the Palate Profile is used to build your first box of wines, which are delivered straight to your door.

From there, you'll be able to enjoy these recommended wines and then rate them to upgrade and enhance your Palate Profile, making it more accurate and giving Winc more details to fine-tune your selection and ensure that you can only get the bottles you want. As you taste and rate more wines, the system becomes smarter and gets to know you better.

This system has been cleverly designed to guarantee maximum satisfaction every time. In fact, Winc is so confident in its service that it provides a full satisfaction guarantee, meaning you don't have to pay for any bottles that you don't actually enjoy. You can also choose to be totally flexible with your club membership, skipping out on a month if you need to for free and canceling your account whenever you want, without any commitments or obligations. website