The symphony is a place for anyone who loves beautiful music and the performances by the Phoenix Symphony are sure to give you an exhilarating experience. Located in Arizona, the Phoenix Symphony is a great place to spend a lovely evening in the midst of grandeur and amazing musical performances while visiting Phoenix, AZ.

1.History & Programs

History & Programs
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The Phoenix Symphony started out with a group of artists who wanted to showcase their talents and give audiences something to enjoy while having a nice evening out. They wanted to make sure that listeners can experience music that creates a lasting impression. Back when it was formed in 1947, the Phoenix Symphony had only a few musicians performing there a few times a month. Initially it wasn’t planned for this place to be used as a full-blown performance venue with artists playing there every day, as they do now. Back then, the Phoenix Symphony featured only a small number of artists whose goal was to give the world a taste of their music. Today, the Phoenix Symphony has grown exponentially, becoming an event and venue header. The Phoenix Symphony today gives people from all over the world a chance to showcase their music and exhibit their exceptional skills.

The Phoenix Symphony has numerous shows happening throughout the course of the year. Not a single month goes by when the venue doesn't have a brilliant artist playing original music. The Phoenix Symphony has numerous in-house and as well as outside musicians who come in from all over the globe to give listeners an experience that they will truly never forget. The music here is by numerous artists from a range of genres to give their visitors and audiences a wide array of musical styles and experiences to choose from. The Phoenix Symphony offers concerts in musical styles ranging from pop and rock to classical opera and orchestras. This means that no matter what kind of music you are into, there is always something for you to enjoy at the Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to the multiple different shows put up here, the Phoenix Symphony also has numerous performances that are conducted at different locations around the state, to give members of the community more access to their shows. This helps the orchestra reach people who are otherwise not able to attend the shows because of distance or accessibility issues, and gives them a chance to witness the beautiful music that they have to offer. This has also helped the Phoenix Symphony expand their reach and has allowed bigger audiences to experience their beautiful music.

The Phoenix Symphony has had and continues to have top music guests who come and perform for numerous audiences and has also had a number of appearances from famous pop icons.

When deciding on a show to watch, looking at the list of shows on the website is a good way to choose what artists you would prefer to see and what genre you would most enjoy and plan your trip accordingly.

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2.Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit
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The website of the Phoenix Symphony is extremely user-friendly and can guide you in picking an artist to suit your needs, according to what you would prefer.

You can also look for the videos that the site posts for up-and-coming artists to choose who you would like to see in concert.

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1 N 1st St #200, Phoenix, AZ 85004, Phone: 602-262-6225, website

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Best Things to Do in Phoenix, Arizona: The Phoenix Symphony