Streetza Pizza is Milwaukee's most popular food truck, offering several varieties of innovative pizza slices that are made with locally grown ingredients and seasonal toppings. This late-night pizza food truck was founded in 2008 by Scott Baitinger and Steve Mai. The pizzeria serves its good-sized pizzas from a food truck that is mostly found near a bus line or usually parked next to a bus stop. The pizza slices are of a generous size: One slice of an 18-inch pizza sliced into 8 pieces is one serving at Streetza's Pizza.

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Recognition & Accolades

Streetza has received a number of media accolades due to its vast fan-following. Some of the honors include Bloomberg BusinessWeek calling it "The #1 Food Truck in the United States." The Food Network has credited Streetza as being "One of America's Favorite Food Trucks". Martha Stewart Everyday Food has said that "Streetza offers delicious and creative pizzas".

Pizza Truck

The Streetza Pizza menu offers over 25 varieties of signature pizza slices made with a special crust that is stretched on a custom slate deck. The Streetza crust is a size that is in-between New York style and Chicago style, which is neither too thick nor too thin. The Streetza style crust has flakey insides and is crispy on the outside, which makes it a unique type of crust. The truck offers Super Slices and hence just one of Streetza's generously sized pizza slices is sufficient to make a sizable late-night snack.

Locations & Hours

The Streetza Pizza truck operates in places that are filled with people, like public gatherings at festivals, Water Street, Lakefront, music concerts, parks, and many such locations. One can follow Streetza on Twitter and Facebook to find out their location and to know the special slice of the day. One can even call their office to check on the location and special menu for the day. The truck operates from 9:00pm to 3:00am on Friday and Saturday nights.


· Signature Slices - made with tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and Parmesan cheeses

· Special Slices of the Day - daily specials announced on Twitter

· Milwaukee Neighborhood Slices - made with the best ingredients found in Milwaukee's neighborhoods


Streetza Pizza has catered to events of every size, offering its food truck service to clientele as big as Google and even to small backyard family events. Streetza specializes in catering for weddings, corporate lunches, and fund-raising events. Their corporate repeat clients include Google, Best Buy, JCPenney, Honda, The Pabst, Verlo, 91.7 WMSE, Westown Association, Big Shoes Network, NACE, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and many others.

Streetza's catering has expanded to include different types of cuisine along with its signature pizzas. Streetza has gained popularity for offering low-cost catering options that are both affordable and tasty. The pizzeria offers customizable catering packages ranging from as low as $8.00 per person to up to $18.00 per person. By talking to Steve or Scott, a catering package can be put together to suit the event.

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Streetza Pizza, 2201 S 84th St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53227, Phone: 414-215-0021