Italy is one of the most amazing vacation destinations of all. It's a magical country that can offer so much. Whether you're looking for a skiing holiday, a relaxing break on the beach, a romantic inner-city getaway, a family vacation with lots of fun activities, a visit to beautiful coastal villages, exploration of ancient ruins, admiration of world class art galleries, religious experiences in some of the most impressive churches and cathedrals of Europe, or something else entirely, Italy can give you everything you need.

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From the winding waterways of Venice to the boutiques of Milan, the historic monuments of Rome, and the charming coastal scenes of the Cinque Terre, Italy is the sort of place that needs to be visited time and time again in order for travelers to soak up all of its culture, see all of its secrets, and admire the full extent of its unmatched beauty. And even beyond the mainland, Italy has many little and large islands like Sardinia, Stromboli, Procida, and Lipari, all waiting to be explored and enjoyed.

Capri is another amazing example of an Italian island. Technically part of the metropolitan area of Naples, Capri is a picturesque island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It's been a popular resort destination for thousands of years and is home to some incredible Roman ruins, as well as amazing buildings from the Medieval period and Middle Ages, plus a whole host of beautiful beaches and scenic hiking routes. You can actually visit Capri just for a day and get a lot done, so here’s how to plan the perfect Rome to Capri day trip.

Getting to Capri from Rome

The only way to get to Capri is either by air or by sea, with most people taking the ferry. If you're willing to pay extra, you can also choose to take a private speedboat or even a helicopter to get to Capri, but first you need to head down to the coast at Naples. Here are some of your options for getting to Capri from Rome for your day trip:

- Car and Ferry - If you have a rental vehicle during your stay in Rome, you can drive it down to Naples and then catch the ferry over to Capri. The whole journey will take about three to four hours, however, so you'll need to set off early in the morning and plan to head back late at night in order to make the most of your day and get plenty of time on the island itselft. Out of Rome, you can follow the A1/E45 down to Naples and then get the ferry over to Capri from there. The drive should take a little over two hours, and then the ferry times can vary depending on which ferry you catch.

- Train and Ferry - This is the most common way to get to Capri from Rome and also the simplest option for people who are traveling without a rental vehicle or don't want to drive. You can take a high speed train from Roma Termini, which is the main train station in the center of Rome, down to Naples. The journey takes just a little more than an hour, but you do have to pay a premium on the ticket compared to a slower train. If you'd like to save money, choose the Intercity train, which will take about two hours to get to Rome. Once you get to Rome, you can take a ferry. High-speed ferries get to Capri in just 40 minutes, while slower ferries will take up to an hour and a half. Again, the high-speed options are more expensive, but better-suited to day trips.

- A Group Tour - Many tour operators run day trips from Rome to Capri for tourists. The prices of these trips will vary depending on which company you choose, but they're a very convenient option for people who just want to sit back, relax, and have the whole thing taken care of. You'll get full transfers to Capri via a coach to Naples and then the ferry, as well as guided experiences of the island itself and some free time to explore on your own.

- Private Transfers - Those who are willing to spend the additional cash can choose from a range of private transfers to get to Capri from Rome. You could, for instance, take a limo down to Naples straight to the ferry port and then catch a private speedboat over to the island. You could also take a helicopter flight direct from Rome to Capri, with the whole journey being done in a little over an hour. These options are, naturally, much more expensive than the alternatives listed above, but if you can afford them, they’re a great way to travel in both style and comfort.

Important Information and Things to Do on Capri

- Getting Around - Capri isn’t a place for cars, so you won’t need to worry about driving around or renting a vehicle for the day. There are some buses on the island, but they’re actually quite small and can only seat about a dozen people at a time, so they tend to fill up very quickly, especially during the tourist season. The best way to get around on Capri is by foot, with lots of paths and trails to follow.

- Best Time to Visit Capri - Tourists flock to Capri in the summer months due to the warm, sunny weather, and the period from June through to August is a popular time to visit this island if you don’t mind the crowds. However, for the purposes of a day trip, you’ll want to minimize the amount of time you spend waiting in lines and dealing with crowds, so it makes more sense to go in the ‘shoulder months’ of April, May, September, and October. There’ll be less people at these times of year, making it easier to visit key locations like the Blue Grotto.

- Things to Do - Capri is quite a small island, but it has a lot to offer, and a single day simply won’t be enough to see everything. However, in order to make the most of your Capri day trip, you should plan to fit in as much as possible, and one of the most unmissable things to do on Capri is see the amazing Blue Grotto. Try heading to the grotto early in the day to avoid the lines that can start to form in the early afternoon. You should also consider taking walks around Capri Town and Anacapri, as well as the Marina Grande area, and there are some good hiking trails to follow as well.