Serving the public for over 34 years, Rainbow Ryders is the premiere hot air balloon company in Albuquerque and in the Southwestern region of the United States. Many people wonder what it would be like to ride in a hot air balloon., and Rainbow Ryders offers individuals the opportunity to finally experience the world from high above. Committed to the safety of all its passengers, Rainbow Ryders goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone gets the opportunity to experience the once in a lifetime opportunity of soaring high in the sky in a hot air balloon in complete safety.

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Rainbow Ryders operates three locations in the Western and Southwestern portion of the United States. The locations are listed as follows:

New Mexico

5601 Eagle Rock Avenue NE

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113


715 East Covey Lane

Phoenix, Arizona 85024


2886 S Circle Drive

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906

Fly with Balloon Ryders Balloon Rides

Rainbow Ryders offers several types of hot air balloon excursions at each of the three locations. Individuals can choose from sunset or sunrise hot air balloon rides, specialty exploratory landmark hot air balloon rides, and even private balloon rides.

Hot air balloon ride schedules vary based on location. Those interested in booking a hot air balloon ride are urged to review the applicable hot air balloon brochure for the specific location of interest at the Rainbow Ryders website.

Group Tours

Rainbow Ryders offers group hot air balloon excursions. These group tours are available daily in Albuquerque and Phoenix. Tour participants will get a panoramic view of New Mexico’s scenic Rio Grande or Arizona’s Deer Valley and the Sonoran Desert.

Special discounts are offered for group tours, and Rainbow Ryders is able to accommodate groups with as little as two people up to as many as 200 people.

Special Events

Let Rainbow Ryders make any event even more special with a hot air balloon ride. Rainbow Ryders has many years of experience in creating special memories for a variety of events. Rainbow Ryders offers special packages and arrangements for the following events:

· Weddings - Make a wedding day memorable by getting married in a hot air balloon.

· Corporate - Companies can use hot air balloons for public relations, employee appreciation, or to show community involvement.

· Team Building - Foster team building and togetherness among employees with a hot air balloon event.

· Conventions - Hot air balloons are a unique addition to any event. Whether used as a balloon glow to light up evening events or as a banner for promotion, hot air balloons can add an interesting touch to conventions of all types.

Rainbow Ryders will work closely with individuals to create a special event that uses hot air balloons as a focal point. Find out more information about incorporating hot air balloons into a special event by contacting Rainbow Ryders directly at (800) 725-2477.


Many companies have used hot air balloons for advertising and marketing purposes. Hot air balloons are unique and grab people’s attention, making them the perfect medium for advertising. Contact Rainbow Ryders to learn how to use hot air balloons for advertising and marketing agendas.


Rainbow Ryders, 5601 Eagle Rock Avenue NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113

715 East Covey Lane, Phoenix, Arizona 85024

2886 S Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906, website, Phone: 800-725-2477

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