We all have to have our passions and pastimes. Hobbies and activities come in all shapes and forms and are great ways to meet new people, broaden one’s mind, improve one’s health and physical fitness, experience different things, and make special memories. Surfing and yoga are just a couple of examples of amazing activities to be enjoyed, with surfing offering a real adrenalin boost as your glide across the waves and yoga being a wonderful way to rid yourself of stress and work on your physical conditioning.

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To enjoy surfing or yoga, you can sign up with various surf schools and yoga studios, and these locations can provide a lot of great benefits, but to really have the best surf or yoga experiences, why not consider a retreat? Jetting off to an exotic destination and spending time with like-minded people and friendly, trained instructors is a great way to not only live out your passion fully, but also to enjoy a truly life, soul, and body-changing experience you’ll never forget. Pura Vida Adventures is one of the leading providers of surf and yoga retreats in the luxurious tropical surroundings of Costa Rica.

The Pura Vida Adventures Story

Pura Vida Adventures all started back in 2002, when the company's founder and owner, Tierz Eichner, arrived on the soft sands of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica and looked out at the warm waters before her and the stunning tropical scenery behind her. She was in a state of complete awe and admiration of this beautiful place, and once she hit the water and started experiencing how exciting and enjoyable Costa Rica surfing could be, she knew she had to share it with the world.

Just one year later, she founded Pura Vida Adventures and ever since then she and her team have been providing truly life-changing surf experiences and yoga retreats in Costa Rica and look back on an amazing series of success stories and a proven portfolio of giving countless clients joy, confidence, new skills, and magical memories. If you’re looking for exotic surf and yoga retreats, Pura Vida Adventures is the name to choose.

Costa Rica Yoga and Surf Accommodations with Pura Vida Adventures

You might have been wondering about what sort of accommodation you'll be staying in for the duration of your Pura Vida Adventures surf retreat or yoga camp in Costa Rica. Fortunately, Pura Vida Adventures really excels at providing top class lodgings for all guests.

You'll be staying in luxurious beachfront rooms at the breathtaking Hotel Tropica Latino, one of the best hotels in Costa Rica. Featuring exquisite furnishings and a huge range of comforts, these accommodations are wonderful places to rest your head each night, and the hotel also features a spa, swimming pool, hammocks, an oceanview restaurant, private patios, and more.

Features of the Pura Vida Adventures Costa Rica Yoga and Surf Retreats

As well as featuring amazing accommodation and all the comforts and conveniences you could possibly need in order to have a wonderful time, Pura Vida Adventures yoga camps and surf retreats come with the following features:

· Exceptional Cuisine - You won't have to have any doubts or worries about eating or drinking during your time in Costa Rica. From delicious, juicy smoothies to freshly-caught seafood and gourmet meals, all of your dietary needs will be taken care of during your surf retreat with Pura Vida Adventures. The company even has its own retreat chef, Randy Siles, who specializes in sustainably-sourced, healthy, nutritious and delicious cuisine and can cater to all needs and restrictions including vegans, gluten-free diets, lactose intolerance, and more.

· Spa and Wellness Services - These surf and yoga retreats aren't just about teaching you how to surf and enjoying group yoga sessions in an exotic location; these are full-featured, all-inclusive wellness retreats that also include full access to the 'Spa Natural' your accommodation, the Hotel Tropico Latino. There, you'll be able to enjoy massages, manicures, pedicures, detox wraps, and more. There’s even a treatment designed to soothe any sunburns you might accidentally develop from spending so much time out on the beach.

· Amazing Yoga Classes - Pura Vida Adventures offers some of the best beachside yoga sessions in Costa Rica. Led by certified, experienced, expert yoga instructor Cristina Kalyani, who has worked with several celebrities and models over the years, these classes incorporate various elements and forms of yoga from Vinyasa to Swasthya and Kundalini. You'll be able to enjoy and experience the benefits of poses, stretches, breathing techniques, relaxation sessions, mantras, and more to de-stress your mind, boost your core strength and flexibility, and feel a lot better about life.

· Effective Surf Lessons - The surf lessons provided at the all-inclusive Costa Rica surf retreats from Pura Vida Adventures offer amazing value and really do work. With over a decade of experience and success stories to look back on, Pura Vida Adventures has helped countless students feel more comfortable and confident out in the water and develop their surfing techniques to amazing levels.

· Fully-Inclusive Services - You might be worried that these surf and yoga retreats are designed with experts or advanced individuals in mind, but one of the best aspects of Pura Vida Adventures is that these retreats are aimed at everyone and can offer exactly what you need. Whether you’re a first-time surfer or have never even practiced yoga before or happen to be a seasoned pro looking to refine their techniques and take their performance to the next level, you’ll get a lot out of these retreats.

Pura Vida Adventures offers the best surf and yoga retreats in Costa Rica and runs an exciting calendar with a full range of retreats and events to suit everyone. Whether you're looking for a female-only surf retreat or yoga experience, a co-ed retreat, or a special occasion retreat at an important time of year like Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve, you'll find it with Pura Vida Adventures. Check out the full list of events, dates, and prices on the official site and book today. website