One of the most important cities on the planet, Washington DC is home to a long list of iconic monuments and historic sites that draw in countless visitors each and every year. The United States' capital city is home to the White House, Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Smithsonian, National Mall, Washington Monument, and so much more.

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Home to the historic Georgetown district and the beautiful natural beauty of the Potomac River, DC is a must-visit location for any American and a wonderful place for international visitors to soak up some American culture and heritage as well. If you're planning a trip to DC and want to really make the most of your time in the city and see all the sights on a stress-free, affordable journey, consider riding on one of the Old Town Trolley Tours of Washington DC.

Old Town Trolley Tours DC

Old Town Trolley Tours is one of the oldest and most beloved trolley tour companies in the United States. Originally founded in Key West, FL in the early 1970s, this company has since spread to several major cities around the country and currently operates a fleet of more than 130 trolleys in seven unique locations, offering some of the best trolley tours you can hope to find.

A great thing about riding with Old Town Trolley Tours in DC is that you don't just get a narrated, exciting experience and a fun way to see the city for an affordable, attractive price, you also often get free bonuses and offers like discounted entry into certain attractions. Read on to learn all about the trolley tour options in DC with Old Town Trolley Tours.

- Hop On Hop Off Old Town Trolley Tours

The Hop On Hop Off Old Town Trolley Tours are the standard option from Old Town Trolley Tours. These tours begin at 9 am and run on a daily basis all through the year, with the schedule only affected by major events and special occasions like July the 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Marine Corps Marathon. The tours leave every half hour, with the final one running at around 5 pm.

As the 'Hop On Hop Off' part of the name suggests, these DC trolley tours allow you to jump off at any stop you like and get back on later in the same day without needing to buy a new ticket or pay any extra charges. Having operated for more than three decades in the DC area, Old Town Trolley Tours has established a trolley route through the city that simply cannot be matched.

On this trolley tour, you'll see all the big sites and have a chance to hop off at any big location, landmark, or museum you like, including the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, United States Capitol, Supreme Court, and more. This trolley tour is a great, simple way to enjoy the city for a low price and features full narration, as well as an audio app offering the same great narration in multiple languages for international guests.

- Arlington National Cemetery

Established back in the mid--1800s, the Arlington National Cemetery is one of the most significant and historic military cemeteries in all of America. Located just over the Potomac River from the rest of DC, the cemetery stretches out for over 600 acres and features the graves of countless brave soldiers who lost their lives in conflicts both at home and abroad, stretching back as far as the Civil War.

The cemetery also features several notable landmarks and memorials like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and you can visit it for yourself with Old Town Trolley Tours on this Arlington National Cemetery trolley tour. The cemetery is open every day of the year and the tours begin at 8.30 am each day, running through until either 4 pm or 6 pm, depending on which time of year you happen to be visiting. This tour runs on a loop and offers narration to educate all riders about the history and heritage of this cemetery.

- Monuments by Moonlight

As the name infers, the Monuments by Moonlight trolley tour from Old Town Trolley Tours DC offers a unique way to see the beauty of the city and its many monuments in the early evening glow of the moon. These tours run all through the year, except on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Independence Day, and start at 6.30 pm in late fall and through winter, or at 7.30 pm for the rest of the year.

The tours leave from Union Station and really give riders a different way to view and appreciate monuments like the Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and Iwo Jima Marine Corps Memorial. Along the way of this two-and-a-half-hour tour, your guide will tell you some historical stories with a spooky tone to provide entertainment and education for all riders.