Located off the 191 freeway near Arches National Park in Moab, Moab Giants is a one of a kind experience. Situated among some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States, what makes this open air museum attractive is not just its red rock backdrop, but also the journey to the past through which it takes its visitors. More than just a museum, this experience is interactive, engaging, and educational. The museum consists of a number of attractions, including life-sized dinosaurs, a 3D theater, kids paleontological dig site, dinosaur trail, dinosaur playground and more. Open year round, Moab Giants offers an immersive experience for dinosaur enthusiasts, aspiring paleontologists, and vacation goers alike.

The first seeds of the idea for the park were sown in the late 1980s, when paleontologists discovered dinosaur footprints at the site. The specific qualities of the Moab area, including its topography, geology and climate, have resulted in some of the highest concentrations of dinosaur footprints found anywhere on the planet. These footprints are more than just interesting to look at; they tell a story of the life and experiences of some of the earliest and largest inhabitants of the area. The Museum staffs paleontologists who continue to explore and excavate, adding to the stores of knowledge about dinosaurs and continually renewing interest in the site. The organization is also involved in research, education and outreach on the knowledge gained through the study of the area and ongoing paleontological work.

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Moab Giants features many exhibits designed to engage participants in the history of dinosaurs in the area. These include games, films, activities, and cutting edge technology designed to seemingly bring the massive prehistoric creatures to life. Away from civilization, out in the desert landscape of southern Utah, visitors can imagine a prehistoric world and its inhabitants.

3D Theater

Films shown in the 3D theater transport visitors to a prehistoric world, some 220 million years ago. This feature introduces guests to the world of dinosaurs, preparing them for the dinosaur trail that awaits them outside. The three dimensional theater creates an engaging experience for the audience.

Dinosaur Trail

As an open air museum, much of the experience of the museum takes place outside, on the half mile long Dinosaur Trail. This exhibit features more than 100 life sized replicas of a variety of dinosaurs that roamed the area, following some of the tracks they made that have been preserved in time. Against the backdrop of the La Sal Mountains and Arches National Park, this trail provides a relaxing and enjoyable way for the whole family to interact with these realistic dinosaur replicas.

Tracks Museum

After a walk with the dinosaurs, visitors can head inside to the Tracks Museum to learn more about the stories told through the fossilized dinosaur tracks of the area. The exhibit features cutting edge technology that tells the story of the history and prehistory of the area. Interactive exhibits enable guests to learn how fossils are made, as well as the impact that these fossilized tracks have had on the study of dinosaurs and geology.

5D Paleoquarium

The latest addition to Moab Giants is the Paleoaquarium, which gives a glimpse of prehistoric undersea life. In this exhibit, visitors can cool off after the desert trail, while viewing eight 3D screes showing what an aquarium would be like in the time of the dinosaurs. The culmination of the exhibit is a 5D room, an immersive experience for all.

Paleo Camp

At Paleo Camp, visitors get a glimpse into the life of a paleontologist. This recreation gets kids and families out in the open, in a recreated dig campsite. With its realistic tents, tools, and campfire, Paleo Camp stirs the imagination and encourages visitors to visualize the life of a paleontologist.

Dig It Out Sites

If the Paleo Camp invites visitors to imagine the life of a paleontologist, then the Dig It Out Sites encourages them to envision their work. These two different areas of Moab Giant's open air museum enable aspiring paleontologists and dinosaur enthusiasts to go on their own dig, finding prehistoric bones buried beneath the sands. Brushes, pails and shovels make this a fun and interactive experience, bringing the work of prehistoric treasure hunters to life.

Dino Playground

At Dino Playground, the dinosaurs take center stage, becoming jungle gyms and climbing walls for young adventurers. From crawling inside the toothsome grin of a tyrannosaurus rex, to hanging from the beak of a newly emerged hatchling, this might be one of the most unique playgrounds around. Of course, for the more traditional playground aficionado, swings, slides and ladders are also available to entertain.

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In addition to the ongoing exhibits, Moab Giants also offers intermittent events to make the experience even more enjoyable. Periodic Meet Our Paleontologistsnights feature the Museum's scientists, with a unique topic of discussion and campfire stories afterward. Seasonal events, such as Easter with the Dinos, include special games and activities in keeping with the theme. The mini exhibit, Celebrity Tracks, highlights work and contributions of scientific celebrities, and captures the handprints of these individuals making their marks on the world in the same spirit as the ancient dinosaurs' footprints.

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3.Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit  

Just a few hours north of Monument Valley, Utah, or a short drive west from Grand Junction, Colorado, Moab Giants is a unique experience in the Utah Desert. Easily accessible while visiting other sites in the area such as Arches National Park, the open air museum provides a new perspective on dinosaurs and their lives. Visitors can also take a bit of dinosaur adventure home with them, after a visit to the Moab Giants gift shop. The onsite café provides lunch and snacks, ice cold drinks and ice cream desserts. Due to the desert location, summer can be extremely hot and winter very cold. The best times of year to visit are the more temperate spring and fall. With life sized dinosaurs, exciting activities and sweet treats, Moab Giants has much to offer adventure seekers in the Utah desert.

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112 West UT SR-313, Moab, UT 84532, Phone: 435-355-0288

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