The Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park in Skagway, Alaska offers tours that let visitors learn about the Klondike Gold Rush. The park is a popular attraction in Skagway, a busy cruise port in Alaska. More Things to Do in Skagway


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The Gold Rush that fueled an adventure of ‘money on the mind’ set the wondering feet of stampeders on a mission to find gold. The expedition began in 1896 by a couple of voyagers called Dawson Charlie, George Washington Carmack and Skookum Jim Mason. They had found gold in the Klondike River in Canada and set off a chain reaction for others to follow. In 1897 the ‘Seattle Post Intelligencer Klondike Edition’ wrote a raving review stating, ‘Gold! Gold! Gold’ and specified on the riches that the 68 men were coming back with. It claimed that some men were leaving with $5,000, while others could walk away with anything up to $100,000. It was an epidemic at the time! And many of these hopefuls set out exercising different trails, like the ‘White Pass Trail’ and ‘Chilkoot Trail.’ It was met with many complications like suicide, murder, malnutrition and disease.

Historical Park

The beauty of the Historical National Park is popular for its biodiversity. The park is home to some wonderful amphibians, birds, bats and animals that flock to the biodiverse area. Brown and black bears have been known to be spotted, and a safety video of 20 minutes is advised to be seen by hikers before they set off on their journey. There is ‘bear identification’ and ‘Traveling in Bear Country’ to help those who cannot bear to run into a bear.

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2.Things to Do

Things to Do
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The Klondike Gold Rush National Park Visitors Center would be a stop that could benefit the visitor in need of a little more information. The use of talking to a park ranger or learning about the programs could add more to the understanding of visitors who need a little guidance on where to go. There is the option of ‘free tickets’ given by the ranger who will take you on a ‘walking tour.’ The tour usually lasts for 1 hour. The ‘park museum’ and ‘Mascot Saloon’ are nearby from the visitor’s center, and a film about the ‘Race to the Klondike’ is one that can be watched if the interest is there in the Gold Rush history.

The junior booklet can be collected at the visitor’s center and will detail how the child can be sworn in as a junior ranger. The ‘hike,’ ‘Mollie Walsh Park’ and ‘Junior Activity Center’ can all be accessed through this fun activity. ‘Rock Climbing’ and the patting of ‘Huskies’ is also something where the family can get involved with the child and enjoy together.

The hikes range from the short day; moderate and longer. The concept is to undergo a tour through various trails and directions. For instance, the moderate hike can take you through the ‘Icy Lake and Upper Reid Falls; ’with 7 miles as the distance. The time it would take would be 4 – 5 hours. The more stimulating tours (longer hikes) are rated as strenuous, and will tire out the legs and energy of those who chose to take the challenge through ‘Upper Dewey Lake,’ ‘Lost Lake’ and the ‘Devils Punchbowl.’ The all-day hikes like ‘A. B. Mountain’ have a 10-mile distance and a rating of difficult. The glacier trails, ‘Laughton Glacier’ and ‘Denver Glacier’ are a round trip from the railroad stop and take a whole day to complete.

The National Park Service wants to get people involved and looks for ways to make that happen. The Park Service offers opportunities like the biological technician, park ranger, archaeologist, trail crew laborer and interpreter. The jobs that are on offer can be from permanent to seasonal positions. The volunteering schemes can have you standing in as a store clerk, to hosting- in - the - parks -campground. The idea is to connect the volunteers with the Dyea, Alaska surroundings. (Phone: 907-983-9200)

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Best Things to Do in Skagway, Alaska: Klondike Gold Rush

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