At a time when we're learning more and more about the damage mankind has done to the planet and people all over the world are being encouraged to make efforts to become more eco-friendly and try to preserve nature and green spaces for the future, it's never been more important to enjoy these kinds of spaces and do what we can to let flora and fauna thrive.

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Fortunately, efforts are being made to help protect and preserve the world around us. Various charities and non-profit organizations do amazing work day in and day out in order to protect parts of nature and beautiful green spaces, with the Garden Conservancy being a fine example.

All About the Garden Conservancy - Protecting the Gardens Of America

The Garden Conservancy is a non-profit organization working with gardeners, garden designers, horticulturists, and other gardening figures to protect and preserve beautiful gardens all around the United States of America. Founded with noble intentions and working hard to pursue those intentions to this day, the Garden Conservancy is helping to save so many beautiful places, many of which have great historic, cultural, and sentimental value to many generations of people. Here's all you need to know about the amazing work being done by the Garden Conservancy:

- The History - The Garden Conservancy got started back in 1989. Horticultural enthusiast and renowned plant expert Francis H. Cabot started the organization with the aim of helping stunning gardens all around America to prosper and thrive. Since then, dozens of gardens have been supported and helped in many different ways, with the organization also running Open Days, educational programs, and conservation projects.

- The Mission - The Garden Conservancy is focused on conserving the most outstanding private and public gardens all around America. With a passionate team of garden lovers and an excellent network of gardeners, garden owners, and more, the conservancy is able to provide services like garden design, garden management, garden restoration, and more in order to guarantee the present and future welfare of dozens of gardens.

- The Community - Another big part of what the Garden Conservancy is all about is sharing these outstanding American gardens with as many people as possible. Just like a wonderful piece of art, a beautiful garden should be admired and appreciated by many people, so the conservancy runs a highly popular Open Days program. This program has been going since 1995 and has allowed thousands of private gardens to be opened for public enjoyment. People of all ages have fallen in love with amazing gardens through the Garden Conservancy Open Days, with over one million visitors having taken part on these days over the years.

Garden Conservancy Open Days 2019

For 2019, the Garden Conservancy is celebrating its 25th year of the Open Days program. Thanks to the hard word and inspirational efforts of volunteers from all around America, hundreds of normally private gardens are opening up to public visitors throughout the year, and you can find these gardens all across America, from the East Coast to the West Coast and everywhere in between.

- What To Expect At Garden Conservancy Open Days - The Open Days let visitors of all ages walk around the gardens, admiring the amazing scenes and feeling the beauty and power of nature all around them.

- Extra Activities - Some Open Days events also feature 'Special Programs' include extra activities like guided garden tours, book signings, plant sales, gardening workshops, and more. There are also the 'Digging Deeper' events, in which small groups of gardening enthusiasts can enjoy talks and demonstrations from leading figures in the horticultural world and amazing gardeners from all over the country.

- The Masters - Finally, one of the big new additions for 2019 is the 'Garden Masters Series'. This series includes amazing educational events at luxury gardens that aren't usually involved in the Open Days program but are opening up for this very special occasion, allowing real garden lovers and experts to come together and share in their appreciation and adoration of some of the country's most awe-inspiring gardens.

You can take a look at the official Garden Conservancy calendar to see all of the upcoming Open Days and other events in your state or region. Events are ongoing all through the year, especially in the warm summer months, so taking part in a Garden Conservancy Open Day is a wonderful way to spend some time this summer. Visitors of all ages can enjoy the Open Days and you’ll meet plenty of like-minded people, as well as getting exclusive access to some stunning gardens.

Support The Garden Conservancy

If you appreciate the good work being done by the Garden Conservancy and would like to help this charity continue to preserve, conserve, and protect beautiful gardens for future generations, there are plenty of ways to help out:

- Donations - The Garden Conservancy relies on donations and support from kind and generous people who care about the gardens of America and want to keep these places, as well as all the plants and wildlife that dwell within them, safe and protected for the future. Donations can be made with ease online or via other means.

- Visit Open Days and Events - Taking part and engaging with the Garden Conservancy by visiting Open Days and other events throughout the year is another good way to show one’s support, and spreading the word by talking about the Garden Conservancy with your friends, family, work colleagues, and other people around you is another useful way to raise awareness of this amazing charity.

- Volunteer - The Open Days by the Garden Conservancy are 99% organized by volunteers and generous people simply giving up their own time for a good cause. The Garden Conservancy is always looking for more volunteers of all ages to help out with the organization of events and Open Days, so if you’re willing to give up some of your free time, this is a great way to spend it. website