Italy is one of the most amazing countries to visit, particularly due to the incredibly long list of beautiful towns, cities, and villages it has to offer. In fact, planning a trip to Italy can be quite a challenge for many travelers as they want to visit Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Milan, Naples, the Cinque Terre, and so many other destinations and just don’t have the time or budget available to see everything they want to see.

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Even beyond the mainland, Italy has a whole host of beautiful island destinations like Sicily, Sardinia, Ischia, Lipari, and Procida, all with their own charms and amazing attractions. Capri is another fine example. Situated out in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the Sorrentine Peninsula, the island of Capri has plenty to offer and is one of Italy's most picturesque locations.

Capri is a popular day trip destination and can only be reached by sea, so many people staying in nearby coastal areas like Naples or the towns of the Amalfi Coast choose to travel to this island during their vacations. Doing a day trip to Capri from Positano can be a lot of fun, but there are several factors to take into consideration in order to have the best possible time. Here’s how to organize the perfect Capri day trip from Positano.

Getting to Capri from Positano

If you're planning a day trip to Capri from Positano, you have a few different choices available to you. All of these choices will involve travel by sea, so those who suffer from seasickness may have to abandon the idea or simply seek out some medication and choose the fastest route available. The three main options available to you when trying to get to Capri from Positano are as follows:

- The Ferry - The ferry runs from Positano and other Amalfi Coast towns between April and October of each year. The dates can vary from one year to the next, so it's important to do your research and check out the latest travel information for the Capri ferry when planning your day trip. There are usually several ferries leaving each morning from Positano to Capri and many more heading back in the evening, so you can get a full day on the island. In the busy summer months, additional services operate from Positano to Capri. The journey takes around half an hour in total, and it’s a wise idea to reserve your tickets online in advance.

- Tours - Various tour operators and travel companies also run group tours to Capri from Positano and other spots along the Amalfi Coast. Signing up for these tours is a good option for people who want a more intimate experience and a simple schedule to follow, as the tour guides will tell you all the exact times for your trip out to the island and then back to the coast later in the day, giving you plenty of time to explore Capri and often offering scenic boat rides around the island, letting you see Capri from angles you wouldn’t necessarily get on board the ferry. You can even choose to travel on traditional "gozzo" boats to add a little authenticity to your Capri day trip.

- Private Boats - You can also choose to rent out your own private boat and have a fully personal and private experience for your day trip from Positano to Capri. This is the most expensive option, but it's also the most rewarding. You should, however, hire a skipper to get you to the island and back as the waters around Capri can be quite choppy, and even those with boating experience may encounter some difficulties getting to and from the island.

Important Information and Things to Do at Capri

- Getting Around - Capri is filled with walking paths to maek it easy for travelers to get around on foot, but the island also has its own network of buses. The buses on Capri are very small, however, as the roads on the island are quite narrow, so they quickly fill up and the lines can be quite long. You can also hire taxis to get around or take the chairlift from Anacapri up to the highest point on the island: Monte Solaro. In general, however, the best way to get around Capri is to simply walk.

- Best Time to Visit Capri - The tourist season for Capri begins at Easter and runs all the way through until October/November. The summer months will give you the best weather for your Capri day trip, but they'll also come with the biggest crowds of tourists, so many people tend to think that the best time to visit Capri is around April/May. At this time of year, the crowds aren't quite as large but the weather is still warm and sunny.

- Scenic Walks - One of the most popular things to do on Capri is to follow the circular walking path right from Capri Town to the Arco Naturale and then back along the coastline. You'll see some amazing scenery along the way and the full walk can be done in around two and a half hours, so it's a nice option for those outdoor enthusiasts who want to see a lot of the island in a short amount of time.

- Other Things to Do on Capri - Other things to do during your Capri day trip include visiting the Blue Grotto, which is easily the most famous natural landmark on the whole island. You can take a bus there or ride on a boat from Marina Grande. You'll then need to take a small rowboat into the grotto itself, and it's quite a fantastical location, always popular with families. The town of Anacapri is also a great spot to visit and is often much quieter than the main Capri Town, so it's a good option for those in need of a more subdued and intimate experience. Most day trips to Capri will also include walks around the Marina Grande, which is a good place to get food or a drink, and Capri Town itself, which is a nice place to do some shopping.