The United Kingdom is filled with beautiful cities and amazing scenery, making it one of the most popular touristic destinations not just in Europe, but in the entire world. The UK isn’t known for having the best weather, but it’s a country with a lot of history behind it, many stories to tell, and a unique culture all its own.

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Whether you’re roaming around the streets of London and seeing all the big sites of interest like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben or exploring the quaint coastal towns of Wales, the stunning Lochs of Scotland, the rural beauty of places like Devon and Cornwall, or the urban hubs of cities like Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds, the UK offers a lot of different experiences to every kind of visitor.

Many visitors to the UK tend to spend a lot of their time in London. The capital city of England and the United Kingdom as a whole, London is a huge and historic city with a long list of amazing sights to see, but if you ever want to head out of the big city and see a different side of English life and heritage, a day trip to Bath is an excellent idea.

Situated out in the county of Somerset and known for its Roman Baths, Bath is surrounded by some stupendous scenery and has history dating back many centuries. It's been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in England. Here’s how to get there from London for a day trip.

Getting To Bath From London

Bath is less than 100 miles away from London, so doing a day trip to this Somerset city from the British capital isn’t particularly difficult, but it’s still recommended to leave early in the morning in order to get the most time possible to explore the city and visit its many museums and historic sites. When planning out your day trip from London to Bath, you can choose to travel by car, bus, or train.

Getting To Bath From London By Car

Getting to Bath from London by train is the favored option of anyone who has their own vehicle or a rental car in the city, as long as you feel comfortable driving in and out of London itself. The journey in the car from London to Bath can take up to two and a half hours in total, but is quite a simple drive, following either the M4 or the M3.

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Taking the car is actually slower than taking the train, so if you want to get to Bath as quickly as possible, this isn't the best option, but having your own car does give you the freedom of being able to make stops along the way or visit other locations. Many people, for example, choose to stop off at Salisbury and Stonehenge while on the way to or from Bath.

Getting To Bath From London By Bus

The bus is a good option for people wishing to save money on their London day trip to Bath, but it will be quite a slow and tiring journey. National Express coaches operate between London and Bath and several of these coaches run each and every day, so you can usually find one leaving quite early and then another coming back in the evening, in order to give you enough time to explore the city.

The journey to Bath from London in a coach can take between three and four hours in total, so it does limit the amount of time you're going to get in Bath itself, but it's a cheap choice. You'll be traveling from Victoria Coach Station direct into Bath, with National Express coaches usually having comfortable seats, Wi-Fi access, and washrooms on board, along with lots of luggage storage.

Getting To Bath From London By Train

In general, the train is considered to be the best option for people planning a day trip to Bath from London. The journey only takes 90 minutes on the train, so it's a really good option for people who want to get to the city as quickly as possible and have the longest amount of time for exploration.

Many trains run between London and Bath each day, direct from Paddington Station. You'll arrive a the Bath Spa station, which is only a few minutes away from the city's main attraction: the Roman Baths. Tickets can be expensive on the train, however, so it's certainly worth booking in advance in order to get a discount, and if you choose to travel during off-peak hours (after 9.30), you can save some more money on your ticket.

Important Information and Things to Do in Bath

- Getting Around - One of the best options for anyone taking a day trip to Bath is too hop on one of the sightseeing buses. These aren't necessary, as you can get around the city with ease by foot and see most of the sights in the space of a day if you're efficient enough, but taking a bus is a good option for those who don't want to miss out on anything, or those who can struggle from fatigue or pain from too much walking. Hop-on and hop-off bus tours run around the city and you only need to buy one ticket, so you can get around to locations like the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, and more.

- Seeing The Sights - No visit to Bath can be complete without seeing the actual Roman Baths, for which the city was named. One of the most fascinating historical sites in the whole of England, the Roman Baths complex is made up of several buildings and features including the Sacred Spring and the Roman Temple. Around a million people visit the baths each year and there's lots to see here. Other popular attractions include Bath Abbey, The Circus, The Jane Austen Centre, and Prior Park Landscape Garden.

- Shopping - Pulteney Bridge is generally considered to be one of the best places to do some shopping in Bath. It's also one of the town's most beautiful features, so it combines both the fun of shopping with the thrill of seeing a historic monument all in one. You'll also find a good mixture of popular branded stores and independent boutiques dotted around the city, and it's well worth exploring the little side streets and alleyways to find charming bookshops and antique stores as well.