A family-owned restaurant in Portsmouth, Black Trumpet Bistro is an intimate little bistro that offers the view of the harbor along with a menu comprising fresh locally sourced ingredients. Chef/Owner Evan Mallett and his wife Co-owner Denise Mallett desired to create a restaurant that is cozy and intimate and serves up seasonal menu options that customers are sure to enjoy.

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Restaurant Hours

Black Trumpet Bistro is open 7 days a week. Days and hours of operation are as follows.

Sunday - Thursday: 5:00pm - 9:30pm

Friday and Saturday: 5:00pm - 10:00pm


Reservations can be made online via OpenTable.


The menu at Black Trumpet Bistro is a reflection of Chef Evan Mallett’s desire to offer food that is made with only the freshest ingredients. There are regular menu changes, which reflects the desire to remain consistent with offering a menu that is of high quality. Dinner, dessert, and wine menus are available. Menus at Black Trumpet Bistro provide notations for gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

· Dinner - Some dinner menu options include the chef’s meze plate, meatballs, fried almonds, olive and garlic, crispy pork belly, shrimp and poblano etouffee, house-made fettuccine, chicken-fried pork steak, seafood paella, local dayboat fish, BT burger, and more.

· Dessert - Enna's chocolate tasting, cookies and milk, cherry Peach Melba, chocolate ricotta pie, and Mexican tiramisu.

· Wine - Black Trumpet Bistro offers an assortment of wines. Wine offerings do change regularly.

Gift cards

Black Trumpet Bistro gift cards can be purchased online. Gift cards are available in amounts from $25 to $200 and are sent through standard mail within 3-5 business days.


Purchase Black Trumpet Bistro items such as dry rubs and mixes, grains, spices as well as an assortment of cooking-related items such as handmade aprons and cookbooks via STOCK + SPICE. Customers can visit the store to purchase items as it is located next door to Black Trumpet Bistro or order items online.


Chef Mallett has a created a cookbook that shares the same name as his restaurant. The Black Trumpet cookbook includes more than 250 recipes that explore regional cooking. The cookbook is available at Black Trumpet Bistro and STOCK + SPICE as well as through major booksellers.


Black Trumpet Bistro is perfect for a private dining event and/or catering services. Those looking for a venue for private dining will find that Black Trumpet Bistro offers several suitable options.

Upstairs Room - This is a small, intimate room that seats up to 15 guests and is perfect for small gatherings, parties, or dinners.

Downstairs Room - This room can be used for social gathering or corporate parties and it accommodates up to 35 seated guests.

Entire Restaurant - The entire restaurant is available for private dining. It accommodates up to 68 seated guests.

Availability for private dining rooms varies.

Catering services for off-site venues are also available. Black Trumpet Bistro can provide a sample menu that customers can work from to create the desired menu of their choosing.

For more information about private dining or catering services at Black Trumpet Bistro, contact Denise Mallett at (603) 431-0887.


Black Trumpet, 29 Ceres Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801, website, Phone: 603-431-0887

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