Nomad Homes

Many large and established Texas builders have been bitten by the “tiny home” bug. Some have a large number of tiny houses for sale to choose from, others offer homes made of pre-cast concrete, and then some prefabricate tiny homes at their facilities and deliver them to the client's site. And, as anywhere else, there are Texans who built a tiny home for themselves, fell in love with the concept, and decided to share their experience with others. Nomad Homes

»Tiny Texas Houses

Tiny Texas Houses

Tiny Texas Houses designs and builds houses with 99% pure salvage materials. Everything from the floors, doors, windows, and glass to the lumber, porch posts, door hardware, siding, and interior walls has been salvaged and re-used to build unique custom houses that will last for years, both for your family and for future generations. Tiny Texas Houses are designed and built as one of a kind. There are no models, floorplans, or established prices.

They are built according to the client's wishes and dreams, by hand, the way they were built in the past, but using new technologies with better insulation and with greater energy efficiency. Everything about them shows that it is possible to simplify life, reduce the ecological footprint, and still enjoy a high quality of life. Each Texas Tiny Home is a piece of art, built with knowledge, experience, and passion. Contact: 20501 I-10 Frontage Rd, Luling, TX 78648, Phone: 830-875-2500 Photo: Tiny Texas Houses

»Reclaimed Space

Reclaimed Space

The four core beliefs that the people at Reclaimed Space use to build their homes are the right orientation, sustainable construction using reclaimed as well as non-toxic materials, energy efficiency, and transportability.

Their homes are built using materials sourced and procured from historic homes and barns from all over Texas, such as 100-year-old barn wood, corrugated metal, or longleaf pine. Today they have a range of customizable floor plans for standard-sized homes, tiny homes, and covered spaces. Built in modules at their facility in Austin, their homes, or spaces as they prefer to call them, can be delivered to any continental US state. Contact: 4480 US-183, Lockhart, TX 78644, Phone: 512-844-4366 Photo: Reclaimed Space

»Nomad Homes

Nomad Homes

The folks at Nomad Homes are using ten years of experience designing, renovating, and building traditional homes for their new adventure – building ecofriendly and efficient tiny homes using the same esthetics that have worked so well for them and making homes in which modern simplicity meets tiny but rich living. They custom-build their tiny homes, making them as unique as each client, with the philosophy that small home does not mean small design.

The shape of your home can be shed roof, gable roof, or flat roof, while the siding can be made of shou sugi ban, metal, board & batten, shiplap or barn wood. The roof can be made of Galvalume sheet metal, painted sheet metal, flat roofing, or it can be a green roof. You can choose windows of white vinyl or bronze aluminum and flooring of birch plywood, cork, bamboo, engineered flooring, or laminate. Inside, you can have birch plywood, painted plywood, original shiplap or painted ship lap. All Nomad homes are on wheels and come with a custom trailer. Contact: 31560 Ranch Rd 12 #205, Dripping Springs, TX 78620, Phone: 512-733-3437 Photo: Nomad Homes

»Tiny Houses in Texas: Pratt Homes

Tiny Houses in Texas: Pratt Homes

Pratt Homes makes modular homes that are built in their facility and assembled on the client's site. This process ensures the high quality of all components, allows for large degree of customization, and greatly reduces the price. They have 300 standard modular home plans available, but the tiny house movement encouraged them to also offer a fair number of floor plans for tiny homes and cabins.

They offer both mobile tiny homes and park models. Their tiny homes share the same guarantee of high quality and they also offer financing and delivery to the client's site. Their homes are certified green and energy efficient to Energy Star standards. Contact: 310 S SE Loop 323, Tyler, TX 75702, Phone: 903-593-6300 Photo: Pratt Homes

»American Tiny Houses

American Tiny Houses

American Tiny Houses is a team of skilled and passionate craftsmen from Longview, Texas, who design and construct tiny homes and cabins that successfully combine sustainability, energy efficiency, durability, ease of operation, low maintenance, superb comfort, and a beautiful look. Each tiny house that comes from their large facility in Longview is custom-designed for each client.

They can design and build you a complete house, fully equipped and furnished, or can do the hard part and build you a shell which you can finish yourself. The company has a range of models that come with certain standard features that cannot be changed because they are what make American Tiny Houses such exceptional quality. However, there is a long list of options you can use to add things that make your tiny house truly yours. The company offers help with financing and will deliver your tiny house anywhere in the lower 48 states free of charge. The houses are built on wheels but are meant to be parked in your favorite spot and serve as a permanent home, or anything else you desire. Contact: Longview, TX, Phone: 903-930-8500 Photo: American Tiny Houses

»Recreational Resort Cottages

Recreational Resort Cottages

Recreational Resort Cottages specializes in making a large number of different lines of RVs, modular homes, and cottages they custom-design with unique features for each client, transforming the standard factory-made home into unique, one-of-a-kind mobile or small home.

They have added several lines of tiny homes, mobile and park, to their standard lines, but many of their other lines have floor plans that are smaller than 500 square feet. So, if you are looking for a smaller home and are not completely ready to go tiny, look for one of their affordable, factory-made homes you can customize to fit your needs. Each line has the own list of standard features and available options, so you are sure to find something that will fit you and your budget. Contact: 4384 I-30 Frontage Rd, Rockwall, TX 75087, Phone: 877-219-4059 Photo: Recreational Resort Cottages

»Tiny Houses in Texas: Small Dwelling Co.

Tiny Houses in Texas: Small Dwelling Co.

At Small Dwelling Company, they believe that your tiny home should be as unique as you. They do not have a certain design or style they stick to. They take your ideas, desires, and dreams and make you a tiny home that is perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle.

Your options are unlimited. About 90 percent of the work on your tiny home is handcrafted by the Small Dwelling owners, together with a few contractors with whom they have built up relationships. They mill their own siding and build their own butcher block. They truly make a one-of-a kind homes. You start by letting them know your budget, your likes, dislikes, possible plan, and all must-haves and then they do the rest, including delivering your home if that is what you want. You are in charge. Contact: Weatherford, TX, Phone: 817-988-9751 Photo: Small Dwelling Co.

»Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

Superior Concrete Tiny Houses specializes in precast concrete tiny homes. These superbly designed and manufactured energy-efficient, steel-reinforced tiny homes give a new meaning to living large with a small footprint. Already established in the construction field, especially in the production of precast concrete, Superior Concrete Tiny Houses found a unique niche in the popular tiny house movement by building high-quality tiny homes and cabins from steel reinforced precast concrete.

They offer a range of designs and floor plans. The exterior can look like wood, stucco, brick, stone, or a combination of different finishes. Clients have the option, like in any house build, to choose colors, features, and equipment. Superior Concrete Tiny House can be shipped anywhere in the world, as a kit or as a mobile tiny home. Contact: 1203 Raider Dr., Euless, TX 76040, Phone: 817-277-9255 Photo: Superior Concrete Tiny Houses

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»Tiny Houses in Texas: Texas Tiny Homes

Tiny Houses in Texas: Texas Tiny Homes

A sister company of Dallas–Fort Worth builder Bryan Smith Homes, Texas Tiny Homes specializes in creating tiny and small home plans. Based on their plans, they can build a tiny home, with or without customization, on client's lot, or the client can use plans to build the home on their own or with their own contractor.

Texas Tiny Homes offers consultation during the building process and they will make any changes to the plan a client desires. They will even make a custom tiny house plan if a client has something specific in mind. Texas Tiny Homes is also involved in developing tiny home communities where the clients can purchase the land and build their home based on one of their house plans. Contact: Austin, TX 78734, Phone: 512-298-4972 Photo: Texas Tiny Homes

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»TexZen Tiny Home Company

TexZen Tiny Home Company

TexZen Tiny Home Company is a small Austin designer and builder of high-quality tiny houses on wheels. Their carefully chosen team of designers and builders create each tiny house with total attention to detail, great craftsmanship, and the use of high-quality materials.

The main designer is the client: they work with the client on the design the client has in mind, the client chooses from the large list of options, and they do the rest. TexZen is the only Texas tiny house builder that is RVIA certified, which means proven industry standards for the electrical system, plumbing, HVAC, and fire safety. It also allows for easier financing, insurance, and warranties. In addition, you can park your tiny home in any RV park. Contact: 8123 TX-71, Austin, TX 78735, Phone: 844-303-4004 Photo: TexZen Tiny Home Company

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»Tiny Houses in Texas: Austin Tiny Homes

Tiny Houses in Texas: Austin Tiny Homes

After more than 40 years remodeling and building homes in central Texas, folks at Austin Tiny Homes naturally carried over that experience into tiny homes. Their tiny homes are designed and built with exceptional care, offering high quality, value, and a unique character. Each tiny home combines functionality with ultimate livability and high artistic value.

These are the homes their builders would love to live in with their families. They build each home to be both unique for each client and fully customized and are open to clients' visions and ideas. All clients need to do is choose one of their basic designs, add to it, or come up with their own and Austin Tiny Homes will build on their imagination and make their dreams come true. Contact: 15504 Sutton Drive, Austin, TX 78734, Phone: 512-298-4972 Photo: Austin Tiny Homes

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11 Best Tiny Houses For Sale in Texas