New York City is one of the most amazing locations in the world. Easily among the most recognizable and renowned cities, NYC is the sort of place people can feel a special kind of connection to. Even people who have never visited New York City can instantly identify its main landmarks and locations like Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and the Empire State Building. CDC information for travelers. Hours/availability may have changed.


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Anything seems possible in New York City. Whether you’re moving there to start a new life or simply visiting on vacation, it’s the sort of place where you can enjoy almost any kind of activity. The city is filled with museums, galleries, live entertainment venues, sightseeing spots, world class restaurants, lively bars, exciting nightclubs, and so much more. There are, however, a few activities that can’t be enjoyed in the heart of Manhattan.

Hiking is one clear example. NYC is a massive metropolis. It’s not the sort of place where you can really feel in touch with nature and breath in the fresh air of forests and mountains. Fortunately, there are actually plenty of great hiking spots not too far outside the big city. You only need to drive a short distance or hop on public transport out of NYC to get to some superb hiking trails. Here are some of the best NYC hiking day trips you can try out.

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2.Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail
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The Appalachian Trail runs for over 2,000 miles, making it one of the longest and most amazing hiking trails on Earth, and you can enjoy a small section of it with ease by heading out of NYC in your car or taking the Metro-North from Grand Central. Once you arrive, you can choose from multiple sections of the trail, with some being much more challenging than others, and then set off.

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3.Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge
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Breakneck Ridge is another excellent option for a hiking day trip out of NYC, and you can get there on the Metro-North or simply by driving for about an hour out of the city. This hike climbs up and up, so you'll need to have some energy bars on hand to make it to the top, but you'll be rewarded with some amazing views. The hike runs for about four miles in total and is well-suited to people with a moderate level of physical fitness.

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4.Ice Caves and Verkeerderkill Falls

Ice Caves and Verkeerderkill Falls
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The Ice Caves and Verkeerderkill Falls Trail is one of the most popular hiking routes near NYC. It runs for about seven miles and can take a few hours to finish, but it feels like you're traveling through a fairy tale landscape the whole way as you squeeze through narrow ice caves and admire the unmatched beauty of the Verkeerderkill Falls. You can get there by driving or taking the Short Line bus out of NYC to Ellenville and then taking a taxi round to Sam's Point Preserve.

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5.Anthony’s Nose

Anthony’s Nose
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Anthony’s Nose is a good option for those who don't have too much experience with hiking or are just looking for quite a simple but spectacular hike to take on with friends and family in a leisurely way. You can get here by taking the Metro North to Manitou and walking about a mile to the trail. The trail itself runs for around two and a half miles.

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6.Kazimiroff Nature Trail Hiking Day Trip from NYC

Kazimiroff Nature Trail Hiking Day Trip from NYC
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You don't even need to leave NYC to enjoy this hiking trail. Head out to the Bronx to Pelham Bay Park to find the Kazimiroff Nature Trail. It's a short and mostly flat hike, so it's good for families, and the surrounding scenery really feels a million miles away from the crowded streets and noise of NYC.

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7.Mount Beacon Park Hiking Day Trip from NYC

Mount Beacon Park Hiking Day Trip from NYC
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Like many hiking spots outside NYC, you can get to Mount Beacon Park by taking the Metro North line. You'll travel on the line up to Beacon station and then have quite a scenic walk up to the start of the trail to the top of Mount Beacon, which is the highest point in the whole of the Hudson Highlands, reaching a total elevation of 1,611 feet above sea level. The hike is only a mile long and gives you breathtaking views over the Hudson Valley.

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8.Stairway to Heaven Trail Hiking Day Trip from NYC

Stairway to Heaven Trail Hiking Day Trip from NYC
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Fittingly named, the Stairway to Heaven Trail features a very steep section that really does feel like you're going to climb up into the clouds, but it's one of the most rewarding hikes in the area. It's about 50 miles away from NYC, so getting here can take a little while in a car or via the NJ Transit buses over to Warwick, but it's worth the trip for the views alone.

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7 Best Hiking Day Trips from NYC

More Ideas: Modrn Sanctuary

Modern life sometimes seems to be a never-ending stream of lights, sounds, activities, and obligations. We’re living in a hyper-connected, techno-centric, digital world where the average individual has to juggle busy work and home lives, as well as social obligations and commitments, along with trying to make time for their own hobbies and interests.

It can often feel impossible, or at least highly overwhelming, to get through a single day and tick off all those things on your ‘to do’ list. For many people, life can seem too full and hectic, and this non-stop sense of having responsibilities and things to manage can lead to a lot of stress and tension, which can manifest itself in many different ways

Stress is never fun to deal with, and it can be highly harmful to one’s health, so it’s vital to take time out of your schedule and enjoy relaxing wellness activities and treatments like meditation, relaxation, massages, and facials. One of the most unique and highly rated wellness centers in New York City is Modrn Sanctuary.

Modrn Sanctuary - Luxury Wellness Center in New York City

Modrn Sanctuary lives up to its name by providing a wellness haven in the heart of one of the biggest and busiest cities on the planet: NYC. Offering the perfect escape from the hustle, bustle, noise, and flashing lights of the city streets, Modrn Sanctuary provides a 5,000 square foot space designed purely with relaxation and restoration in mind.

With a great range of traditional and cutting-edge spa services including massage, facials, body countouring, and more, as well as yoga and meditation classes in the Himalayan Salt Room, one of the only rooms of its kind in NYC, Modrn Sanctuary can quickly become your go-to wellness destination in the big city:

- A Soothing Space - When you first step foot into Modrn Sanctuary, you might be surprised to see how much different this location is compared to many other spas and wellness centers in NYC. Most spas offer white walls, airy rooms, and lots of bright lights which can feel almost oppressive, especially for those who are tired of the lights and noise of the city streets each day. Modrn Sanctuary is different, with a cool, chic, shadowy aesthetic, fascinating and thought-provoking artworks on the walls, deluxe furnishings, and a vibrant fusion of East and West decor styles helping to create a very soothing, relaxing, unique space.

- Super Spa Services - Modrn Sanctuary provides an incredible menu of spa services designed to meet all your wellness needs and exceed every one of your expectations. Examples include the Sensroy 7 Crystal Bed sessions, which provide balance, chakra healing, reduced stress, and increased energy levels through the power of crystals and lights. There's also the Somadome Meditation Pod, perfect for those looking to drift off into a state of total relaxation, enjoy better sleep, and free their minds of worries and doubts. Additional services include IV Nutrient Therapy as a hangover cure or immune system booster, Body Contouring for skin toning and fat freezing, Modrn Massage to ease aches and tensions, and the Infrared Salt Sauna offering deep-penetrating heat for detoxification and anti-aging purposes.

- Yoga and Meditation Classes - A very unique highlight of Modrn Sanctuary is the presence of a Himalayan Salt Room. The purest and healthiest form of salt known to man, Himlayan salt offers all kinds of physical and spiritual benefits and the Himalayan Salt Room offers the ideal backdrop for enriching and enlightening yoga and meditation classes. Various classes and workshops take place in the salt room each day, including Salted Dharma Yoga, Drumming Meditation, Halo Therapy, and Chakra Crystal Reiki, with various guest instructors leading each session, providing feels of inner peace, revitalization, and empowerment to every single participant.

Modrn Sanctuary is located at 12 West 27th Street, on the 9th Floor. The sanctuary is open every day of the week, from 9am to 8pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 9am to 9pm on Wednesdays through Fridays, from 10am to 6pm on Saturdays, and from 11am to 5pm on Sundays.

You can book salt room classes and spa services online with ease via the secure and simple booking platform for Modrn Sanctuary, and you can call up 212 675 9355 to learn more. For all your wellness treatments and spa services in NYC, Modrn Sanctuary is the answer, so be sure to book your first class today and see what this luxury spa and wellness center can do for you.

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More Ideas: + POOL

New York City is one of the most amazing places on the planet. It's arguably the most famous city on Earth, appearing in more movies and TV shows than any other location and being well-known and instantly recognizable due to its many landmarks, towering skyscrapers, and key touristic hotspots like the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Statue of Liberty.

New York is known as the City that Never Sleeps and it's also the sort of place where you can do almost anything. You can shop, dine, go sightseeing, head to the top of tall buildings, admire amazing architecture, enjoy live shows and entertainment, and browse amazing museums and galleries all in NYC, but there are a few things that you can't do in the city, especially if you're looking for classic outdoor recreation.

Despite being located by a whole lot of water, the idea of swimming in NYC is typically reserved for indoor pools and hotels. However, + POOL is changing all of that, making it possible to actually swim in the waters of New York, admiring the city from a safe, eco-friendly pool.

+ POOL - A Floating Swimming Pool in New York City

A revolutionary concept, + POOL is a floating, water-filtering swimming pool set to launch in New York City, allowing residents and visitors alike to actually swim in clean water out in the river water of NYC. It’s an extraordinary project that could really change the landscape of New York, offering a fun new attraction for families, fitness enthusiasts, and people of all ages, as well as educating everyone about the importance of clean water. Here’s all you need to know:

- What Exactly Is + POOL? + POOL is a floating swimming pool formed in the shape of a cross or 'plus' symbol. As well as being a pool, it works as a water filter, actually filtering the river water around it and cleaning it up, making it safe for people to swim in. Many river pools once existed in New York City along the Hudson and the East River, but they had to close down due to water quality issues. Now, + POOL is attempting to bring the unique fun of river swimming back for all.

- The Numbers - Upon completion + POOL will measure up at 210' x 210'. It will have a maximum depth of 10' and an area of 25,000 square feet. It will be divided up into four sections, allowing each section to have its own purpose like a sports-focused area, a lounge area, a pool for laps, and a kids pool for families, with options to adjust the layout for swim meets and special events as well. It will be open for 108 days of the year from June through to September, making it one of the top new things to do in NYC in summer, and will open up from 7am through to 7pm, having a max capacity of 481 people.

- The Background - + POOL is being developed by a non-profit organization called Friends of + POOL. The idea for this unique project came after the founders saw that despite NYC being surrounded by water, New Yorkers and visitors couldn't actually enjoy swimming in it. Water quality is a real issue in big city rivers, so the + POOL project was launched to raise awareness of this issue, clean hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each day, and provide a safe and fun space for everyone to enjoy, made up of nothing but fully-filtered, safe, clean river water. New Yorkers haven't been able to swim in their own rivers since the 1930s, but + POOL aims to change that.

Support + POOL

If you love the idea of + POOL and want to see this project come to life in New York City and perhaps even other cities in the future, there are a few different ways you can show your support today:

- Donate - Friends of + POOL is a non-profit organization that relies on the kindness and generosity of backers and donors to keep doing what it's doing and bring the + POOL project to life. All donations, great and small, can make a difference and are graciously and gratefully accepted by the organization. You can donate on a one-off or regular basis, and it's really easy to donate safely and securely online.

- Buy A Tile - When + POOL is made, it will feature walls and a decking area made up of tens of thousands of tiles. There will be around 70,000 of these tiles in total, and you can actually contribute to the construction of + POOL and leave your mark on this incredible landmark by buying one of the tiles. + POOL will have your name engraved on the tile you buy, plus you'll get a guaranteed spot at the pool and early access when it opens up.

- Contact The Mayor - The actual process of getting clearance and authorization to bring + POOL to life and find a home for it is one of the trickiest parts of the process for this non-profit, so writing to the mayor and letting them know that you support the idea and would love to see + POOL in the city is another great and fully free way to show your support.

- Spread The Word - Tell people about + POOL! The more people who know about this project, the greater the support for it will become. As more people learn about + POOL, more letters will be sent to the mayor, more tiles will be bought, more donations will be made, and progress on the project will increase.

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More Ideas: Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

When we think of the theater, New York is one of the top locations that springs to mind. The city’s bright light Broadway district is home to some of the best and biggest theaters in the world, and anyone wanting to see the best theatrical shows and performances simply has to head to New York. As well as the big budget productions, however, NYC is also home to plenty of smaller theaters, offering the stage to up and coming performers and playwrights, and the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater is the perfect example of this.

The Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

Founded in 1994 by Gary Bonasorte and David Van Asselt, Stick Studies is an award-winning organization dedicated to offering a platform and opening doors for aspiring playwrights and performers in NYC. The theater has helped develop and stage more than 100 world premieres across more than two decades, launching the careers of people like Samuel D. Hunter and Diana Oh. It's a theater designed to offer diverse, challenging, thought-provoking plays that simply wouldn't be seen or staged elsewhere, daring to be different.

Get Involved with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater is providing a platform for young, aspiring, up and coming writers, many of whom struggle to find those same kinds of opportunities elsewhere. The theater has helped to turn previously unknown writers like Lucy Thurber and Martyna Majok into big names around the theater world.

This is a place that gives people chances, helping them take their first steps on the path to living out their dreams, and if you admire and appreciate that kind of work then you might like to get involved with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. There are many different ways you can choose to get involved, both behind the scenes and out in the audience. Here are just some of your options:

- Visit - A simple way to show your support to Rattlestick is to simply visit and enjoy some of the many shows staged throughout each season. Rattlestick is located at 224 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014. It's easy to get to via th 1, 2, and 3 trains from 14th St and Christopher St, as well as the A, B, C, D, E, F, and M trains at the West 4th St stop. You can buy tickets online and learn all about upcoming productions on the website too.

- Become a Member - Those who choose to become members at Rattlestick will have the great feeling of knowing that they're helping to support one of New York's best art spaces and all of the aspiring writers of current and future generations, hoping to make names for themselves in the theater world. Not only that, but members can also enjoy a whole host of benefits including first choice premium seats for Mainstage and Middle Voice shows, discounts for any guests you bring along, unlimited ticket exchanges, and exclusive event invites too.

- Patrons - Rattlestick also runs its own Patron Program. Just like members, patrons help to provide constant support to the artists involved with the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, paving the way for more wonderful creations in the months and years ahead. There are various tiers available for prospective patrons to choose from to suit different budgets, all with their own unique perks. Those who become 'Noisemakers', for example, will enjoy free premium seating for Mainstage productions and 15% discounts on guest tickets, plus recognition in printed programs and early access to tickets. At the top end of the patron plan, 'Rattlers' will get exclusive invitations to rehearsals, parties, dinners, and more, and won't have to pay any ticket handling fees either.

- Stick Studies - 'Stick Studies' is the name of Rattlestick's educations program, aimed at helping high school students take their first steps into the professional theatrical sphere. Rattlestick has worked with classes and schools all around the city, particularly in areas where high school students might not usually get the same arts opportunities as others, teaching these young people about the art of the theater and allowing them to come along for performances and engage with the artists in post-performance discussions and classes.

- Ushering - Another great option for local people who want to get involved with the theater in some way and show their support is to do some ushering. It's a fun way to be a part of the Rattlestick community and you get the unique perk of being able to see the shows for free too, so it’s a win-win situation.

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